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Unit 12.09 Golden King Tower, 15 Nguyễn Lương Bằng, Quận 7, Tp. Hồ Chí Minh

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I SHINE is the cleaning and maintenance service for Shoes, bags, cars and motorbikes. Just a few simple steps on the website www.ishine.asia to book an appointment. I SHINE staff will come according to an appointment to process the order on site (car and motorbike service) or bring it to the workshop for processing (Footwear and bag service) then return it after 24H All operating procedures are managed and operated on the basis of technology developed by I SHINE.


100% of I SHINE’s customers set up service usage history through the website www.ishine.asia, so I SHINE does not go in the direction of opening a chain of stores. In contrast, I SHINE focuses on investing in operating technology platforms. Since then, it is optimal in terms of costs, minimizes risks, and is easily scalable if it meets market demand.


Brand Trust: Generation Z (Born from 1997 onwards) gradually owns more and more shoes and handbags, which are worth from 8 million to 60 million. They cannot be trusted to bring these valuable shoes to dry cleaners, as there are no brands in the dry cleaning business that are leading the market and making a brand mark. Moreover, leather shoes and bags, if they do not know how to clean, will lose their color, yellow, … Therefore, they really want a reputable place to take care of.

Convenience: The dry cleaning shops in the past have always been in the direction of developing Pickup Points. This model is gradually outdated when generation Z in Vietnam is too familiar with delivery services such as Grab, Goviet, Tiki … And Generation Z does not want to go out in the middle of hot weather or wet rain. They want a cleaning service and take care of shoes and bags that can be delivered to their home.

Punctuality and Fast: Generation Z is the generation that is particularly fastidious in using the service. Previous delivery services did not have a commitment to exact delivery times, so the non-refundable rate increased and customers were also annoyed with not knowing when to receive the goods and waiting long for the department. Organic products. Therefore, they are willing to change to a service that can deliver the fastest and on time with the time they want.


  • I SHINE provides an optimal website platform in terms of user interface and experience so that customers can order services with a few simple steps. I SHINE staff will arrive at the customer’s meeting place on time and process the order on site (Car, Motorbike Service) or bring it to the workshop (Shoes, bags …) for processing, then return it after 24h. All I SHINE processes are applied with technology in operation, giving customers an optimal experience.
  • The client chooses a time for the appointment. The time frames that customers have appointments and staff with full schedules will not let customers choose any more. From there, it is possible to optimize personnel costs, and experience the best service with customers.
  • After booking, customers are invited to share about products and services to get a discount on the bill. This is a Referral Marketing I SHINE channel that is very effective and achieves rapid user growth.
  • I SHINE has its own logistics team, each of I SHINE’s freight forwarders is compared to a mobile store when there are more than 15,000 advertisements on the street every day.


  • Tech Platform: I SHINE is very focused on developing its own platform. Technology plays a huge role in helping I SHINE save up to 50% in personnel and office costs.
  • 100% of I SHINE’s customers book their schedules through the web, so I SHINE don’t have to invest in space and Decorations investment. Therefore, the expansion speed of I SHINE is extremely fast due to the low investment cost of infrastructure. Risks for low operating costs. Avoid losing orders.
  • I SHINE has 4 outstanding competitive advantages including: Good Quality, Cheap Price, Fast Time, Punctuality.