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Metaherb is a line of health-protection foods that have extracts of herbal, technological-and-modern ingredients that are consulted by the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology. The Metaherb brand is currently distributed exclusively by Oriental Medicinal joint stock company. To date, the brand has launched seven main products including Gut Metaherb tablets; Diabetic Glu Metaherb; Gastric – duodenal Metaherb; Nanoscale soybeans Metaherb; Nano Curcumin Metaherb; The Kingdom; GB Metaherb.


Strictly adhering to the core value of “Super herbal for sustainable health”, the Metaherb product line was born with the application of high technology in herbal preparation as an important step of traditional medicine in improving the quality, bringing to the community effective and safe health care products.

Metaherb is a leading brand in the research and production of health supplements, applying the technology of selecting active ingredients extracted from high herbs from precious herbs combined with Nano dispersion of micro active ingredients that help the body absorb up to 95%, improve the efficiency equivalent to American products.

  • ACTIVE SELECTION TECHNOLOGY: Active ingredients are extracted with high medicinal properties, beneficial to the body, eliminating substances that are not beneficial, causing side effects or unnecessary for the body.
  • HIGH-TECH FERMENTATION METHOD: Separating large drug molecules into small molecules helps the body to absorb easily, increasing the activity and pharmacology of the product by 42 times.
  • APPLICATION OF SMALL NANO BEADS TECHNOLOGY: The active substances are dispersed to form nanometer sizes. This ultra-small size helps the body absorb the maximum active ingredients up to over 95%.
  • THE “MULTI PURPOSE” PHILOSOPHY OF COMPREHENSIVE IMPACT: A product that has many effects, ensuring the body’s support to treat diseases and recover health in a comprehensive and sustainable manner.

VISION, MISSION: The Metaherb series is constantly striving to bring the community a sustainable health from high-tech medicinal herbs.


  • Value chain “Conservation & Raw material area”:
    • Raw material area: The Metaherb product line owns two separate material areas at: Luong Son (Hoa Binh) with an area of 70ha and Tam Nong (Phu Tho) with an area of 02ha.
    • Conservation area: The Metaherb product line has a precious pharmaceutical conservation area in Luong Son (Hoa Binh) with an area of 6.6ha.
  • Value chain “Scientific research & manufacture”: The products of Metaherb brand are in-depth research and methodical by leading pharmaceutical experts. Especially the advice of Master Ba Thi Cham (Institute of Chemistry, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology).
  • Value chain “Briquetting factory”: The Metaherb line is invested to build a factory on an area of over 1,000 square meters in Thach That Industrial Park, Hanoi. The factory is fully equipped with modern machinery to produce health food and cosmetics according to the standards of the Ministry of Health. With a completely closed design, the factory is operated by a team of experienced and dedicated Metaherb experts.

MULTI-PURPOSE PHILOSOPHY: The product has many effects, ensuring comprehensive and effective body support.


  • Metaherb is scientifically researched article: The products of the Metaherb label are researched in-depth, the article is by industry-leading experts in pharmaceuticals. Especially the consultation of ThS. BA Thi Magnet (High tech Development Center, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology).
  • Metaherb owns the exclusive medicinal zone: Metaherb owns two separate raw materials in Luong Son (Hoa Binh) area up to 70ha and Tam Nong (Phu Tho) with an area of 2 hectares. In addition, this brand also has a quarterly medicinal preservation zone in Luong Son (Hoa Binh) with an area of 6.6 hectares. As such, the product lines under the Metaherb brand are naturally sourced, very safe and do not cause side effects to users.
  • Metaherb owns advanced production plant: The factory of the brand Metaherb was built in Thach that industrial zone, Hanoi with an area of over 1,000 hectares. The factory owns modern machinery equipment and advanced technology to produce food that protects health and cosmetic products according to the Ministry of Health standards. With a completely self-contained design, the factory is operated by a team of experienced and dedicated specialists of Metaherb.
  • Products under the Metaherb brand have been strictly inspected by the Ministry of Health, strict quality and certification of conformity declaration for Food Safety regulations.
    In terms of prestige on the market, on 15/12/2018, brand metaherb of Oriental medicinal joint stock company has also been honored with “Top 10 Vietnam leading brand 2018” in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector. It is a review and communication program developed by the Institute of Economic Research in Asia, Vietnam’s Union of Business Development Science, the Institute for Survey and evaluation of competitive indices.


The biggest highlight of Metaherb is that the first product line in Vietnam owns “3 Technologies and 1 philosophy”.
Accordingly, products belonging to the Metaherb product range are applied 3 modern technologies including:

  • Selective extraction technology of the active substance from herbs: Ensure the active ingredient is highly pharmacological, beneficial to the body; Elimination of unprofitable substances, causing side effects or unnecessary for the body;
  • High-tech fermentation method: turns large molecules into smaller molecules, readily soluble in water so it is easy to absorb the body, increase the activity of the product; The substance that has weak medicinal substances into substances with more potent pharmacologically;
  • Nanotechnology: With biological simulation technology, the active substances are small in size to nano meters (less than 100 nanometers). In this size, the active substance is maximum absorbed up to over 95%, protected by external and internal agents, released slowly into the blood, which are put in the right destination (correct organ is ill). From there help the Metaherb products have a faster effect on traditional Oriental medicine and have no side effects such as synthetic active substances.



Glu Metaherb is one of the foods that protects health under the brand Metaherb. The product is directed to people who have diabetes mellitus type I and type II or those with a high glycemic index and need to control blood sugar; People who are at risk for diabetes mellitus; People who have high blood cholesterol and blood fat indices. Diabetic Glu Metaherb has the main ingredients include: spatula (content of 150mg), licorice (content of 150mg), black garlic (80 mg content), Huaishan (content of 80mg), Indian nem leaf (50mg content). The product provides use to reduce hypoglycemia, reduce the risk of complications and symptoms of diabetes mellitus such as dizziness, or sweating, tremor of the limbs and support to reduce cholesterol and blood fat.


Being prepared in the form of capsules, Gut Metaherb tablets possess ingredients that are herbal: Hy Thiem (120mg content), Turkish restoration (content of 80mg), prize (content of 40mg), and other components such as dandelion (content of 80mg), green bean husks (50mg content), Perilla (50mg content), Nano Curcumin (content of 40mg). Gut Metaherb tablets have a supportive effect of lowering the index of uric acid in the blood and inhibiting the formation of acid; Supports relief of symptoms of gout: swelling, inflammation, joint pain; Support to improve the condition of chronic gout and reduce the complications of gout. The product is suitable for people who are suffering from gout, who is at risk of gout as the case: overweight, obesity.


Also one of the products of the Metaherb series, Gastric Juice – duodenum Metaherb focuses on subjects who suffer from peptic ulcerdisease, cases of gastroesophageal reflux, with a supportive use of decreased symptoms of pain from gastritis, duodenum and protection of gastric health and duodenal onions, contributing to the prevention of good gastrointestinal pathologies. Gastroesophageal tablets – duodenal Metaherb contains the main components: Restorative leaves (140mg), Dandelion (content 140mg), Gentian (140mg content), licorice (50mg content).


Biased on supplementing female hormones and aids in the relief of symptoms of menopausal women or menopause such as: hot flashes, hair loss, freckles,… Soybeans of the soy germ Metaherb are prepared from Nano Isoflavon (the content of 250mg) together with soybean meal (250mg content). Products oriented to the audience used are women aged menopause and menopause; Female sexual impairment cases due to female hormonal impairment; Cases of intensive, melasma, tanning, freckles caused by hormonal impairment. Nano Soy germ has natural extracts, is very safe and does not cause side effects for the users. 


It is the first product in Vietnam to announce a Nano-extraction of prodrug extract in combination with natural medicinal herbs: Ma Vuong (100mg content), three- size (content of 80mg), death sentence (content of 60mg), rabbit (content of 80mg), extract of coagulant (80mg content), the physiological product of Phong Vuong brings a pronounced use to men, helping to support kidney tonic, poplar; Supports male sexual relief and improves physiological function, slowing the sexual process. Ky Vuong is a product dedicated to adult men experiencing impaired body condition, or fatigue, back pain pillow; People or nighttime many times due to weakness and weak male cases of physiological such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, premature menopause.


Nano Curcumin Metaherb is also one of the line of food Protection health under the brand Metaherb, oriented to the subjects used are people with peptic ulcer, who are at risk of cancer, people with cancer are chemotherapy, radiation therapy and people after the incision are in the process of wound healing, postparenteral women.

The main ingredient of this product is the Nano Curcumin (content of 25mg) extracted from yellow turmeric, which has the effect of reducing the symptoms of pain and inflammation due to peptic ulcer of the stomach, supports strengthening of the resistance and health protection for postparenteral women, support to reduce the risk and limit the development of tumors. With ingredients that are extracted completely from natural herbs should Nano Curcumin metaherb ensure safe, user-friendly health. In particular, products that are manufactured under modern nanotechnology will help the body absorb nutrients much better than the conventional synthesis of curcumin. Therefore, products for high efficiency, do not cause undesirable effects.


Also included in the list of high-tech applications under the brand Metaherb, the GB oral Metaherb is extracted from natural herbs including Nano leaf extract (140mg content), high dry paint test (content 120mg), high dry huaishan (content of 80mg), black onion powder (content of 80mg), high dry tea (80mg content) and additional auxiliary materials to improve efficiency: Talc, Magnesium stearate has barely 1 tablet 620mg. With the combination of many herbs, GB Metaherb provides superior use, which helps to reduce blood fat, reduce cholesterol, reduce fat in internal organs; Support increase fat metabolism to reduce fat, reduce belly fat, biceps, thighs,….People with high blood fat, fatty liver, obese overweight people are very suitable subjects using this product. The product uses ingredients extracted 100% from natural herbs, which are recycled by modern technology should be very safe and do not cause side effects when used.


On July 18, 2017, the signing ceremony of Technology Transfer Consulting, exclusive distribution of Metaherb brand health protection products was extracted from herbs, applied the first nano preparation technology at Vietnam. Metaherb is the first product line in Vietnam to apply modern preparation technology.

Metaherb brand of Orient Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company has been ranked in the Top 10 leading national brands in the awarding ceremony of “Vietnam Leading Brand 2018” organized by the Competition Rating Survey Institute at Ben Thanh Theater, HCMC.

On August 5, 2018, the inauguration ceremony of Metaherb Health Food Manufacturing Factory was organized by Orient Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company. Mr. Le Viet Phuong – General Director of Orient Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company said: “The Opening Ceremony of the Metaherb health food manufacturing factory is an important event of Orient Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company, marking the complete autonomy in production along the chain: raw material areas, turning laboratory-scale production into industrial-scale production and packaging of finished products. Phuong Dong always accompanies with scientists and experts in bringing scientific research from the laboratory to reality, helping to take care of public health in the fastest and most accurate way”.



YEAR: 2017



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