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Lavite Co., Ltd. specializes in research, production and sales of products from herbs, medicinal herbs and tropical fruits. Lavite is currently the owner of two brands “Cordyceps Hector” and “Lavite”.

Cordyceps Hector is a brand of product lines with the main ingredient from cordyceps. Hector products are used as food, health support food … Hector is currently the first water-resistant cordyceps brand on the market.

Lavite is a brand of dried and fine powder products from herbs, herbs, fruits … Lavite is now a prestigious unit in supplying dried herbs such as: “bitter melon”, “leaf stalks”. bitter melon “,” dried mint “,” okra “… In addition, Lavite is also a unit specializing in exporting flexible dried dragon fruit to demanding markets around the world.

Lavite products are researched and developed in the direction of high quality, reasonable price and convenient for users. LAVITE’s factories and gardens are managed according to European standards. Lavite has a team of people specialized in Biotechnology, Food, Pharmacology and Traditional Medicine with years of experience and passion to give everyone the best quality products in accordance with Lavite’s core values. : “Passion – Integrity – Food safety – Business ethics”.


Lavite CO., LTD., founded in 2016 in HCMC, is specialized in researching, manufacturing and trading food and health foods from herbal and tropical fruit Vietnam. Lavite Co., Ltd. has an oriental brand in the herb Hector with many good products for health, delicious and handy. In addition, Lavite also specializes in exporting dried herbal fruit and seasoned fruits to many partners in the world.

With the motto of creating clean products, quality, suitable price, board of directors and the Unified associates directly control the process from research, input materials, cultivation, processing to distribution. This means that the challenges faced by the product are all in the process of testing and the cultivation of the lower eastern mushroom, including the biotechnology industry, requiring a lot of gray matter as well as capital investment.

Thanks to its long experience in the industry, Lavite CO., LTD. Has learned the scientific literature and decided to apply Japanese technology to the cultivation of the high-class oriental mushroom farming. However due to the environment, different climates should be after almost 2 years, it costs a lot of expenses for the work of the laboratory, the new company team created the standard process for the product. From the cultivation of a strawberry, it is used to feed the cocoon, and then use a golden neck cocoon with some other organic ingredients to be an implantation. Then the mushroom body is harvested and produced in finished products.

The dried fruit plate is also a challenge not small with the whole team. Lavite CO., LTD. Is the first unit to make Thanh long drying without sugar, additives and preservatives. Among the dried fruits, thanh long drying is a difficult math because dragon fruit, fibrous, surface flocculation should be dried out yet to be dry. The process of product marketing abroad is also experiencing many monitoring due to novelty products, customers do not have the habit of using.


  • Lavite has a passion fruit farm, a medicinal herb farm (bitter melon, mint, rubus …), a vegetable farm of export standards and a mulberry and silkworm raising farm in Dak Nong.
  • The system of clean fruit material zones stretches from Binh Thuan to Dong Nai, ready to supply to the factory to produce excellent dried fruit products.
  • Whether it’s a corporate farm or an affiliate garden, Lavite always aims at the motto of “sustainable agricultural production”, which is safe for users and traceable.


  • Lavite has a cordyceps breeding center in Phan Thiet city, with conditions established and controlled for optimal proliferation and quality of mycelium of medicinal mushrooms.
  • Plant for processing dried agricultural products and nutritious drinking water in Phan Thiet Industrial Park, Binh Thuan. Here, the engineers produced the dried fruit products and cordyceps drink.
  • The factory is designed to standards, strictly managed according to the management process of export food factory.


  • High Quality.
  • Produced in a closed process, from farm to factory.
  • Good price for consumers.
  • Serving handy needs.
  • Bring health and happiness to everyone.


  • An Duong Khang – Diabetes Supportive Treatment: An Duong Khang with breakthrough Oriental Medicine formula helps lower – stabilize blood sugar, reduce the risk of complications of diabetes. 100% natural extracts with 3 main ingredients: Cordyceps, bitter melon, okra.
  • Cordyceps Hector Dryer Sublimation: Cordyceps Hector dryer sublimation is a product cultivated by LAVITE CO., LTD in the direction of medicinal herbs, with the goal of pharmaceutical content and nutritional content diversity, high and balanced… This brings benefits to users as its safety and health efficiency when used. In addition, the product is manufactured in technological processes to ensure stability of quality.
  • Hector Cordyceps Dipping Cordyceps: Cordyceps soak in Hector honey is a handy product for users. The product contains 1gr of cordyceps in a 70gr bottle of honey, compact, handy to carry everywhere. Cordyceps is trusted by many people in the world for cancer patients, people who need to improve physiological problems, people with cardiovascular, liver, kidney …\
  • Hector Ginseng cordyceps water – increasing health, resistance and vigor: Cordyceps Hector Ginseng juice helps strong men, healthy older people. Ginseng Hector helps athletes increase strength, workers quickly recover. Ginseng Hector helps postpartum women increase lactation, energetic women. Ginseng Hector helps people to quickly detox, excellent liver protection. In particular, during the Covid-19 pandemic season, this is an effective product, is the last gland to help the body’s immune system fight the virus without causing hypersensitivity. Extremely safe and effective for your lungs. Ginseng Hector is a product trusted in the community of people who care and know how about health. Ginseng Hector is also used by doctors, pharmacists, scientists, businessmen, artists, athletes, etc.
  • Products rejuvenated quickly – Cordyceps Hector collagen: Cordyceps Hector collagen, products containing high levels of cordyceps, 5000 units of collagen pep from fish, fresh fruit juice content of C High and nourishing HA. Products under the talent of combining science and culinary arts, bring you products of fast rejuvenating drinking water, delicious taste, full of essence. Hector collagen cordyceps water – young, healthy, beautiful.
  • Hạ Khang Khang – Supportive Treatment for High Blood Pressure: Ha Khang Khang with a breakthrough Oriental Medicine formula supports the treatment of hypertension, reduces the complications caused by the disease, increases the durability of vascular walls and hypotension. 100% natural extracts with 3 main ingredients: Hoa Hoa, Bitter Melon, and Cordyceps.
  • Hector Recovery Capsules: HECTOR recovery capsules are a rehabilitation therapy used by 95% of patients. Extracted from natural ingredients, Hector effectively restores health from inside the body without causing any side effects.
  • Herbal sleeping pills – Tam An Khang: Herbal Sleeping Tablets – Tam An Khang with 100% natural herbs is used to support the treatment of insomnia, bring deep sleep and quality


  • Certification to ISO 22000, HACCP, Global Gap, FDA.
  • Hector cordyceps food brand of Lavite Co., Ltd. is one of the outstanding projects of the Vietnam Startup 2018 voting program organized by VnExpress Newspaper. In the presentation round to the Professional Council, this project received the attention of the judges.
  • The products are officially launched into the market through distributors and 30 retailers and agents with a growth rate of 150% per month. In October alone, the company achieved sales of 1 billion dong with 20,000 products to serve customers.
  • With this growth rate, Lavite is expected to reach million USD revenue after 2020. The company’s goal is to serve one million users with 10,000 domestic retail outlets by 2025.
  • Food brand from the oriental Herb Hector of Lavite CO., LTD. is one of the 25 prominent startups of the Vietnam Startup vote program 2018 by VnExpress, the product is produced closed from raw materials to finished products to ensure the process closed and quality to the consumer hands. Lavite always aims at the motto of “Sustainable agriculture production”, safety for the user and traceability of origin and origin.


YEAR: 2016


ADDRESS: 07 Khang An, Quận 9, TP HCM
TEL: +84 917 93 55 22 | +84 938 30 35 39
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