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PiHome is the leading technology startup in Proptech in Vietnam market.


The management & operation platform of the apartment building PIHOME is built based on the practical needs of modern apartments, meet all management needs and suit the unique characteristics of each apartment building. The system is built on the foundation

Web-app, centralized management, no installation required, compatible with all devices. Mobile app for residents & management, easy to download & use, integrated online payment, users easily view and pay fees conveniently and quickly.

  • Smart and convenient fee management & payment: PiHome brings a centralized, easy and accurate cost management model for the Management Board and a convenient payment experience for residents on the most popular payment channels. Presently, there are no longer the days of queuing for each fatigue fee payment.
  • Professional operation, cost saving: PiHome understands operating condominiums, buildings, commercial centers, dormitories, .. is a complicated job with many tasks every day, serving thousands of residents. people with different characteristics.
  • Service exploitation and revenue development: Residential services is an open or underutilized market, the demand is huge and with the development of 4.0 technology platforms, the integration of services on the platform will help bring in revenue streams


The system includes 3 outstanding features:

  • Feature 1: Web-app Pihomes.vn: 100% updated real estate shopping cart, guaranteed through 1 real estate review mechanism – 1 news – 1 single price with no coincidence. When accessing Pihomes.vn on the website or mobile app, users by entering their real estate search demand, Pihomes.vn will return the results listed according to the most appropriate level, each 1 result. is a separate property, guaranteed to be identical and updated with the latest information. After that, users will contact directly via the available contact number with the postings, or can choose their favorite broker in the brokerage section that has been rated by the system according to competency. With the current market, for a user to find a suitable property, it will take a minimum of 3-7 days, then at Pihomes.vn all these steps are within 3 minutes 14 seconds, for Pihomes. vn is a comprehensive platform that fully connects 100% of real estate in each area according to the mechanism of 1 posting 1 non-overlapping real estate, always updated.
  • Feature 2: Pinet is a member community of Pihomes.vn, the system earns extra income – commission when sending goods or sending customers to close transactions, or members simply connect to refer other members. through affiliate marketing channel (Referral code is the phone number of the member when registering). Pinet, regardless of who you are, just have the goods, have customers, or introduce others to the system and have transactions, you will enjoy the commission according to the following formula: 30% of customers / 20% of sales / 30 % of sources / 8% of Topi (CTV under PiTim, wearing Pi uniforms) / 3% of total commissions referred by Pinet participate in the transaction closing process.
  • Feature 3: Delivery and customer care process for regional brokers: regional brokers will be given priority to receive customers from the deposited Pihomes.vn system, based on the source of goods, the rate of support for closing transactions and star rating (poured 4 stars to receive guests) Ranking will be publicized on the brokerage page on the homepage, this is also the basis for Pihomes.vn to send customers to Top brokers by: the broker posts goods and the system will automatically connect and send customers’ needs to the lips. gender is best suited to work directly


  • PiHome has researched on dozens of management models from leading partners to small units in order to create a technology model that can be fully met in terms of business and flexible deployment needs of condominium operation management unit. We are proud to be the first product on the Vietnamese market that closely follows and has the ability to customize according to the needs of each partner & business model, management level.
  • Fee & payment management: PiHome builds a smart, accurate fee management model with optimized process from input data input, monthly fee notification as well as close residential payment management. actual demand.
  • Management of apartments, residents: The centralized management model of many apartments allows optimal management of each apartment, block, apartment to accurate and easily updated resident data.
  • Manage notifications and news: Notifications, news, and handbooks of residents are assigned to the staff in charge of easy management, residents receive notifications through the application
  • Residents ‘suggestions and feedback: Residents’ feedback is intelligently processed to help the Management Board respond quickly and professionally.
  • Operation management: Helping the technical department and the Management Board to checklist and control work and materials easily in science.
  • Service and utility management: The apartment facilities are optimized for efficient use. The Management Board easily deploy services for residents to conveniently, increase income & create a living space for residents.


  • Web-based centralized management system: With complicated data processing & operation, the web platform makes it easy for the operator to handle transactions quickly, efficiently, and single. The manager can decentralize the system to stakeholders such as building administrators, building managers or departmental personnel according to a professional customization process. Besides, with big data data processing technology, the world’s leading modern technology infrastructure helps ensure data safety and security. In addition, pihome always upholds the correctness of data & accompanies partners in ensuring the privacy of residents.
  • Smartphone applications for residents: PiHome provides a full range of mobile apps on both android & ios platforms to help residents easily manage fees, payments, feedback, booking utility services, discussion plus contract, easy and fast notification. The application is also integrated with links to other payment platforms, just typing in a resident’s code is able to pay on popular payment applications Viettel Pay, Momo, VnPay or thousands of transaction points collected by Viettel.
  • Smartphone applications for management: In order to bring maximum convenience to management units, pihome provides mobile apps for management units, management boards, administrators, court administrators. In order to process professionally and technologize the operation process, respond quickly and promptly to the feedback of residents in a systematic way, leaders easily receive reports on payment of residents visually vividly in real time.


Apartment housing is an inevitable and typical trend in modern cities. Therefore, in order to aim for a more convenient and easy apartment living environment, Pihome Joint Stock Company was founded by experts with more than 10 years of experience in the IT field, produced and released. The apartment management software system is used to manage and operate condominiums and high-end apartments, and at the same time allows two-way interaction with residents, helping to solve all problems related to management and interaction with residents, all via phone app only.

Pihome was established on September 26, 2019 and rapidly develops in the market.

In 2020, ???????.?? was selected as one of the 100 best startups out of nearly 2,000 startups participating in the largest startup competition in Vietnam. – ??????? ?????.Startup Wheel 2020 is the largest intensive startup competition in Vietnam and is the annual meeting point of Vietnamese and international startup projects.

Startup Wheel is a contest for startups organized by the Center for Youth Start-ups of Ho Chi Minh City (BSSC). The contest is sponsored by the Vietnam Youth Union in Ho Chi Minh City, the Vietnam Student Association in Ho Chi Minh City, the Department of Science and Technology of Ho Chi Minh City and the Project Office 844. The contest aims to bring together the startup community. at home and abroad, contributing to creating a dynamic startup environment. After 7 successful organizational seasons since 2013, Startup Wheel has attracted more than 5,000 businesses, startup models, technology startups; attracted the attention of more than 80 Vietnamese and international media. Total investment for startups announced is more than $ 20 million. This is a converging environment full of support resources, helping startups increase their success rate and is a launch pad for startups to access international markets.