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Founded in 2015, Gcalls is a technology startup that desires to create a world where technology serves human beings but not replaces human beings as believed. We provide integrated call solutions where our web-based and mobile applications completely change the way agent staff make and receive calls. Our solutions allow companies to easily and conveniently set up their cloud call center within 30 minutes without investment in cumbersome physical devices.


Gcalls was born with the mission of connecting and globalizing local businesses as well as creating a creative and responsible labor generation at the same time. With the vision “Become a side-kit supporter for businesses to set up a call system in Asia-Pacific, Gcalls was invested by Telstra – the Australian leading Telecommunication and Media Corporation in the first year and several investors thereafter.


Intelligent web-based application for call center agents and managers

  • Easy monitoring for bussiness managers
    • Able to centrally manage all incoming and outgoing calls to and from your business’s number.
    • Vizualized reports, detailed call history and call recordings allow managers to assess each member’s work quality.
    • Easily keep track and observe agents’ call and interaction activities relating to a contact.
    • Flexibly increase or reduce the system scale thanks to the independence on physical infrastructure.
  • OUTSTANDING FEATURES: With Gcalls, staff members can take care of customers anytim and anywhere. Only with an Internet-connected device, the team can use their company’s number to make or receive calls from customers. User-friendly interface with call history, customer information, and customer interaction history centralized in one place, making it easy for employees to manage and manipulate. Teams can save a lot of time per call and on managing information about interaction activities with customers. Thanks to the application’s high ability to integrate with application with CRM or Helpdesk for data synchronization, customer care becomes more convenient and easier than ever before.



  • International DID numbers
    • With numbers in more than 60 countries worldwide, Gridtel helps your business immediately present and ready to reach customers everywhere. You can easily expand to new areas and markets with minimal costs and investments.
    • Your call center team in Vietnam and overseas customers can easily communicate with each other on phone but call charges still follow local rates. Does your business use numbers of several different countries? No problem, the system will automatically use the correct local number when you make a call.
    • Gridtel allows you to actively set up and change call flows anytime according to your operating model: office hours, interactive voice recording (IVR) with Text to Speech technology, call forwarding to personal phone numbers, other departments or voice messages.
    • With a friendly interface, you can easily manipulate on the admin page without technical expertise.
  • EASY MANAGEMENT: Unlike traditional call solutions, our smart solution not only helps the agents to take better care of customers but also provides information for managers to manage call history, listen to the recordings for staff evaluation.
  • REAL-TIME REPORT: Not only able to manage call history and recordings, managers can also monitor the system through the administration page with real-time general data as well as evaluation indicators for each agent.
  • Using information about the number of calls waiting in queue at that time, the number of unconnected calls, the agent status, the pick-up or missed-call rate, you can make the right decisions, allocate agents more reasonable as well as have solutions to improve agent performance and your business’s service quality.


    • With just a few steps, you can import your business’ existing data from your computer to the application within 5 minutes, getting the data ready for the team to start the calling campaign.
    • Data is centrally managed on the application. Managers do not need to print out data or split into several files to allocate to each employee.
    • With the feature “Contact Group” and “Assign contacts to members” of Gcalls, you can divide contacts for employees right on the data file. After importing the data file into the application, all customer contacts will automatically be put into the right group and allocated to corresponding agents.
    • In particular, each employee will manage his or her own customer list and is not allowed to see and manipulate colleagues’ data. This helps to protect information between employees. Of course, managers with the Admin role will see all the information.
    • In many industries, businesses pay special attention to the protection of corporate data even against their employees, with the view to avoiding data loss when employees leave. With a normal landline solution, you definitely cannot do this.
    • Gcalls allows managers to hide phone numbers from a specific agnet. Not seeing phone numbers does not affect the operation of making/receiving calls and the information needed for customer support at all, thanks to the Click-to-Call and the Smart Contact feature of Gcalls.
    • Imagine that in a morning, you open a list you need to call that day, your device is ready and you start calling. The first call is a “Busy” one. The second “No answer”. The fifth “No Subscription”. The 10th round “The phone number is invalid”. You spend a lot of time on unconnected calls, affecting your mood at that time.
    • With our “Auto Dialer” feature, you don’t have to waste your time. Gcalls will automatically call out to the numbers in the list for you. Once a call is answered, Gcalls will connect back to you to start the conversation. For phone numbers that are dialed repeatedly but never connected, Gcalls will list them as contacts your company no longer needs to take care.
  • EASY MANAGEMENT: Unlike traditional phone solution, this smart call solution not only helps agents take better care of customers and sell, but also provides managers with information to manage and evaluate the Telesales, Telemarketing or Telesurvey teams.


  • Click-to-call: Do students and parents need in-depth counseling calls instead of time-consuming and tasteless chat lines? There is a Click-to-call button, integrated right on the website interface and many other social networking platforms, providing students and parents with a free call center.
  • System management: Recording every call makes it easy for employees to remember information, helping managers assess the quality of service. Statistical reports help measure the performance of employees
  • A unique prefix: Forget about managing too many hotlines for each branch. Just a number for the whole center is enough. Easy to manage, easy to use. More convenient, more focused.
  • SIMPLE SETTINGS: It takes only a few steps on the computer to set up a professional communication software within 30 minutes. Software applications of modern cloud technology help reduce 90% of investment, operation, maintenance and repair costs
    • Telemarketers can make and receive calls anytime and anywhere, just need a computer with internet connection or a phone to support students and parents.
    • The center can reduce or increase the number of extensions very quickly according to the needs of the market.
  • EASY MANAGEMENT: Unlike traditional communications, this smart call solution not only helps telemarketers to take better care of customers, but also provides managers with information resources to manage voice costs and increase labor productivity. of the operator


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