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Mantan Vietnam Digital Technology Joint Stock Company with ManMo- the project is a two-way platform connecting people wishing to rent short-term rooms with accommodation owners, ManMo provides the property with a set of management tools. Room management, this toolkit helps accommodation establishments manage guests checkin, checkout, manage reservations, collect and pay the debt, a warehouse of goods, staff decentralization, and many other functions …

This is a free accommodation information application for mobile users in Vietnam. The application uses the user’s GPS coordinates as the background with the main features: Search for nearby motels, display as Google Map or listings, View accommodation information, Bookings, Hostel love prefer. The application currently supports platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Web Browser


ManMo is a multi-platform search engine, developed according to the model of Google, capable of helping users search for the nearest accommodation facility via GPS navigation and online booking support. Users can search for all types of accommodation such as motels, homestays, hostels, and hotels on ManMo Search, especially in the low-end market segment. ManMo builds an ecosystem, provides management tools for property owners and takes guests to them

ManMo Search is a multi-platform search engine, capable of helping users find the nearest accommodation facility through GPS navigation and online booking support. Users can search for all types of accommodation such as motels, homestays, hostels, and hotels on ManMo Search, especially in the low-end market segment. Just provide the address of the area you want to visit or search by your desired name, price and utilities, ManMo Search will filter and give users information of the nearest accommodation suitable for you. request. In addition to the search feature, ManMo Search also supports directions, online booking and 360 photo technology to give users the most intuitive view of the quality of accommodation before booking. This is an application that helps users choose the most convenient and convenient accommodation even in unexpected situations.


  • Accommodation management
    •   Manage and monitor the room situation by hour
    •   Improved image and service quality
    •   Transparent management system, preventing financial loss
  • Hotel manager
    •   Support customers to find and book online
    •   Manage the entire system from anywhere
    •   Transparent management system, preventing financial loss
  • Manage homestay
    •   Connect with the booking app
    •   Direct interaction with customers
    •   Transparent management system, preventing financial loss.


  • Quickly handle technical problems: ManMo is deployed and operated with a closed technical infrastructure (Hardware and Software systems) to help customers solve technical problems quickly and conveniently.
  • Use anytime, anywhere, any device: ManMo has website versions on computers and phones, and a mobile app on iOS and Android operating systems, bringing convenience to customers.
  • Building competitive advantages: ManMo provides synchronous solutions with package services such as: Hardware systems; 360 photo service; Website 360 service; Consulting sales and marketing tools in the era of technology 4.0.



ManMo has built a suite of solutions including ManMo 3H hotel management software, ManMo Search booking and search system, web design service, ManMo Ads ad running.

    • According to the founder, the application helps users choose the most convenient and convenient accommodation even in unexpected situations. “In addition to the search feature, ManMo Search also supports directions, online booking and 360 photo technology to provide users with the most intuitive view of the quality of accommodation so they can decide on a good reservation. no, “said Tran Ngoc Manh, co-founder and CEO of ManMo.
    • ManMo Search is focusing on the market of motels, cheap hotels, homestays and hostels nationwide. The object that ManMo Search wants to target is mainly the group of customers wishing to use the hour and overnight stay with the price from low to medium. Different from OTA channels, ManMo Search is a search engine specialized, so to meet the search needs of users, there must be a large amount of detailed and rich data. Currently ManMo Search has collected databases of more than 12,000 accommodation establishments in many provinces and cities such as Hanoi, Hai Phong, Da Nang, Da Lat, Can Tho, Ho Chi Minh City, … and projected By the end of 2018, ManMo Search will have a database of 20,000 establishments nationwide. The highest level of access that ManMo Search achieves is 10,000 / visit / day.
    • ManMo is developing into an B2B2C model ecosystem, providing management tools for property owners and search engines for customers. In the near future, ManMo will link with other startup models on travel, dining and entertainment to form a tourism ecosystem. At the same time, the application of artificial intelligence in increasing the user experience.
    • Claimed to be different from OTA (Online Travel Agent) channels, but the project still supports online booking. CEO Manmo said that this form is an intermediary to create tools to connect between users and owners of accommodation facilities.
    • ManMo further supports partners by building an ecosystem, providing management tools for property owners and bringing customers to them. In particular, the system provides the accommodation manager with a room management software. When a customer wants to book a room after searching on ManMo, the software will notify the manager from which the establishment can confirm the reservation for the guest.
    • “This software helps them change their management habits, switch from manual books to technology applications, save staffing costs, and provide them with an additional marketing communication channel” the court said.
  • MANMO 3H:
    • ManMo 3H software is used exclusively in hotel management such as checkin, checkout, booking and financial loss prevention.
    • ManMo 3H is located in an ecosystem dedicated to accommodation businesses built by ManMo. The solution includes: ManMo Search accommodation search system that solves the problem of selling rooms; Web design services, running advertising ManMo Web, handling marketing problems and ManMo 3H hotel management software solving management problems.
    • ManMo 3H allows to the management of all checkinG operations, customer checkout, sales management, inventory, debt collection and especially can be managed in a multi-facility chain model. The software supports to manage booking requests in the form of a calendar in an intuitive and convenient way. In addition, the application integrates the virtual switchboard management system to save the investment cost of the landline phone system as well as manage the call content effectively.


    • Expanding and accelerating, the project will have the opportunity to “symbiotic” with the industry that is being invested by the State to become a key sector of the Vietnamese economy. Specifically, according to Resolution 08-NQ / TW of the Politburo on tourism development to become a spearhead economic sector, increasing the direct GDP contribution to 10% by 2020.
    • Along with the statistics of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism in 2017, the total number of accommodation establishments is 25,600, of which the number of tourist accommodation establishments from 3-5 stars is only 882. Looking at the numbers, Tran Ngoc Manh According to the report, there are more than 20,000 low-priced establishments that are difficult to be known about, so they themselves are not optimizing to offer new customers.
    • February 2017: Officially implementing the project
    • May 2017: Launched the web version ManMo Search
    • July 2017: Launched mobile app version ManMo Search
    • September 2017: Launch of Mano 3H Accommodation management software
    • November 2017: Successfully raised capital from angel investor: VND 200,000,000
    • October 2018: Among the top 15 typical Vietnamese startups
    • 2019 is a year of strong development for ManMo in both depth and breadth. ManMo has signed a deep cooperation contract with hospitality business partners, providing a set of support solutions including  hotel management software , room sales channels, and marketing toolset.
    • September 2019: Nearly 20,000 accommodation partners with more than 6,000 website visits


ManMo is an application that supports partners in the field of cheap accommodation in Vietnam. Currently, ManMo has nearly 20,000 partner facilities with more than 5,000 visits per day.

The awards ManMo has received include:

  • 2018: Ranking in the top 15 typical Startup by VnExpress newspaper.
  • 2019: Entering the next round of the contest “Technology startup” is broadcast on VTV3 ..


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ADDRESS: 299 Kim Mã, Ba Đình, Hanoi