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KiotViet sales management software is developed by Citigo Software Joint Stock Company. After many years working in the field of software development for customers in Australia, France and the US and working with many experts in the retail sector, KiotViet aspires to bring technology to retail stores. In Vietnam, helping solve difficulties in the sales management process in a simple and easy way without spending too much.

KiotViet is a product of member of Vietnam Retail Association of AVR, recognized by Vietnam Association of Software and Information Technology Services VINASA in the field of software technology.



KiotViet helps create invoices and payments “in a snap”. All operations such as: MULTIPLE INVOICE, ORDER, RETURN, … are all performed in a sales interface of Vietnamese interface that is easy to understand, easy to use and can be used on fixed devices. or mobile phones such as phones, tablets, laptops. HIGHER PRODUCTIVITY INCREASING FROM 30-50% helps to bring in better revenue.

  • Easy-to-use Vietnamese interface: The interface is simple – it only takes 15 MINUTES to learn it and you can do it right away. Scan barcodes or search for products by codes, images, attributes, … quickly makes it easy to create invoices. The history of fashion sales transactions is also tracked in detail to facilitate the exchange / return of goods, reprint invoices, etc. In addition, on the sales screen, you can also SEARCH CUSTOMER INFORMATION by name or phone number – this is convenient for earning points, offers or applying promotions to each customer.
  • Consulting and selling at the same time: KiotViet sales software can integrate with mobile devices such as phones, tablets. Users can MEDIUM MOVING INTRODUCTION TO CUSTOMERS about products at the store, selling directly on mobile devices.
  • Hỗ trợ đặt hàng nhanh chóng: Khi khách muốn sở hữu sản phẩm nhưng chưa có thời gian qua cửa hàng, khách muốn đặt trước sản phẩm sẽ về trong đợt sau, người sử dụng KiotViet hoàn toàn đáp ứng được những nhu cầu đó thông qua TÍNH NĂNG ĐẶT HÀNG. KiotViet cho phép thực hiện nhiều đơn đặt hàng cùng lúc. Sự vượt trội này sẽ giúp người dùng có thêm công cụ để kiểm soát số lượng hàng đặt cũng như nắm bắt thị hiếu khách hàng của mình.
  • Multi-form payment: Customers can pay by one of the methods such as cash, bank transfer, card payment or can APPLY WITH MANY TIME FOR PAYMENTS. Sales staff is not worried because KiotViet fashion sales management software has an intelligent design to classify to avoid confusion, help payment operations quickly and accurately.


KiotViet software manages fashion goods with NO LIMITS OF QUANTITY, PROPERTY, COLOR, SIZE, MATERIAL, … which means that hundreds of thousands of products can be managed without worry. SIMPLE AND INTELLIGENT INTERFACE helps you find goods easily, update product information anytime, anywhere on multiple devices, helping you sell more effectively.

  • Easy to find product information: Products of fashion industry are diversified in models, types, suppliers … require a lot of information to be consulted for customers. KiotViet simply eliminates this problem: Simply ADDING DETAILED GOODS INFORMATION to each specific attribute such as color, size, material, similar products and choosing illustrations Details for products and goods will be sorted by specific categories. Therefore, users will EASY SEARCH for any product through a smart search engine. Just a few suggestions, KiotViet will show related products in search, saving your sales time.
  • Unlimited goods management: Store owners can manage thousands of different product codes, goods information is FULLY STORAGE UNLIMITED. In addition, KiotViet also supports the function of transferring product data directly from Excel to help the process of IMPORTING QUICKLY and be able to work simultaneously for many branches. Imported products can also be customized to adjust price and quantity depending on the time.
  • Update information instantly goods anytime, anywhere: Fashion and its trends are constantly changing rapidly with extremely diverse product lines, so capturing new models that are popular and selling in the immediate store is a common need. on duty. KiotViet can do this ONLY BY MOBILE DEVICES such as phones, tablets or laptops, can update new goods information, correct old goods information wherever you are.


Inventory is one of the biggest assets of the fashion store, but it is also a place where loss and loss are easily controlled due to tight control. Besides, shop owners also need to make the right decision for each import of goods to avoid the situation of unbalanced goods. KiotViet software takes the initiative in REMAINING INVENTORY INFORMATION, REDUCING LOSS RATE BY 30% thanks to the tracking numbers on the software. From there, the owner can give the right and timely orientation in his business activities.

  • Seizing goods in stock, adding goods in time: KiotViet helps to manage inventory of fashion inventory precisely to each specific item and detail in each branch, eliminating the endless worry about the pile-up products that cannot control the number such as the situation of the common stores. right. Users will actively know which products are selling well, the amount of inventory in stock to MAKE A DECISION OF IMPORT next time.
  • Adjusting inventory of fashion goods among branches: When users have more than one store and warehouse management at different branches causes trouble, or wants to transfer goods from one branch to another, arrange the appropriate quantity of goods. suitable for each location, at different times based on the actual needs of customers – All those jobs will be easily supported by KiotViet by extremely simple delivery. The sender and the receiver will be able to AUTHORIZE the amount of goods, minimize losses, and save time.
  • Easy periodic inventory: Periodic inventory is essential for fashion stores to avoid the loss of goods. With KiotViet software, users only need to walk around the storehouse or store, use the KiotViet application on mobile search or barcode scanner to conduct inventory operations, helping to minimize TIME, ENHANCING WORKING CAPACITY of employees. The actual amount of stock in the warehouse is also entered into the quick management system.


Good customer care is the key to success or failure of the store, especially for fashion. KiotViet supports MANAGEMENT OF INFORMATION AND CUSTOMER GROUP PH details. Users will quickly look up customer information through name or phone number, identify loyal customers to apply appropriate incentive policy.

  • Tracking customer information details: No longer having to flip through books to look up every word, KiotViet can Store DETAILED CUSTOMER INFORMATION by name, phone number, email, address, … in order to create a loyal customer, VIP customers to have the appropriate preferential policies. The simple and smart interface helps QUICKLY find customers’ information, earn points, apply discount to each group and serve quick bill payment.
  • Additional customer information: KiotViet makes it easy to UPDATE NEW CUSTOMER INFORMATION right on the sales invoice screen. All information provided by customers such as name, phone number, email, date of birth, etc. can be easily stored in KiotViet system.
  • Interact regularly with loyal customers: When KiotViet wants to notify customers of a new product or offers a special deal for customers on their birthdays, they will help build and manage contact lists for each purchase history.


Fashion is constantly changing according to trends, seasonally, so in this business, creating regular promotions, promotions, shock discounts is the fastest way to attract stores. KiotViet sales management software helps CREATE AND MANAGE EVERY PROMOTION PROGRAM in a snap without worrying about overlapping, applying time and scope according to your needs, from 8 basic forms of promotion that can be played developed into many attractive promotions and impress customers.

  • Create quick promotions: It only takes a few minutes to create and apply promotions for each item or group, flexible promotional value in units (pcs, sets; packages …); the specific amount (VND) or% (order value, gift value, accumulated points …). All information about promotional goods and promotional value are clearly shown on the invoice (except for accumulated points), which helps sellers and customers can easily check. Not only that, when the Return transaction has arisen, the promotional value applied to the customer will also be shown on the Return invoice, helping the owner or employee not to be confused when refunding to the customer.
  • Manage multiple promotions at the same time: From 8 basic forms of promotion, you can flexibly OPEN A LOT OF PROMOTIONS, such as: Golden Hour, Golden Day, End-of-Season Discharge, Cross-selling, Increasing the value of the menu, Buy 1 get 1 free, Get 1 Free Accumulated points, VIP customer preferences, .. Users can APPLY SEPARATE OR CONTRACT TIME, multiple forms of promotion at the same time.
  • Sync promotions for affiliates: When you want to deploy the promotion at the same time for all branches or only 1-2 branches in the store system, just set the promotion price for 1 branch to apply to all branches. BRANCH remaining. The promotions will be automatically synchronized to all stores.


KiotViet allows REMOTE MANAGEMENT: can access the reporting system from anywhere and anytime with just a mobile device in hand like a phone. The intuitive, vivid and easy-to-understand graphs will give a most comprehensive view of the entire transaction of the store, helping to timely handle arising situations, making accurate decisions when necessary.

  • View business reports wherever you are: NO NEED TO BE AT THE STORE, but all business activities ARE STILL IN THE CONTROL. KiotViet application of cloud computing technology allows data to be constantly updated. All information about sales revenue, transaction history can be viewed anywhere and anytime if desired. The intelligent filtering tool helps PROMOTION TO HARMFUL REVENUE by each branch and according to the desired time period.
  • Provide the numbers customers need: If you want to know the specific sales revenue to each day, purchase transaction history, sales of each employee or debt of each branch, KiotViet can provide users with the main REPORTING SYSTEM. corpse, vivid and easy to understand. The visual charts help you have a comprehensive view of the store, comparing operations between branches to make the right assessment in business operations.
  • Superior technology application: The application of KiotViet’s outstanding technology that has not been met by any cloud sales management software in Vietnam is allowing sales EVERYTHING WHEN INTERNET CONNECTION, ELECTRICITY, OR HOMEPAGE SERVER . With the most modern and advanced technology, KiotViet does not limit the amount of stored information and ensure the safety of all store data.


KiotViet sales management software is developed on the basis of cloud computing technology, data and information processing taking place entirely on the Internet. The server system is based on the standard DC system DAS / UK with ISO / IEC 27001: 2005 of NTT Japan in Vietnam and the backup system on Google Cloud ensures absolute reliability and security.

Shop owners can SELL GOODS WHEN INTERNET INTERRUPTION, the server has a problem, all sales information will be synchronized when the Internet connection works again.

  • Access anytime, anywhere: The superior technology also allows ACCESS TO THE SALE OF DATA ANYTIME ANYWHERE. Only with phones, tablets or laptops connected to the Internet. Users can easily manage & track all business activities: update selling prices, confirm sales orders, create promotions without being present at the store.
  • Customizable interface on all devices: Whatever access to KiotViet on almost any device such as tablet, phone, laptop, you can view the interface with the most full features. KiotViet was developed with HIGH VARIANCE, APPLICABLE TO EVERY DEVICE, even on small screens like phones you can still see the whole interface, creating a pleasant feeling for viewers.


KiotViet software integrates with most hardware devices such as computers, barcode readers, receipt printers, … Users can take advantage of available hardware devices in the store to save money. charge.

  • Basic equipment: No need to spend too much on investment, just a computer connected to the Internet can get started right away with sales management software KiotViet. NO INSTALLATION, just visit the store on KiotViet Website, with a few simple steps, users can start their business right away with the sales management software.
  • Use on mobile devices: With the superiority of sales software applying cloud computing technology, all fashion sales management activities can take place anytime, anywhere. Only with phones, tablets, … KiotViet software applications have developed POWERFUL on the platform of mobile devices to make management easier and more efficient.


Won Sao Khue Award 2015.



YEAR: 2014




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