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FundStart is a crowdfunding platform, created as a bridge between the community and creative projects from all different fields: Film, music, art, design, games, electronics, technology … FundStart’s mission is to help you – those who have great ideas – make dreams come true with capital from the community.


Founded in 2015, is a fundraising platform created as a bridge between the community and creative projects. FundStart’s mission is to help you – those who have great ideas – make dreams come true with capital from the community.

Projects come to FundStart from all different fields: Cinema, music, art, design, games, electronics, technology … The project owner shares ideas with FundStart. The community loves it, they will donate the money until the project reaches its goal and on time.

FundStart wishes to bring the world more interesting and better through creative projects and successful startups thanks to the advice of the founders of FundStart.FundStart operates on a rewarded crowdfunding model. The project owner shares ideas with FundStart. The favorite community will donate money through FundStart’s system within a certain period of time. If the fundraising campaign is successful, the project owner must ensure the rights of the capital backer and give them gifts according to the commitments posted on the fundraising platform and the contract signed with the fundraising platform. If the project fails, the funds are returned to the backer

Benefit: Compared to raising capital from venture capital funds or bank loans, crowdfunding is easier and less risky; Because this method allows a large number of investors to participate, each person only spends a small amount. This is also a good opportunity for startups to conduct market research and research. The crowdfunding community will help you assess the needs of your company’s products or services. A good idea but not well received is a sign that the market has no need for this product or service and vice versa. Besides, the capital contributors themselves will become free marketers for your products; and can become potential customers in the future. Because when they are willing to invest money, they have a certain confidence in the project you are working on.


Calling community capital is not really a new concept in the world. It has existed for over 10 years now. In short, this is a form of funding for a project or joint venture by increasing donations from a large number of people; usually via the internet. In particular, the three factors that make up this model are: the initiator of the project and / or the funded project; individuals or groups who support this idea; and an “environment” (platform) that brings together parties to launch ideas.

The cost of making a call depends on the website platform. For Fundstart of Vietnam, after the project is approved and signed a contract; The project owner will make a deposit of VND 2 million. When the campaign is over; Fundstart will refund the deposit after deducting the contract fee (if any). If the crowdfunding project is successful, Fundstart charges a service fee of 4.5% -8% of the total raised value and a bank transaction fee. If it fails, the project owner only has to pay transaction fees and bank account; There is no service charge from Fundstart.

When working with FundStart, projects must go through our appraisal, including:

  • Verify information about the project owner and the company,
  • Verify information about the project and sample products (if there is a specific product)
  • Evaluate business plans and capital use plans.
  • Evaluation of structure and plan of reward payment for capital contributors.

Through the appraisal stages, all projects must be signed a legal contract between FundStart and the project owner before being published on FundStart.


  • Consulting crowdfunding: Providing support services and consulting for crowdfunding campaigns in Vietnam: Planning, PR & Marketing, ….Funstart provide all crowdfunding’s Advisory Services that lead your crowdfunding campaign to be succeed, including: Planning, PR & Marketing, etc.
  • Consulting on businesses and creative projects, helping organizations achieve their goals and solve existing problems.Funstart aim to help you solve problems and accomplish your targets efficiently:
    • Seasonality and all the operating pains that go with it including staffing, cash flow, on and off season capacity of owners to market
      PR & Marketing Consulting;
    • Complexity in dealing with public land agencies and the often results increased on growth and profitability;
    • Pricing competitively but profit oriented in saturated competitive markets;
    • Attraction, retention and development of good people
  • Consulting and implementing PR & Marketing activities : Managing events; Press relations; Communication and Marketing Strategy.

We provide PR & Communications services to help your company and projects achieve goals: Event Management; Media Relations; Marketing & Communication Strategy.


Crowdfunding is a form of raising money through small personal contributions from the majority and is done primarily over the Internet. In particular, the fundraising platform (a website that collects projects that need to raise capital) is an intermediary between the project owner (the person who needs the capital) and the community (the people who support and contribute the project). According to the report of Massolution, for nearly 10 years, this form of capital raising has exploded in the world with an incredible growth rate, from 2.7 billion USD in 2012 to 34 billion USD in 2015. Called models Famous community capital in the US is creating for society many million dollar projects such as KickStarter and IndieGogo.

In the past few years, entrepreneurship has created a strong attraction for many areas in the world and Vietnam is not out of this storm. Calling community capital is the method used by many individuals and startups to reach customers and capital from the majority of society. The famous models of crowdfunding in the United States currently creating for society many million dollar projects are KickStarter and IndieGogo. In Vietnam, the crowdfunding platform officially came into operation to support capital mobilization for creative projects.

  • 2015 and the start-up journey: One day in early 2015, the idea of ​​a crowdfunding platform for Vietnamese began to ignite. In June 2015, FundStart Vietnam was officially established with the mission of helping people with great ideas make their dreams come true with capital from the community.
    • FundStart is a creative incubator house : Projects come to FundStart from all different fields: Film, music, art, design, games, electronics, technology….
    • FundStart is the intersection of creativity, passion and community acceptance : The project owner shares ideas with FundStart. The community loves it, they will donate the money until the project reaches its goal and on time.
    • You are the owner of your project : FundStart is a source of information and a platform. We do not participate in the project implementation process and always respect the management rights and responsibilities of the project originator. Anyone can create a free fundraising project on FundStart.
    • Call community capital based on trust and responsibility : Between project owners, capital contributors and FundStart based on trust. The parties must be responsible for what they have committed to perform based on the signed contract and the instructions, Terms of Use of FundStart.
    • More than just giving and receiving : Creators (project owners) do not simply need capital for their projects. Above all, each person sharing ideas receives the attention and suggestions from the community. Contributors not only support the money for the project, but also contribute to the realization of paper ideas and receive many benefits that the project brings.
    • Bring creativity to position the future : Together with FundStart, community participants will bring new ideas to humankind, making life better and better.
  • March 2020 – FundStart officially stops providing crowdfunding. FundStart is still the home for creative ideas. We still believe that a project, a product or service that wants to succeed firstly needs the market to embrace and address the real needs of a public group.

Because of that, we continue to provide project advice, fundraising advice and provide operational support services for your creative business and business. Website: will continue to provide useful information to help each individual develop themselves and learn more knowledge, professional perspectives in business development activities.