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NOTE – The Scent Lab is the first open scent lab in Vietnam where you can find original scent products developed by our artisans such as perfumes, candles…, and experience creating your bespoke scents through our olfactory workshop series.


NOTE – The Scent Lab is a dream to spread the olfactory arts and scent products and services that bring spiritual pride and Vietnamese values. With your companionship, Rei and NOTE believe in creating new, useful and different values ​​for the fragrance industry, for customers and the fragrance-loving community in Vietnam.

Above all, NOTE acts as an OPEN SCENT LAB – an open space for scent lovers – something that Rei has cherished for a long time. Here, you can choose the fragrance products developed by Rei and the team, or more specifically you can experience making your own scent with the “help” from NOTE. In NOTE – The Scent Lab, scent must be a voice in the heart of the person who chooses it, not dependent on any influences or trends. The products at NOTE – The Scent Lab also look for minimalism and harmony, such as candles in a cement bottle or perfume in a wooden box, bringing a rustic and real feel to the touch. As a Vietnamese brand that is aware of the natural beauty and the environment, NOTE – The Scent Lab’s products minimize plastic materials and can be refilled after each use to reduce waste. waste and material savings.

NOTE – The Scent Lab aims at an experiential business model with a mission to spread the olfactory arts to the community with the main areas:

  • Products and services: events, scent workshops (public & B2B), incense design, OEM production for brands. 
  • Retail products: perfumes, scented candles, essential oils, scent gift sets


  • Human resources 
    • Rei Nguyen: Founder & CEO – 4 years in scent industry with specialized training in Japan.
    • Toan Nguyen: Co-Founder – more than 10 years of experience in the retail & export industry.
    •  Young, creative, enthusiastic and passionate team of scent 
    •  The project is advised by industry scent experts
  • Products and services 
    • All designs, product and service formulas are developed by an internal team 
    • Unique, innovative & distinctive design 
    • Integrating Vietnamese values ​​and beauty through scent 
    • And especially the value of true Craftsmanship – The value of true Craftsmanship


  • One of NOTE’s philosophy is that We help you create the scent that speaks about you. (We help you create a scent to represent yourself.) Coming to NOTE, we have the opportunity to listen, have the opportunity to find and collect pieces of “I” seemingly lost to when When we leave, we have in hand a fragrance designed exclusively for our own. Enhancing the personalization of the user is also one of the special points in NOTE.
  • For NOTE, scent must be a voice in the heart of the person who chooses it, not dependent on any influences or trends. Not stopping at scent products, in the coming time, “the scent witch” Rei Nguyen also hopes that customers will remember NOTE because of the typical fragrances of Vietnamese soul. In the midst of a universe of scents filled with brands from popular to niche but most of them are from the West, NOTE – The Scent Lab is a fresh, fresh stillness with bold Asian values: not fond of show off. and crowded noise that prioritizes toughness, toughness, and consistency over time. It is also Rei’s career motto as well as NOTE’s operating philosophy – a dream of spreading olfactory arts and scent products and services bearing the spiritual pride and values ​​of Vietnam.



The scent can be considered as one of the individual characteristics of each person, as important as a beautiful body or a good looking face. Besides, although we do not pay attention, we all unconsciously associate the scent with the events, emotions experienced in life, thereby “labeling” them. It is no coincidence that when it comes to the cool scent, people immediately think of a little girl with a T-shirt with jeans, high ponytails, sneakers with legs running and jumping; or smells close to the earth (such as woody, or moss) create a sense of trust, warmth, and firmness, so these are also the most common notes in men’s fragrances. Knowing how to use scent appropriately, say no exaggeration, should be considered a skill that everyone should consider.

But in Vietnam, scent-related work in general and the perfume industry in particular has not really developed yet. We almost do not have an individual or an organization that can “stand shoulder to shoulder with the five major powers” in the field of scent. Vietnam’s domestic perfume market is still young and very new to the world. There are also not many domestic brands, making it difficult for consumers to define perfume standards, so it is difficult to determine what are quality products.


The CEO of Note is Rei Nguyen – A gỉls was born in Vietnam, but it was her love of art Koudou (Huong Dao) that led her to Japan to pursue her passion for perfumery design and aromatherapy – which, according to her, is “in Vietnam has no place for training, but in the world the number of people attending is also very small. When studying in Japan, she always had a dream of flavoring a product that is proud of herself as Vietnamese – a scent prepared from a Vietnamese person and bearing the Vietnamese spirit. Rei wants to bring the quintessence learned from Japan and from there to sublimate with her Vietnamese character. Rei Nguyen’s scent creation journey is tied to her memories. Instead of opting for trendy scents, she chooses to incorporate emotions into her products. Rei Nguyen loves materials that seem simple but really sophisticated in the way it is done. The simpler, the harder it is to beautify. For her, the scent is the same. The Asian scent ideas are monotonous but not really. Many fragrances are associated with her very personal experiences when she vibrates before a certain moment or story in Japan. It is the lavender scent in Hokkaido on summer days, the scent of iris in Shinjuku park or even the scent of … ramen

Returning to Vietnam in April 2019, Rei Nguyen and colleagues worked hard to produce NOTE – The Scent Lab. The world of scent, like music or any other living art form, is made up of the smallest “notes”. That is the meaning of the name NOTE – The Scent Lab.

Officially launched in October 2019, NOTE – The Scent Lab is an open “laboratory” space for the first scent devotees in Vietnam. There are no poetic images at NOTE nor does it feel lavishly splendid as people often imagine when it comes to “aromatherapy” – a jewelry that not many people care about, and few of them. people who know how to use it effectively. NOTE Bold art of handcraft (craftmanship) with unique scent products and streamlined packaging, all produced by NOTE team.

At NOTE, you can not only choose for yourself a favorite scent, but also experience creating your own fragrance through DIY sessions held on weekends (Do-It-Yourself: do it yourself). , and seminars on olfaction or aromatherapy, led by Ms. Rei Nguyen – the founder and CEO of NOTE, and the first perfume artist in Vietnam. Male – chair. 

By July 2020, about 1000 products have been sold to the market and have been positively reviewed (organic) by customers and media such as Thanh Nien, Oi Vietnam, Afamily, VTC10, VTV3, Style- Republik

In the near future, after months of planning and preparation, NOTE will launch two upcoming fragrance labs in August 2020 and October 2020 respectively. 

  • Signature lab at 10 Street 49B – Thao Dien Ward, District 2, HCMC
  • Custom perfume lab at 32 Dong Khoi, District 1, HCMC


Email: [email protected]


Tel: 093 858 13 11

Address: Hẻm Số 10 Đ. 49B, Thảo Điền, Quận 2, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh