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Hachium Joint Stock Company was officially established on July 11, 2017 and the main field of activity is education. The establishment of the company has contributed to promoting the development of education in our country.


Hachium is a specialized unit providing online teaching website creation platforms for individual customers, teachers, trainers, training centers, schools, … With only 10 minutes, customers have I can set up my own online teaching website without having to worry about technology.

With the optimization and convenience provided, after only 3 years of establishment Hachium has more than 3,000 customers and more than 115,000 registered students.


The goal of Hachium was to be able to provide a platform for creating an online teaching website that is fast, simple, and ensures the quality and necessary functions.

Hachium’s leadership team is clearly aware that education is a key factor for the country’s development and future. Especially, with the current development of technology, the forms of online teaching and selling online courses are in high demand. Therefore, the introduction of a simple, multi-functional website creation platform will definitely receive the response of a large number of customers.

Carrying on the mission of promoting the education of the developer’s country, becoming an address and a platform to create a reliable online teaching website, Hachium is constantly improving the quality of its services every day.


  • Learning Management (LMS): Manage courses, learners, learning progress, assessments and tests with ease.
  • Business course: Selling knowledge and selling courses online has never been easier.
  • Privacy learning content: Hachium technology helps keep your lessons secure from being downloaded and copied.
  • Improve the quality of teaching and learning: The user can easily manage courses, list of students, question bank and even tests and assessments through a very user-friendly and easy-to-use software interface. From there you can create more value for your students.
  • Check: The automatic scoring and synthesis system makes it easy for both students and teachers to track and evaluate the results
  • Own a teaching style website: The users does not need to know programming but can still adjust the interface as you like, allowing students to pay online or transfer. Moreover, you will manage sales in a transparent and clear way.
  • Convenient payment: Built-in all popular payment methods in Vietnam such as bank transfer, phone scratch card, Internet Banking, Visa credit card, Mastercard.
  • Revenue management: Transparency and clarity of revenue tracking by date, by trainee and by course


Coming to Hachium, customers can easily create their own online teaching websites. Currently on the market, there are thousands of websites built on the Hachium platform with the participation of a huge number of students.

It can be said that, today, Hachium Corporation is a familiar and trusted name for those who want to own a professional online teaching website. Whether you know the technology or not, when you come to Hachium, you can do the best job teaching and selling courses.