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iNut is a firmware (firmware) for ESP8266 device that helps connect devices to the Internet. iNut is not tied to hardware. Instead, it allows users to connect sensor systems, lights, pumps, rolling doors, water heaters, … to the Internet with a lot of options.

As before, solution developers must invest their time in researching and operating an IoT platform of their own. This is risky because the number of devices increases rapidly and there is no experience in extending the model, resulting in a flicker of the entire system and does not bring a good customer experience.

With iNut platform, solution providers don’t need to worry about the universal connectivity platform, they just focus on delivering the solution to end users.

iNut offers a completely different approach in the IoT industry, shortening the time to make an IoT project from 6 months to 1 week and above all extremely easy. From there, developers with creative ideas can easily bring their IoT ideas to customers, into real life quickly.

INut’s solution also focuses on end users. As before, solutions to connect everything are often brought down by end-users in electronics, ICT and industry. But the end user is the one who really knows what they need and what they need to do to improve their production process.

The iNut Platform provides end users with QR codes to help them bring their owned devices in conjunction with software vendors. Just scan the QR code and the device will be “added brain” immediately. It’s like the Sign in via Facebook button, here it is Connect device via iNut.

Although not technologically savvy, end users can easily do so by following the examples available. For example, a farmer who does not know about programming will have the drag and drop blocks available to developers. From there understand the problem logic and gradually improve and digitize your farming process. The programmer can be a college student or even a high school student who has math logic experiences in school.



  • YOU DON’T NEED TO DEVELOP AN IOT ALONE: Nowadays, the Internet of Things (IOT) industry has not yet created an easy path for developers of things to connect to business, manufacturing. But that’s just the past until the Inut Platform is born.
  • DIFFICULTIES : The majority of IoT projects are now focused on application development and forgetting that core is the stability and price of an IoT device node. Large industrial corporations with a team of engineers and programmers will build their own group of an IoT Platform. However, with medium and small businesses, or for you to enjoy self-study creativity (DIY), this is a very difficult math. Because:Interacting with realtime data is difficult.
    • The cost of investment server, research, operating costs, very large testing but then costs constantly increasing.
    • There is no experience in extending the width (scale out) when the number of large devices (several tens, several hundred,…).
    • It’s hard to store big data.
    • The devices are hacked, life expectancy is short and poorly functioning in a flickering WiFi environment.
    • The program interface is bundled and when you want to extend to different objects, or to different apps, meet the tar pit.


iNut started and officially formed with 3 founding members including Doan Vinh Phu, Ngo Huynh Ngoc Khanh and Truong Trong Than. Going into the startup path, especially for those who choose technology, the difficulties seem to be untold. From the industrial design of the product is not beautiful, eye-catching, the product is still simple and does not meet the diverse needs of customers, no packaging, the app is still slow, not optimal … for to having too many things to do when the staff is too thin or a very basic difficulty is the family’s expectation and financial pressure …

However, with difficulties and obstacles are new opportunities. iNut always revolves around the principles of consistency as all must bring the best benefits to customers, companions, unite together and do not give up. In addition, the timely support and assistance of colleagues, friends, business incubators for the project team to complete the product … iNut’s roadmap is the days of expectation, the pulling pressure. long, then try again, expect again, pressurize, try again … However, the results look back as well to encourage the whole group with the roads that have gone through:

  • In November 2017, iNut was proposed as a smart wifi switch device.
  • In December 2017, a prototype of a switch for control via local wifi was completed.
  • In January 2018, removed iNut’s signature and became iNut.
  • In April 2018, completed a prototype of a controller with a switch over the internet with a two-key Preshare key security mechanism.
  • In August, 2018, iNut Platform was completed and integrated 3 keys, in which tokens by users can actively change and recommend QRCode standards for integration.
  • In October 2018, iNut-Node-RED-Kickstarter was launched to test drag-and-drop programming.
  • In December 2018, iNut-Node-RED-IDE was launched to deploy drag and drop programming with only QR Code.


The iNut interconnected ecosystem is made up of many technological crystals, both in terms of hardware, software and communication networks. In particular, among them is the inclusion of drag-and-drop programming model in IoT programming. Instead of tens of thousands of lines of code and countless complex algorithms, iNut has made IoT programming simple into blocks, and the developers’ job now is to simply drag and drop the blocks. is available in the logical order you want. Since then, there have been established IoT monitoring and control interfaces very quickly.

In addition, security is also one of the decisive factors for customers to choose iNut as an infrastructure for their IoT projects. With security technology layered 3 layers of key, in which, the main and most important key is on the device of the customer. And it is only the customer who has the right to dispose and control it. Even iNut team will not be able to access if customers do not allow. It is a premise for the project team to confidently work with companies, businesses, enterprises and factories in Vietnam with edge computing IoT solutions – to help customers secure all their data right in the network. internal, which is not accessible to any 3rd party. This is one of the competitive advantages that the market does not have any similar solution.

The security story is one of the problems that causes all businesses to do IoT, not only iNut, and it is also a huge obstacle that makes IoT not really widely applied in Vietnam. Male. The iNut team, when embarking on security technology, was inspired by Apple’s security story with the iPhone, iPad, and Macbook lines. Since then, iNut is determined to find and build a security technology so that all benefits focus on customers and end users so that they can fully decide with IoT devices.

All of these have helped reduce at least 30% of the cost of each IoT project (compared to the customer build their own IoT infrastructure). Help reduce the effort and effort spent doing everything in IoT, and with iNut, developers only need to focus on designing and building IoT smart applications. Besides, the project completion time is shortened to 2-3 months (compared to 6 months – 12 months as before). It also ensures stability and can expand many other features in the future.


  • The special prize of the Smart – Binh Duong City Building Initiative Contest 2018 – Binh Duong People’s Committee in collaboration with the World Science City Association (WTA) and Daejeon City (South Korea) organized.
  • Vietnam Talent Award 2018 in the field of Information Technology.
  • First prize in the contest Entrepreneurship – Management Potential Club of University of Economics and Law in Ho Chi Minh City.
  • The first prize of Phu Yen Entrepreneurial Ideas Contest 2018
  • Second prize in the IoT STARTUP 2018 – High Tech Business Incubator (SHTP-IC – Saigon Hi-Tech Park Incubation Center)
  • At present, the project of “smart button” has more than 600 products sold to the market.



YEAR: 2018


INDUSTRY: Technology

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ADDRESS: 161 Trường Chinh, P7, TP. Tuy Hòa, Phú Yên

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