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Fresh Deli is a startup project of 9x couples Can Thi Thanh Hien and Hoang Minh Thanh launched in Hanoi in September 2016. This is a project specializing in making delicious, clean meals cooked by housewives at home, nutritious with the price from 35,000 VND / meal. This is also a product that brings peace of mind, family taste and convenience to customers. Meals brought to customers are meals made by mothers for their families. 


Fresh Deli is a platform that connects housewives meals to customers. Fresh Deli’s business activities include 3 main areas: product building, connecting and transporting, finally, communication and sales.This is also a product that brings peace of mind, family taste and convenience to customers. Meals brought to customers are meals made by mothers for their families: 

  • Building products:
    • Fresh Deli has two products: the hard product is the lunchbox and the technology product: order and order processing system.
    • Lunch box products: To get this product, we have done two things:
      • Firstly, search and train housewives to be eligible to become home chefs. Currently, Fresh Deli has 7 mothers who cook regularly and a list of 50 mothers willing to participate in the system.
      • Second, the value of the products of Fresh Deli is shown in the product packaging that has been standardized by Fresh Deli for the entire system. Fresh Deli’s packaging includes: lunchbox, shipping bag, sticker and card with box.
    • Technology products: Fresh Deli’s technology products include websites and chatbots automatically ordered.
  • Connectivity and transportation: In this area, Fresh Deli has built a system of processes, tools and transportation partners that can connect customers with the nearest mother’s lunch and transport. get that meal to the customer.
  • Communication and sales: After having built a product and a system to connect that product to customers, the remaining job of Fresh Deli is to promote products and brands to customers and sales. As of October 2017, Fresh Deli has served 15,000 meals to over 3,200 customers.

Fresh Deli brought many positive influences to the community, namely:

  • Food safety: Consumers will use food purchased and processed during the day.
  • Women Empowerment: Fresh Deli grants the mother-in-home rights for housewife, earning an average income from 2-4 million/month.



The story of a recent time food is an obsession with many consumers. The solution of a clean meal that is delicious is what Fresh Deli wants to bring to its customers. He has witnessed the fact that food is not preserved, cloaking, many shops do not even have business registration, is the general situation of many student food shops, eateries for office world. However, due to the folding time or at the agency or school there is no cooking space, thousands of people still suffer from food “rice, porridge”. The administration of the eye is considered to have made no fewer people encounter food poisoning. According to statistics, each year, about 250 – 500 food poisoning with 7,000 – 10,000 victims, which makes 100 – 200 deaths.

In the first instance, Hoang Minh Thanh and his friends cherished a project of safe lunch for themselves and those around the name of Fresh Deli. Fresh means fresh clean while Deli has quite a lot of meaning such as delivery (delivery) or delicious (literally tasty). Fresh Deli is the platform that connects housewives with office people with lunch due to her own, the mom cook. Based on the available date menu, the user will book the map before 10h30 daily. From there, the Deli connects with housewives so they are actively going to the market, cooking. After the shipper team will be the person who quickly transferred hot meals to consumers.

Take the philosophy of “slow but sure”, and want to build value at the beginning of your start-up. First of all is from the stage of choosing the cooked housewife to eat. They must send their documents and go to the interview, then Fresh Deli staff will go to the house to check the kitchen utensils and try a meal with family to see the level. If we provide a lot of meals each day for the next month, the new “mother” officially signs a contract with the company. The menu is constructed from 3 side comments, including: the opinion of a professional trainer to the scientific diet, information provided by the housewife on the diet in the family is often stellar and ultimately a response from the guests.


  • This project of Your Twin 9x is the city of Thanh Hien and Hoang Minh Thanh, which debuted at 9/2016 in Hanoi. For the first time, the city has not yet been addressed to balance the interests between users – housewives – enterprise. Because of the lack of manpower, the mother and his uncle must cook rice for him and give it to the customer.
  • After six months of debut, there were more than 20 housewives engaged in this project, which offered an average of 200 – 400 meals per day. Each rice yield is about 30%. The last total profit is about 10%.
  • After almost 1 year of going into orbit, the project scale increases doubled. From two founding members, the operating machine consisted of 5 9X members, part-time staff, and 20 housewives for cooking duties. Every day, about 80-100 meals are delivered to Dong da, Hoan Kiem, Thanh Xuan, Hai Ba Trung, paper Bridge,…
  • Continuing to develop and improve the project by 2017, Hoang Minh Thanh and Fresh Deli Project received the most beloved team award in the start-up contest and Kawai, the first representative of Vietnam to reach the top 5 Southeast Asian region Ideas received a scholarship to train social enterprise in the United States.

Having the initial success, members are constantly striving to develop projects. Thanh Hien graduated from university and always learned and cultivated their knowledge to develop themselves and contribute to the project. Hien is not only interviewed and tried her mothers ‘ cooking abilities but also focused on food sources. 2-3 housewife has fresh meat vegetables in the country, they are all introduced by a startup. For those who do not have food sources, they are convinced to purchase supermarkets and must present a purchase invoice.

To date, this startup is no longer difficult in personnel and financing. From the beginning to the end of the year 2017, Fresh Deli expects the rice set to rise to 10% per month and increased by about 15% in 2018.

Fresh Deli’s intended coming here is to quickly launch the first version of Fresh Deli on the mobile app. Further, Hoang Minh Thanh was a planned development of the major cities in the country as well as reaching out to the region. On 1/2/2018, Fresh Deli was one of 10 excellent startup projects participating in the “Demo Day 2018” Investment festival at the Department of Science & Technology. This startup urged to invest in the development of marketing and applied technology. In 2018, Fresh Deli is expected to have 28,000 service users with a turnover of about 300,000 USD. From 2019 to 2021, the company raises the monthly growth rate of 20%.


Fresh Deli received several prizes such as:

  • The Most beloved project (at the start-up contest with Kawai 2017);
  • First prize in the early stage of the startup (in the competition organized by the U.S. diplomatic delegation).

To date, Fresh Deli has sold about 17,000 meals for 3,600 customers. The percentage of customers returning to the monthly service is approximately 40%. Monthly revenue growth rate is about 15%. Hien said 15% is the rate of natural growth and this figure will be higher if Fresh Deli invested more marketing in the coming time.


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INDUSTRY: Logistic

FOUNED: 09/2016