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iPub.vn (a publishing project under Alpha Books) was established in 2019, with the slogan “One click. All content. “- is the first publishing support and connection platform in Vietnam. Has entered the top 60 of the STARTUP WHEEL startup competition in 2019.


With this platform, the publishers and publishers will easily find potential authors and writers that the unit is in need; capture market trends and readers’ needs; from there, choose to develop products to meet what readers need. In addition, iPub allows authors to publicize their ideas and plans about their book, helping the author to reach many readers as well as publishing units.

IPub e-publishing platform will optimize the time, publishing process, and bring the author’s manuscript to readers in the fastest way. In the past, a work wanted to be published must go through the following steps: sending manuscript to the publisher for design, publishing, editing, editing, applying for a license and then to the printer, distributor and finally the readers. But with Ipub, the author just needs to put the manuscript on the Ipub application and from there it will be delivered to readers. Ipub will perform the steps such as demo page layout, demo cover, editing, editing … to help the author proactively in publishing.At the same time, this application also creates a playground connecting the reading community and the writing community, where authors have a space to share knowledge and readers can find content and values suitable for the version. 


IPub’s original mission to become the leading online publishing channel for the Vietnamese author community at home and abroad, iPub has received the support and companionship of many new authors and young authors. early access to the publishing industry.


With the aim of helping to shorten the publishing process and make publishing costs transparent, an enterprise has just launched ipub.vn, the first electronic publishing technology platform in Vietnam. The creators of ipub expect this to be a support tool to connect electronic publishing activities; simplify and transparent publishing processes; skip intermediate steps, and bring work to readers quickly.

Specifically, if the writer wants to publish a book, the writer can use the ipub platform to actively introduce his project and be supported to apply for a license to publish the work in the form of printed books or e-books. The platform also provides tools for authors to design covers and layouts themselves; estimate the actual cost to be spent; measuring the number of people who order books; and track sales and profits on each book. Accordingly, all stages of bringing a written work to market (including publisher, printer, warehouse, bookstore / distributor) are integrated into iPub, and through iPub, the work will be go straight to the reader. The company Living – the owner of ipub affirmed that this platform will help save production time and publish up to 50% compared to traditional publishing forms.



According to the traditional method, the author sends manuscripts to the publishers (Publisher) or publishers, it can take about 30 days to receive evaluation and feedback. Then the printing process, released about 60 days. As for the iPub platform, all works are posted, as long as the content does not violate the law, the work will be publicized to readers within 72 hours.

Representatives of Living Company said that the author does not need to have a complete manuscript, just have an idea, or a plan for a book with a certain topic, without violating the law and copyright, when There, the idea – the manuscript will be posted on iPub.vn. In addition to posting, iPub is also a place to support the communication of ideas – manuscripts to help authors raise capital. If readers feel interested in the idea – the manuscript will put money in advance, contributing to the publication of the work. In case the author cannot complete the work as scheduled, iPub will refund 100% of the deposit to the reader.

When the project is successful, the author will have to split the revenue with iPub. It is estimated that, if publishing and selling an ebook of about 50,000 words long for 1,000 readers, the writer will earn 3-11 million VND, depending on the number of support services (editing, cover design, page layout , PR / Marketing…) used. “For authors with financial means, they can publish their own books at a cost. The iPub platform helps authors calculate costs at the closest level to reality.

And so, this idea is not only for the publisher or the publisher to decide in terms of feasibility or not but by the community of readers to decide if this is a topic to read, want this book out. life or not. This will be a decision of the community on what “I” can read in the coming time “, said a representative of Living Company. So basically, iPub.vn is like an idea exchange, the authors post their ideas, if any ideas are feasible, there will be two forms of publishing: ebook and paper book, depending on the needs of the author.

With respect to the possible ideas, the author has complete right to decide which publisher and publisher he wants to cooperate with. iPub provides iWriter writing platform, writing competitions, and writing courses organized continuously, facilitating writing skills of writers in iPub community. IPub is designed primarily towards new authors and currently, the platform is free to use. Currently, iPub has been approved by three publishers (Education, Media, and Environmental Resources) to license ebook publishing.

In the context of the crisis in the early third decade of the 21st century, iPub wants to bring readers specific reports/information on crisis solutions for businesses and individuals; Modern medical knowledge publications/ebooks/books, health books, books about “survival” at work, and crisis psychology … Besides, iPub also calls on the community of authors Vietnamese and Vietnamese readers at home and abroad will continue to accompany us, sharing useful information, meaningful stories … about overcoming the crisis, health nutrition in epidemic seasons, skills work effectively in economic and social upheavals …


Born in March 2019 with the mission of developing together with Vietnamese authors and receiving the enthusiastic support of Vietnamese authors at home and abroad, iPub 2.0 returns with the next appropriate mission. and embrace the times – the mission to become a useful online knowledge channel where iPub can bring you the most modern knowledge and you – the authors who have accompanied iPub can join hands to create this meaningful product.

After a year of operation, along with the general development of the society as well as the development of the iPub author community, iPub continues to develop the second phase of the project – with the community of its authors. iPub 2.0 – The most updated and most useful electronic knowledge channel for the reading community.

During the outbreak of COVID-19 around the world, iPub has come into play by providing readers with lots of useful information for free to help people have more knowledge about healthcare. healthy as well as calm before the epidemic. With nearly 100 ebooks and 500 documents covering topics such as: Latest medical information; Season diary; Information on healthcare, disease prevention; Skills to help live and succeed in the workplace; Experience of coping and overcoming difficulties in times of crisis for business organizations … In addition to free materials, iPub also provides 200 ebooks (updated continuously with a fee) so that people in need can access to more in-depth materials.