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Kids UP is an early education application for children aged 2 – 7 years to activate the 2 brain hemispheres – develop thinking.


80% of the human brain is formed in the first 3 years of life, helping children “activate” many brain regions and develop thinking at this time is extremely important and necessary. 2 years old is the period when children begin to be able to cognitive and inference. This is the GOLDEN STAGE to develop thinking, premise for language, math, logic …, especially the foundation throughout the child’s cognitive process and later focus. Early education is meant to foster the qualities, thereby helping children to develop the crime of both intellectual and non-intellectual qualities (personality, will, personality, habits …).

Kids UP is a balance between right brain and left brain development exercises. Each exercise is built on the basis of science, applying the proven early education methods in the world and especially suitable for the psychology and development stage of children in the “GOLDEN” period.The left brain consists of logical exercises, mathematical thinking, finding rules, vocabulary and vocabulary.

The brain must consist of songs about imagination, memory, intuition, high speed information acquisition and musical perception.


Originating from the practical needs of modern society, 80% of the human brain is formed in the first 3 years of life, helping children “activate” many brain regions and develop thinking at this moment is extremely important. and necessary. Early education has the meaning of fostering qualities, thereby helping children to have outstanding development of both intellectual and non-intellectual qualities (personality, will, personality, habits …).


Many early education methods have been widely applied around the world such as Glenn Doman, Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Steam, textbooks of Shichida, Kumon … whatever method is used, the preparation of learning tools to build Interactive children’s games are very costly and time-consuming for parents, not to mention understanding the right method to apply for effectiveness. Responding to that need, the Kids UP development team has built a comprehensive set of 46 interactive age-appropriate interactive games to help children develop their minds and explore the world around them adequately. Enjoy through nearly 200 lessons with a variety of topics.


Kids UP Technology Vietnam Joint Stock Company was established in 2017 with its head office in Hanoi. The Kids Up app development team, formerly known as the Windows-Perfect Thumb application development team, won the first prize at Microsoft’s Continuum App Contest 2016 held by Microsoft in the US.

The idea of ​​developing this application comes from the family members of CEO Vuong Thanh Chung. As a father of two, he spends a lot of time learning early education methods for his children. He created flashcards and games to help him improve fine motor skills (the ability to control hands and fingers), allowing him to participate in early education classes such as Japanese Shichida, Montessori.

He also found that early education in Vietnam received a lot of attention from parents, but many people did not have time to explore deeply or remain skeptical about the benefits of this method. The centers are not many, only concentrated in some big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, very high tuition fees are also obstacles for many families. Meanwhile, smart technology devices such as phones, tablets, computers … are increasingly popular. Parents have a need for children to use technology equipment in a controlled and useful manner. Understanding that, Chung took advantage of the existing technology platform to address this need.

After one year of launching, the application has gradually affirmed its position as a reliable educational support product thanks to the quality of the program. Tens of thousands of parents still accompany Kids Up every day after only 6 months of launch.

Many private preschools have brought Kids Up into teaching through interactive boards and tablets, helping children not only become familiar with English, but also develop a holistic thinking.



Kids UP provides over 100,000 interesting learning activities that help children aged preschool, kindergarten and grade 1 equipped with solid knowledge of language (Vietnamese, English), math (numbers) counting, comparing, cubes, addition and subtraction, light weight, high low, fast slow, sequence of rules, time, location, classification), increasing imagination, intuition, memorizing images and absorbing information High speed news, music perception, enhanced concentration and ingenuity (fine motor).

Kids UP has built a system of scientific lessons with more than 1,000 thematic lessons, in consultation with local and international early childhood and early childhood education experts, designed with vivid visuals that will help children approach knowledge naturally and with interest. Each lesson lasts only 5 to 7 minutes, Kids UP is the first and only program that has a regime to control the learning time for children (after 10 minutes will warn the program to stop).


Referring to early education, it is impossible not to mention the method of exchanging Flashcards of Glenndoman. KidsUP provides parents with more than 1,000 free cards arranged by subject and can set the time to swap cards from 0.5 to 1 second according to Glenndoman standards. Thereby parents do not need skills to swap cards is still very easy to use without worrying about non-standard pronunciation, because the voice of the teachers are native speakers.


Babies are acquainted with the natural sounds of life, the basic notes through topic lessons and practice mode.

Integrating the instrument set with many preeminent features, A powerful tool to help her and her mother teach children to sing kindergarten lessons effectively and easily.

Summary of all popular songs for preschool children.

Supports a variety of sounds: Piano, Guitar, Xylophone, Flute, Harp, Glass harp, Bell, Musicbox

Rhythmic support: applause, drumming and tambourine


Every day your child gets acquainted with at least 2 new words in the theme, the game continuously revolves around this new word, creating an inevitable consequence that he memorized the new word in a very natural and exciting way. study pressure. Through new lessons, children review old words and learn 2 new words. Bathe regularly and acquire new words daily, your baby’s vocabulary will improve markedly.

KidsUP supports both English and Vietnamese languages ​​for children to choose to study.

With a huge pool of games to ensure your baby will never be bored, with KidsUP learning becomes fun, excited with new experiences waiting for him to discover


  • The cost of learning Kids Up is very cheap compared to the quality, just by a restaurant meal alone, your baby has a lifelong learning application from 2 -7 years old then parents.
  • Children are exposed to standard Montessori lessons, but the whole family does not need to spend too much money to send them to school, as well as not having to travel around when the school is too far away.
  • The application does not need to be connected to the internet to learn, especially Kids Up also SELVES itself when the child finishes the homework of the day. As such, parents no longer worry if the baby finishes studying and opens Youtube.


Launched in December 2017, KidsUP now has nearly 100,000 users in 63 cities and provinces with thousands of 4.7-star reviews on app stores.

Kidup has also received an evaluation certificate from the Institute of Technology & Educational Development – Certification of the KidsUP application to develop thinking for preschool children.

Ensure education, aesthetics, pedagogy, suitable for preschool age, Meet the requirements and contents of preschool education.

In July, 2018, Kids Up also surpassed thousands of startup projects, one of the 60 best products of Startup Wheel 2018, and also appeared in the list of top 25 Vietnamese Startup Programs 2018 organized by VnExpress.

In 2019, Kidsup was also honored to be included in the top 10/1800 Startup Wheel start-up projects of the Center for Youth Supporting Startups under the auspices of Project Office 844 – Ministry of Science and Technology, in collaboration with the Association. Young businessman TP. Ho Chi Minh