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Pando is a project created with the mission of reducing the number of plastic waste being discharged into the environment more and more in Vietnam (up to 1.8 million tons per year). Pando invented an automated line to manufacture pavement tiles and home tiles made from plastic waste and sand. In addition, during the competition, Pando is honored to receive the attention and support of investors and customers from North to South.


On the market today, 70% are colored cement tiles, 20% are plastic corrugated iron products and 10% are baked clay. Pando has reshaped itself, not the product of the competition, but the production technology. After stabilizing the market, Pando aims to franchise. Thanks to the franchise, Pando expands the production process and scale, helps Pando bring products to consumers in the most effective way ”, said CEO Pham Manh Dinh.


Pando has products such as Pavement tile and tile. In terms of products, Pando tiles compared to traditional tiles are half lighter, waterproof, withstand 4 times more bending force, withstand wear 14 times more, in addition, to avoid pressure on houses with slopes. Low roofing, tile, frame material, durable with eco paint up to 30 years, anti-mold and anti-fire. Pando focuses on the market, providing products for homestays, meeting green demand; Supplying bricks and tiles for the North and Central regions, solving the problem of hail and heat; Supplying products to serve against saline drought in the Mekong Delta.

Pando’s products are capable of bending, compressing, tensile and abrasion up to the allowed values ​​according to Vietnamese technical standards (TCVN 6477: 2011, TCVN 4313: 1995). When comparing products with most of the same price and higher price products on the market, all specifications of Pando tiles are superior and come with features such as:

  • Difficult to break: Unlike conventional cement tiles, Pando tile is a composite compound combined with plastic and sand to create properties such as:
    • Good water and steam resistance.
    • Waterproof to O2, CO2, N2 and grease.
    • Withstand high temperatures (below 230 ° C) in a short time.
    • Fireproof air absorption.
    • Strong impact resistance especially hail.
  • Durable: With impact strength 16 times higher than ordinary tiles, Pando Tile is absolutely safe under the accidental impact of impact forces, not broken, damaged during transportation and installation. In particular, due to overcoming brittleness and brittleness, Pando tiles do not crack under the impact of thermal stresses formed from rain and shine cycles in the tropics, thus avoiding moss during use. use.
  • Light weight: With the combination of plastic and sand materials, Pando tiles reduce up to 50% of their weight compared to other tile products and thus help avoid the heaviness inherent in the villas, to avoid. pressure on low-slope homes and significantly reduces roof and frame materials while increasing the life of the building.
  • Waterproof: Formed on the basis of perfect materials combined with closed advanced production technology, along with the creativity in material combination, Pando tile has perfect water barrier ability, avoid excellent against sun exposure, water leaks even in the harshest stormy conditions.
  • Color fastness: Pando tiles are manufactured With 2 main types of paints:
    • Heat AX paint quickly: helps reduce up to 40 ° C on roofs and up to 13 ° C in indoor.
    • Graphenstone eco-paint: is a new generation of nano-molecular paint, 100% natural, does not contain volatile organic compounds, is odorless, non-flammable, anti-humid, CO2 absorbent, completely eco-friendly. school and people. In addition, the paint has high coverage, thick, and breathable, making the inside air more airy. The tile surface is easy to clean. The paint layer contains antibacterial, mold, and moss additives to keep Pando tile products fresh, new and with a color fastness of over 30 years.


In 2019, a group of students, while still sitting in the school chair, have a lot of will, aspirations and desires to do something useful in Vietnam. Then, after many competitions of scientific research and entrepreneurship for students, they have actually met like-minded people and exchanged their concerns and desires. Initially, they are only small models of robots and wind turbines, but in their minds, they all want to contribute many positive values ​​to the society. After many nights of worrying about what they are doing, they realize that the environment is being destroyed by plastic waste, which is the cause of global climate change leading to the ice melting phenomenon causing seawater. Land intrusion has had very serious consequences for the country’s agriculture. So they decided to implement the idea of ​​turning plastic waste into products that carry “society’s dream”. Since then, PANDO Joint Stock Company was established with the mission of “Bring sustainable values ​​to the Vietnamese house”.

According to United Nations statistics, Vietnam ranks 4th in the world for plastic waste in the sea with no less than 700 thousand tons per year. Of which, 80% of Vietnam’s marine plastic waste comes from activities on land. Plastic waste greatly affects the soil, water and air environment, paralyzing the ecosystem, creating strange diseases for people.


Pando takes advantage of plastic waste and turns them into a VALUABLE resource. So UNC MATERIAL was born. UNC is a material that combines two main materials: plastic waste and sand. It has undergone 5 years of research and application in the production of tiles and floor tiles. The product measurement parameters are all meeting Vietnamese standards of quality.

UNC tile and tile products have the advantage of high durability, nearly half lighter, waterproof, and high force resistance compared to other products on the market. Pando tiles use eco paint that is durable up to 30 years and is especially resistant to hail, heat resistant and difficult to be damaged during transportation and installation.

With superior features compared to existing products on the market, Pando believes that this will be a sustainable solution for every home and towards human values ​​for society. Let’s join hands for a healthy living environment! “PANDO – MAKING SUSTAINABLE VALUE FOR YOUR HOME”


Even more impressive, according to information from the website Startup Wheel, this project has raised more than 10.6 billion VND from the community, far exceeding the original target of 2 billion VND.

At the recent Startup Wheel Final, the project called Pando was honored to receive the award “Best startup student”. This is a project of producing bricks and tiles from plastic waste, implemented by a group of students from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technical Education. HCM City.

In September 2020, Pando also won the first prize of the youth initiative contest “Green Pay for the Sea” organized by the ASEAN Foundation. In addition, Pando has also entered the top 10 startups of the Ho Chi Minh City Innovation and Startup Awards 2020 (I-Star 2020).