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LOTODA is an integrated Internet of Things solution that operates on the cloud outside the Internet, allowing real-time data management from connected devices, storing information data, and executing warnings and monitoring. as Lotoda ll as controlling remote entities, the application works on multiple platforms.


LOTODA is an Internet of Things technology startup company, Lotoda always aims to provide the best IoT services and solutions to customers, and develop IoT applications that serve many areas of life. Lotoda sincerely thank you for your support and your valued customers!

LOTODA is an Internet of Things solution in Vietnam, Lotoda is an integrated Internet of Things solution that works on cloud computing outside the Internet, allowing real-time data management from devices. connected to, allowing storage of information data and alarming, monitoring and controlling connected devices such as sensors, remote control entities (actuators). and other equipment. LOTODA applications work on most operating systems such as Linux, Windows, supported on smartphones such as Android and Apple’s iOS.


  • REAL-TIME DATA: Data is transmitted immediately after receiving. Make sure there are not any timing delays of the data flow control provided.
  • CONTROL PANEL & INTERACTIVE OBJECTS: You can view your data graph in realtime from the dashboard, add widgets such as line charts, charts and on / off switches to control your devices. you from afar.
  • MULTI-OS (MULTI-OS): LOTODA applications can be installed on many ecosystems such as Windows, Linux. The applications are sharing the same resources and configuration from the LOTODA system.
  • LOTODA ON SMARTPHONE: Use the LOTODA mobile app on your smartphone to interact with connected devices. Easy to configure from app and use on both Android and iOS.
  • ADVANCED FUNCTIONS: Easily manage and control your devices, send / receive data to or from the device, display stored data query. Create alerts and schedule timed triggers. Display data information of sensors, turn on and off remote switches, and many other assistive functions.
  • IoT protocol WITH TLS / SSL: Operating on the Internet of Things system principle, building integrated APIs, using IoT protocols such as HTTPs, Lotoda bSocket and MQTT, combining application software and embedded firmware using the latest technology.
  • STORE BIG DATA: Database time series (No SQL) is used to store data. Data is stored in JSON format, improving operational efficiency and can enhance Big Data storage support.
  • FREE FOR STUDENTS AND IoT DEVELOPER: Provided free of charge to students and developers of IoT products using the LOTODA IoT platform, supports learning and individual development of IoT products based on LOTODA’s available platforms.


To make the industrial revolution 4.0, everyone will need to participate in this application process, shaping and legal Successful development of the revolution in the future, so LOTODA will aim to focus on four main services as follows:

  • LOTODA smart home (LOTODA Smarthome)
  • LOTODA in agriculture (LOTODA Agriculture)
  • LOTODA in industry (LOTODA Industry)
  • LOTODA Business & Codes


Today, the industrial revolution 4.0 has been gradually shaped, along with the trend of Internet of Things (IoT – Everything connected to the Internet) is also becoming increasingly poLotoda rful in Vietnam and around the world. LOTODA is an Internet of Things startup in Vietnam, LOTODA is a technology solutions company, LOTODA was born with the motto of providing users with an effective, safe and easy Internet of Things solution. Using at reasonable costs, contributing to bringing added value to customers and convenient experience in life and production and business activities.

LOTODA established a team consisting of members who are engineers, masters of universities in Ho Chi Minh – Vietnam. With many years of experience working in the environment of multinational corporations. Lotoda  decided to establish and build LOTODA in Vietnam, the LOTODA IoT platform officially operated in 2019, before that the project was built and started to research since 2017 when the Internet of Things trend was Currently taking place strongly all over the world, there are IoT Platforms supporting the industrial revolution 4.0. With the motto of capturing the opportunity to receive and learn the technology of industrial revolution 4.0 around the world, LOTODA Team members are constantly learning and exploring, to bring customers and users to experience the solution. Internet of Things in Vietnam, built by Vietnamese historians and people.

Lotoda built the LOTODA IoT platform based on Internet of Things technologies including software and hardware, and cooperated with other vendors to bring a complete Internet of Things solution to our customers.