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Light Wave is a company in Ho Chi Minh City, specializing in providing professional services for filming and post-production of television commercials (TVC), corporate video editing, viral, clip event, color grading, video editing, 3D animation, cinematographic effects and Motion graphics, training, consulting, and utilizing 360-degree Virtual Reality technology to create promotional videos, events …

Light Wave’s team of young, passionate and professional artists and technicians, led by Steven Vo, an apprentice in the UK, is committed to providing our customers with the best service but at competitive fee.



Virtual reality technology is growing strongly and bringing applications into many areas of life. The marketing and advertising industry is not out of the hot trend when a new type of advertising is created using 360 videos to create a unique and increase advertising effectiveness.

Virtual reality technology is a fairly new concept, emerging only in decades 90 back here. Virtual Reality (VR) is the term describing a simulated computer environment or other specialized equipment. Most of the virtual reality environments are mostly images displayed on a computer screen or through a three-dimensional view, but some simulations also add other sensory senses such as sound or tactile. With this new type of technology, the images on the video will be identical to real-life descriptions.

Virtual reality technology also brings many important turning points, deciding new developments in many areas such as healthcare, education, entertainment, movies, travel, advertising,… Typically, the event is a series of big names in technology such as SamSung or Sony which launches the camera models and the new generation VR glasses to help users have the most immersive experience. The “Tycoon” Facebook social network also starts to participate in virtual reality technology races when the Oculus is captured. Although it was only a short time to travel to Vietnam, this new type of technology also created considerable craze especially for movies or 3D-format games.

VR technology will allow users to watch the video with an overall view of 360 degrees, along with a description, the appropriate image and logo inserted into the 3D space in an art and impressive way. Viewers can experience them directly on their laptop screen and mobile phone. These videos can be quickly uploaded to popular social networking sites today such as Youtube, Facebook,,… or used for The advertiser’s website and the apps on the phone. Therefore, it is especially suitable for the promotion of restaurants, cafés, fashion shops, tourism, real estate business, events,…. Because this is a fast and extremely efficient communication with low cost, small to large business models can be used.

In order to bring Vietnamese businesses with new forms of communication, caught up to the development trends of the world, Light Wave was one of the first units to produce virtual reality promotional videos for customers with an entirely new service named AD 360. The business can be fully assured with the quality of VR videos made by young, creative and passionate artists and technicians who are trained abroad.

Currently, there are two typical types of virtual reality advertising:

  • 360-degree image ads: 360-degree image ads are a type of image ad that allow viewers to interact with images and explore the entire scenery surrounding the camera’s recorded image. When viewing a photo, viewers only need to manipulate the 360-degree icon on the image, the image will rotate so that you can see the surrounding area. 360-degree photography is being cared for by many companies in the fields of tourism, events, exhibitions, real estate, … because this technology brings 360-degree lifelike images to you. get an overview of a whole place without having to see many flat images or drawings.


  • 360-degree video advertising: 360-degree video advertising is a type of advertising that takes advantage of virtual reality technology to create 360-degree videos to make advertising videos become more new and authentic, interesting to attract the attention of viewers. With a broad overview, the description and appropriate images are shared on popular social networking sites such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, … or used for the website will definitely make customers click  your adverts and love it.


    • 360° VR  Made by linking two or more photo spheres, along with the integration of multimedia features such as transit hotspots, project maps, information, photos Photo, video, audio and location are located on the map. 360 degree VR tours provide a vivid and effective experience. Viewers can navigate to pre-set locations, explore landscapes in 360-degree viewing angles and interact with the space they are viewing and refer to information, location and send direct requests. His bridge on VR tour.

For example, in the advertising campaign of cosmetic brand Innisfree from South Korea, with the virtual reality ad “Someday in Jeju” (one day in Jeju Island), this brand has attracted a large number of customers. women visit and shop at their cosmetics stores thanks to advertising with a 360-degree VR tour. Innisfree took them on a tour around Jeju Island with the dedicated guidance of movie star Lee Min Ho. The purpose of the trip is to help customers experience the production of Innisfree products with 100% natural origin and extremely environmentally friendly.

    • 360° Timelapse video: This is a type of video that combines 360-degree photography and 360-degree movie recording to create videos with a speed-changing effect that helps viewers feel faster or slower time lapse. 360 degree Timelapse videos are made similar to stopmotion – a method of taking multiple continuous shots and stitching together with fast time lapse. 360-degree video Timelapse helps viewers clearly see the movement of the wall very slowly such as blooming flowers, floating clouds, sunrise, … or speeding up the normal motion to increase the dramatic for the scene. When watching Timelapse you should use additional devices such as virtual reality glasses, high-resolution touch screens, headsets or external speakers for the best experience.
    • 360°  Livestream video: Livestream is a hot trend of young people on social networks such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, … With 360 degree livestream advertising, customers can watch livestream videos with panoramic views, even You can even interact with content from any direction, freely change the viewing angle by rotating the phone screen or dragging and dropping the computer mouse. 360-degree video technology gives viewers a completely different experience than when watching ordinary flat videos, 360-degree videos create unique 360-degree rotation angles and bring a true-looking perspective but still different enough distinct.


  • RECEIVING TVC ADVERTISEMENTS, SELF-INTRODUCTION FILM, VIRAL VIDEO, CORRUPTION, EVENT: Make ideas, scripts and organize production and movie plans, including color grading, video collage, editing online, 3D animation, Motion graphics, title, effects, …
  • CONCEPT OF ADC TVC, INTRODUCTION FILMS, VIRAL: Film editing, color correction, text insertion, effects, Offline and Online editing, TVC beauty …
  • VFX PHOTOGRAPHIC EFFECTS FOR FILM MOVIES: Roto, paint fix, blue screen splitting, compositing … Light Wave is always full of passion for creating amazing visual effects for movies. Moreover, Light Wave is proud to be a close partner with the Viet VFX Artist community, one of the largest communities of VFX artists in Vietnam. The team of Light Wave and Viet VFX Artist have collaborated on many major projects for domestic and foreign movies.
  • 3D ANIMATION: Creating and animating 3D objects and products for advertising, architecture, furniture, mobile apps, events, VTV3 and HTV7 gameshow …
  • MOTION GRAPHICS / INFOGRAPHICS: 2D motion design for company introductions, presentations, slideshows, media presentations for events …
  • REALISTIC VIRTUAL TECHNOLOGY: Shoot, edit and create effects for 360-degree videos. Light Wave owns the pioneering Virtual Reality Advertising service called VRad. Light Wave utilizes virtual reality technology, also known as 360 degrees, to create unique, effective and novel promotional videos. Suitable for promoting restaurants, cafes, fashion shops, real estate business, tourism, events, weddings, parties, birthdays, conferences … and other business areas that need Visual Advertising. VR technology allows customers to watch videos with a 360-degree overall view, along with appropriate descriptions, images and logos inserted into the 3D space in an artistic and creative way. All of these elements combined in 360-degree advertising videos will help attract customers to the business of users. 360 VR promotional videos can be uploaded to popular social networks like YouTube, Facebook … or used for websites or mobile apps. In addition, the finished video is also prioritized to perform on the Website, social networks (Google+, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumbler, Instagram, …) and Facebook fanpage owned by Light Wave.
  • Finally, Light Wave specializes in developing apps and games for the Android mobile operating system. With a team of talented and passionate developers, Light Wave always produces unique and new products.


Light Wave has been cooperating with many major advertising agencies and events such as Square, Biz-Eyes, Mekong Communication, Edge Asia, The Publik, Entrepreneur magazine, Sunrise Media, Chin Media, …

In 2017, Light Wave is proud to be one of the faces to attend this exciting event because it is a pioneer in providing VRad Virtual Reality Advertising in Vietnam during the Industrial Revolution 4.0 Event. including seminars and displays focusing on the brightest faces in Vietnam and Southeast Asia during the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Not only is it a place for leading entrepreneurs, investors and scholars to discuss the opportunities and challenges of all 4 types of border technologies for the startup ecosystem in Vietnam, the event is also an opportunity. Good for companies to showcase their products and services.

Over the years, Light Wave has been constantly making efforts to improve the service of idea and production of #TVC Advertising films and film to introduce businesses to customers with the principle of professional quality but affordable price. In 2018, in a big Samsung event for users to experience the latest technology QLED TV in a cinematic interior space that has just taken place in two major cities of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Light Wave and VRad are pleased to be in charge of producing 360 degree virtual reality VR media for the event. With effort and dedication, Light Wave team has used the most advanced Virtual Reality techniques available today to create spectacular, artistic and engaging 360-degree footage.



YEAR: 2016



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