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Medlink is the first B2B platform in Vietnam to help connect pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies and consumers to reduce the maximum business costs in distribution. Medlink provides information about orders to be delivered to the system for pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical distributors.


The solution that Medlink offers is to use information technology to connect manufacturers, distributors – pharmacies and consumers in the ecosystem of the pharmaceutical industry as well as digitize data from all. clues in the pharmacy ecosystem. Specifically, Medlink created a toolkit, including three applications for the three subjects.

For pharmacies “when participating in the system, they will use the software system connected and interconnected on the national database of pharmacy at low cost (only 100,000 per month). 

Secondly, pharmacies can be more streamlined by using the Medlink app to import online drugs from suppliers to optimize sales costs, reduce monthly fixed costs, rent premises, hire employees. , through which pharmacies can easily increase sales without having to depend on premises (now the pharmacies that want to grow have to rely heavily on premises).

Thirdly, medlink provides a way for pharmacies to order directly with suppliers with maximum discount,

Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Huyen – Medlink CEO estimated that there are about 2,000 pharmaceutical companies in Vietnam. The costs these companies spend on distributing products, including shipping, sales, account for about 35% of profits, or $ 1.6 billion per year. Meanwhile, only about 30% of pharmacies use business management software, inventory and importing goods take time. The pharmacies lack the initiative in finding customers and there is no sales channel other than direct sales at the counter.

Medlink helps connect pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies and consumers to minimize business costs in distribution.

  • For the pharmaceutical company, Medlink’s software will solve the distribution system problem as well as help the pharmaceutical company reduce intermediary costs in the distribution channel by directly transferring drug data and updating the situation. new to pharmacies. In the past, this connection was completely owned by a pharmacist, for example, a pharmaceutical company may need 50 pharmacists to maintain a network of about 5,000 pharmacies. But when “using medlink, this number decreases, a pharmacist can cover many more pharmacies than before, sometimes it still needs 20 pharmacists or less,” Tuan Anh said. .
  • As for users, when using an application (free), you will see all the pharmacies available drugs you are looking for within a radius of 5km.

Technologically, Medlink uses Docker Swarm on AWS, helping the platform to expand to meet the number of users and generate large transactions during the day with high accuracy and safety. In addition, the platform also applies cloud computing technology from Amazon (cloud computing), using online so avoid the risk of data loss when losing or crashing the computer, ensuring the confidentiality of information data. Medlink is also relatively convenient to use, the unit only needs to be connected to the network, no installation is required.

In addition to the online connection platform, Medlink is also the first pharmacy management software in Vietnam that integrates artificial intelligence (AI) to easily manage the product portfolio with specialized drug database. ; Drug interaction warning, counseling and artificial intelligence (AI) consultation; Connect to the clinic’s medical management system on the same Ecomedic ecosystem system; Effective assistant for pharmacies and pharmacists in managing drugstores with intelligent scheduling system and 24/7 customer service …

The target customers of the project are pharmaceutical companies, especially companies that are promoting the distribution of OTC products and functional foods. Medlink takes advantage of contacts with pharmaceutical companies to introduce and promote the platform for companies to consumers who are its customers. On the pharmacy side, Medlink also continuously has attractive incentive programs such as earning bonus points when importing goods from pharmaceutical companies cooperating with Medlink, introducing friends to join the platform to receive gifts, for the purpose of gratitude. pharmacies in the system of Medlink and to expand the market quickly. Medlink’s delivery units are pharmacies in the area where customers want to receive goods (3-5 km radius or convenient delivery of products to customers). “Due to the delivery of the pharmacy to intermediaries, the product will not charge for shipping,


The idea of ​​Medlink came about during Ngoc Huyen – CEO of Medlink working at a medical and pharmaceutical startup. At that time, she researched and realized that the product distribution model of most pharmaceutical companies is very manual, the deployment cost for the pharmacy is very large.

The target customers of the project are business companies, especially companies that are promoting the distribution of OTC products and functional foods. Pharmacies may also receive incentives such as earning points when importing goods from pharmacies that partner with Medlink.

After a period of implementation, Medlink has cooperated with 20 pharmaceutical companies and 4,000 pharmacies across the country and has a certain revenue source.

When asked about the difficulties in starting a business, Huyen said: “Medlink is a product of new technology platform on the market, which is both an opportunity and also the biggest challenge when launching. . Basically, consumers or pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies are new to the product and launching the product will certainly face many difficulties, because it needs to create a new habit for users. However, with the values ​​Medlink brings, the team also believes that the product will soon be widely accepted by users ”. With the support of the community, Medlink also received the support from the Government, the Ministry of Science and Technology with Project 844 – introduced experts, advisors and presided over the organization of festivals. businesses to attract, call for investment and connect Medlink with potential customers who are interested in the product,

Sharing about the future direction, Ngoc Huyen said: “In 2019, Medlink wants to focus on expanding the market and raising consumer awareness about the product. At the same time, the team will constantly improve the features of the product to bring the most complete experience to the user. After building a solid market in Vietnam, Medlink also expects to expand to similar models in Southeast Asia. Medlink is also striving to perfect its products to maintain the leading edge, build successful product and service chains, strengthen connections with partners, and bring Vietnam’s innovative startups to the map of in the world, contributing to improving the quality of life and empowering Vietnamese in the international arena.



Management and sales have never been so simple!

  • Keep track of pharmacy activities anywhere, any time
  • Connect to huge pharmaceutical companies directly, creat opportunities to have more customers
  • Allow you to decentralize each employee
  • Easy to import products in different ways


  • Only a single software will replace all the different management software, streamlining human resources, maximum cost savings for businesses.
  • Record and Store customers information: Collect all customer information; Easy to classify and manage customer by groups, thereby having different policies discount for each type of customer
  • Including Call center and DMS: Assist manager to follow customer care process of the employee, follow their route of each Medical Representative
  • Marketing: Manage and follow Marketing campaign of business
  • Keep track of all bills: Medlink’s management software allows you to review each sales invoice by employee, price of each product to help you manage your business efficiency.
  • Receive sales orders from Pharmacies: More than 200+ use Medlink
  • Control the number and the expiry date of products: Our software will send you a warning announcement about quantity and expiry date of products so that you will have a solution for your inventory
  • Provide all the information about medicine: The information of medicine includes ingredients, suppliers will appear on Software
  • Manage the timesheet of each staff: Control the whole progress of each staff, you don’t need to waste your time to observe them
  • Automatically sum up all your report by real-time
  • Report system will be presented from detail to overview
  • Report by the employee; report by-products, inventory


In 2019, Overcoming 400 Vietnamese startup projects around the world, Medlink – a platform connecting pharmacies with pharmaceutical companies to become the champion of Vietchallenge.
Earlier, Medlink also made a mark with the Vietnamese and regional startup community with the second prize at Techfest 2018 and the first prize at Techsauce Global Summit in Asia 2018.


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