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House 3D is a technology project launching a 3D graphic design to exploit for essential human activities in housing and shopping fields. With many knowledge of 3D and VR technology, startups quickly achieve many successes in the Vietnamese market.


House 3D designed a commercial experience with 3D/VR and became an important trend in modern architecture design. This is an design method based on real experience and the achievements of 3D / VR technology.

According to statistics, only 1% of people has live in a house designed by an expert. Nearly 99% of the rest live in houses built with experience rather than designed according to the needs of the homeowners. The biggest goal of the House 3D platform is to change this number so that more and more people can live in spaces designed to their own interests and needs.

This project applied the philosophy of Platform Revolution and created a connecting between supply and demand. In other words, House 3D is like an Uber platform which is used in interior design.

With a breakthrough strategic thinking and an excellent workforce, House 3D believes that it will bring a revolution to overturn the traditional design model and shopping habits in the field of Housing and Interior.


Based on the achievements of 3D technology and virtual reality, VR Showroom is a feature researched by House3D based on its experience design platform. This feature allows interior consumers to experience the product in real life while designers do the design work, thanks to Cloud Rendering technology with outstanding speed.

House3D also supports direct connection of material supplies, construction units and product pricing information from the local market to the system to create the most authentic experience in the commercial sense. Suppliers can update the construction materials samples and prices by themselves on the data warehouse then users can use them to design and estimate construction costs. This diverse interior data warehouse of up to half a million samples combined with the high-speed rendering capabilities of House3D will contribute to reshaping the concept of interior design in the Vietnamese market.

On the other hand, with the advantage of being the first experience design platform of the whole Southeast Asia and developed by a pure Vietnamese company, House3D promises to bring a new direction for the development of the furniture market. Vietnamese furniture.

House 3D was born to promote the value of society. It is not about building a house, it is about creating a society with the perfect Digital Platform. Home 3D creates a free diversity environment for both manufacturers and consumers.

With its integrated features, the Project has many benefits for many comparny. With the expert in architects it is possible to design a house at a speed 10 to 50 times faster. Furniture manufacturers will have a more efficient sales channel, a tool to support automated production and sales faster. In addition, consumers can alsoable to participate in the design of their homes, experience their living space through 3D virtual reality software, know the exact price and finishing time. “My ambition in designing the House3D platform is for more and more people to live in the space designed by themselves” – Mr. Nguyen shared.



The explosion of the 4.0 revolution that is happening globally has a direct and strong impact on the field of commercial business. Facing with the situation that must be changed in accordance with the business trend in the new era, many businesses, especially enterprises producing construction materials, have actively accelerated to catch up with new trends, which is improvement. , launching new product lines, applying advanced and advanced technology solutions to compete in the market.

In fact, the way of trading construction materials in Vietnam market mainly through the form of sale through the system of companies and agents (F1). Next, these companies and agents continue to distribute products to retail stores of construction materials (F2). This is a quite important business form and plays a huge role in increasing revenue and competitiveness of businesses.

However, over time and the development of the market, this form also gradually reveals the limitations that are, only in favor of the seller or the buyer, but have not paid much attention to retail customers; Many enterprises producing construction materials have not focused on building and promoting brands, making customers not know much about product brands, most of which only choose according to the feelings or orientation of the retailer.

Not to mention the cost of renting, displaying space, loading and unloading costs, transportation and warehousing are more expensive than other products … Therefore, this traditional business model is considered no longer advantage. In this day and age, making construction materials enterprises “speed up” with technology problems, seeking to apply technology platforms to production, transportation, control and use of new materials to increase competitiveness. .

In recent years, many large manufacturers of construction materials in Vietnam have invested in research and application of modern and advanced technologies in the world to produce and produce high-class and environmentally friendly construction materials such as Granite tiles, ALC panel, unburnt bricks, energy-saving glass …

Recently, Viglacera Corporation – JSC also “launched” the application of 3D / VR technology (virtual reality) based on the experience design platform of House3D at Viglacera Showroom. This feature helps interior architects and consumers experience the product on the spot, thanks to Cloud Rendering technology with outstanding speed. With a library of Viglacera’s building materials products, including toilets, washbasins, showers, tiles, etc., will bring a variety of choices for customers’ homes. Users not only feel like living in their own future space, but also visualize exactly each home design so that it can be promptly changed to suit the space, personal preferences, creating Perfect synchronization for the house.


The idea of House3d came in 2016, In this year, Bui Sy Nguyen – The founder of House3d had many business trips all over the world. He saw the opportunities of 3D/VR/AR technology and then he decide to run the project.

In the middle of 2017, after finish demo strategy, Bui Sy Nguyen convinced another co-founder to invest millions of dollars in the project.

After nearly 1 year of hard working, In April, 2018 House 3D launched the first closed beta. The live stream show introduced by founder Bui Sy Nguyen’s Facebook attracted nearly 20,000 views and more than 3,000 architects across the country participated.

Also in 2018, on June 30, House 3D released Beta 1 Beta Version, allowing more than 2000 users to register to use and experience.

On August 31, 2018, after 3 Beta versions, House 3D officially released the Commercial Version 1.0 of the House 3D platform.


Up to December 2019, House 3D has reached 27,000 users including more than 5000 people who are professional architects and interior designers. With the participation of over 200 suppliers of furniture and materials, accessories across the country.

The project has also received an award in the Engineering Of The Year category of the Ashui Awards 2018 – The annual award system of the construction industry.

Sharing the goal in the near future, CEO of House 3D said: “The immediate plan is to quickly develop the product and release it to market for more than 650 million people of Southeast Asia. This market share each year has tens of billions of dollars for furniture consumption. After that, House 3D will spill over into Asia and in the future, we can dominate the global market.”


House3D Hanoi

  • 096 690 0786
  • Level 4, Autumn Tower, Gold Season, No 47 Nguyen Tuan street, Ha Noi, VietNam

House3D Saigon

  • +84932677773
  • No 27A Hoang Viet street, Tan Binh district

House3D Malaysia

  • +60162179845
  • [email protected]
  • 22-3 jalan C180/1, Dataran C180, 43200 Cheras, Selangorl, Malaysia