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Money Lover is an application that was born to help users easier to manage their own finances, towards saving and reasonable spending … The application allows users to record all revenues and expenditures are done, then aggregated to help them know their consumption habits, from eating, studying, shopping, traveling and dating …


With Money Lover, users will know what their current spending budget is, what amounts they have spent, money saved … and thus actively manage their personal finances. and change consumer behavior in accordance with the current financial situation.


  • GETTING STARTED: The first time you use the application, you can log in to your account to synchronize information on Money Lover between devices, making it easy to review your spending history. on many devices. From the first interface that appears, select “First time to use Money Lover”, then you can use your Facebook, Google accounts to log in or create a separate Money Lover account to use.
  • WHAT IS THE “ E WALLET”? Next step Money Lover will allow users to select the currency to use, here you choose “Vietnam Dong” is the currency used in Vietnam. Finally Money Lover will ask users to create a “wallet” to manage spending. To make it easier to understand, the “wallet” is like the place where your money is in real life, such as the amount of cash you have in your real wallet and the amount you have in your bank account, which will help you manage your more effectively manage the money you have on Money Lover Default Money Lover free version allows users to create up to 2 “wallets”, you should create a “wallet” to manage the cash in your real wallet and a “wallet” to manage the amount of money in bank account (or ATM account).
  • GOVERNANCE TRACKING: The application will allow users to initialize existing balances for the “wallets” created, which is your actual spending. After completing the setup steps, you will be redirected to the main interface of the application. To add a new “wallet” to manage your money, from the main interface, click on the wallet icon at the top, then select “Add wallet” from the interface that appears. Next step you enter the name “wallet”, currency, the current amount of spending and click “Save”. As mentioned above, you should create a “wallet” to manage existing cash and a “wallet” to manage the amount of money in your bank account (or ATM account). You can switch between the two “wallets” to view details of your spending history, such as cash purchases or ATM card withdrawals.
  • CHECKING THE SPENDING: Return to the main interface of the application, when making a spending or receive an additional amount, click the icon “+” to add spending details that target in the transaction history. Here you can choose spending groups (food, shopping, pay bills …) so at the end of the month Money Lover will summarize and let you know what you spent the most money on. In the “Select group” section, you can choose to be “Spending” or “Income” to add or subtract the existing amount to your “wallet”. Money Lover has already created “Expenditures” or “Income” groups, you can choose to suit your spending goals, or you can create new income and expenditure groups, but this is Not really needed.
    History of revenues / expenditures of the month will be fully listed in Money Lover so that users know how much they have earned in the month and how much they spent, for what purposes … That you will not need to “headache” to think about the past month you have spent money.
  • TAKE NOTE WHEN WITHDRAWING: Money Lover also allows users to transfer money from one wallet to another. This is useful in case you withdraw money from an ATM card, then you will transfer the amount just withdrawn from “wallet” to save ATM card information via “wallet” to store cash information. To use this function, from the Money Lover main interface, click on the 3-dot icon in the upper right corner, select “Transfer money to another wallet”. From the interface that appears, select the amount to transfer, source “wallet” and “wallet”, transfer purpose, then click “Done” to make the transaction.


  • Recording income and expenditure becomes easier: Users only need a few minutes to record their daily expenses, and categorize them into categories such as: Food, Shopping; or adding other income like salary, gifts, etc.
  • No more worrying about spending out of control: Based on your consumption habits, you can create a budget to spend in a certain period of time. The app will regularly remind you of the progress of your spending, keeping your expenses under control.
  • Monitoring and managing money effectively: Money Lover automatically creates users with extremely easy-to-understand, easy-to-understand, easy-to-remember report charts, giving users a clear view of their revenues and expenditures .
  • Use on multiple devices at the same time: Money Lover can sync across all devices and platforms with strict security standards.
  • Automatically reminds recurring revenues: Reminds you about weekly or monthly revenues or expenditures … before the transaction date
  • Currency converter when traveling: Convert currencies quickly, the rates are updated very closely, supporting all currencies.
  • Saving for future plans: Being reminded regularly about savings, you will quickly achieve your financial goals.
  • No need to worry about loans – debt: Money lover will help you remember your loans and debts; Track the progress of paying easily when paying multiple times.
  • Convenient bill scanning: You only need to take a snapshot of the invoice and wait for the application to automatically update and categorize the transaction into your wallet


  • As an application of Vietnamese people, to serve the needs of simple expense management, the strongest point of Money Lover compared to other similar software is its simplicity and ease of use. Used through many expense management software but this is probably the simplest, easy-to-use and most familiar software for me. If there is no need for too detailed and professional management, this is a better option.
  • In addition, a strong point that cannot be ignored is one of the very few Vietnamese money management programs and supports many other languages. If you are not familiar or comfortable with English, this will be your irreplaceable option.


Around mid-2017, Ngo Xuan Huy, CEO of Money Lover, realized that most of the applications were implemented on a technology platform for older phones. That smartphones have now begun to gain popularity. Besides, the application is now primarily for people with accounting knowledge and the majority are designed for people who spend by credit card. While the majority of people have no accounting knowledge and maintain the habit of using cash.

So, after drawing down the disadvantages of old applications, Ngo Xuan Huy started writing personal financial management software – Money Lover. Within a month, he had completed and put the software to use. At first, the application still has many errors. However, after sharing on some forums, the majority of people supported. Not only friends in the country favorite but many people around the world also responded positively. Realizing that this was a potential technology product in the market, 9X was determined to improve and develop it widely. To develop this innovative technology product, Huy called for investment and participation. About half a year later in 2018, Money Lover was officially put into use.

Right from the early days of his career, the information technology student aimed at the international market, because not many Vietnamese users have a habit of using paid Apps. Currently, Money Lover’s revenue comes mainly from overseas markets. However, the 9X guy said that the domestic market is still very potential, because the Vietnamese population is quite young, those who start working have financial management needs.

In addition to partnering with credit institutions, Money Lover is in the process of updating new features to automate all operations, build and educate personal financial management habits for users. Ngo Xuan Huy shared: “In the future, I and my colleagues continue to expand the market and increase the number of users on many continents. Southeast Asia will be the main target. In particular, Thailand and Indonesia are the stepping stone for Money Lover to gradually increase market share in the region of more than 600 million people.


  • In early 2013, Money Lover reached a high rate of 2% of paid users, estimated to bring in revenue of about US $ 35,000 after 1.5 years.
  • Nmă 2017, Money Lover was honored to be on the list of the best applications and games of 2017 on the Google Play app store.



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