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First Sun is the first comprehensive personal career guidance platform in Vietnam that provides career-oriented solutions for students, students, and professionals alike. First Sun’s career solution will help young people discover themselves and understand their strengths and weaknesses. At the same time, First Sun will provide you with career recommendations that best suit your abilities, personality and interests. Each individual is special, just put it in the right place we will shine. Let First Sun accompany you to plan your future. 

I. OVERVIEW: aims to be the No. 1 career guidance platform in Vietnam for young people from 13 to 30 years old. Officially launched in 2020, First Sun introduced a unique personal career model to more than 5,000 students at high schools in the city. Ho Chi Minh City as well as personal online career support for you in more than 15 provinces across the country.

It is known that First Sun’s career tests are researched and developed in collaboration with experts from Mercer | Mettl – the world’s No. 1 online survey company and a test designed exclusively for Vietnamese. Male. Fist Sun’s tests are designed to follow the guidelines of the American Psychological Assosiation, the Assosiation of Test Publishers, and the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The goal of the vocational test is to help participants understand their personal characteristics, interests and abilities, thereby helping to orient their career and choose the career that best suits them. In particular, the First Sun career test can be done online anywhere anytime you want.

It’s not just about taking online career tests. First Sun’s comprehensive career solution also includes a 1: 1 online consultation with experts. The online career test will help experts to understand your abilities, personality, interests, and strengths. After taking the test, you will be scheduled for a one-on-one consultation session with the career career expert. within 30 minutes – 90 minutes During this face-to-face consultation, experts will use the data from the survey along with other information such as family background, academic performance, etc. to help you choose are professions that can best promote their strengths.


is to change these statistics by helping you discover yourself and find your ideal career.


  • There are hundreds of different occupations in today’s society, so choosing a career that suits you is not easy. And that is the motivation for First Sun to research and create a unique, effective solution that allows participants to explore themselves and choose the most suitable career.
  • First Sun is driven by a vision to create generations of happier, more productive and more successful individuals. First Sun’s career solution will be an effective tool to help you confidently plan your own future.


  • First Sun’s self-discovery test is the only test in Vietnam that can comprehensively survey the participants’ preferences, personalities and thinking abilities.
  • The test and consultation are conducted completely online; Parents can participate in home counseling sessions very conveniently.
  • A network of consultants with practical experience in a variety of fields while being thoroughly trained through First Sun’s comprehensive personal career guidance process.
  • Support and answer free of charge all questions related to the career selection of customers in the future. 


  • Career guidance must firstly come from self-understanding
    • If you want to find a suitable career, you must first understand yourself. More specifically, you must understand your personality, preferences, and thinking abilities. Why is it important to understand personality. Personality determines behavior, based on personality First Sun can know if you are suitable in a certain working environment or not. For example, you are an introvert and shy about communicating but somehow you learn sales / marketing and are now sitting in the marketing department of a company. You will find all around you now are extremely active and energetic people. Soon you will find yourself not suitable for this environment. Here, it is clear that your personality is not suitable for this job, not to mention the capacity. What about hobbies? If you do what you enjoy, no matter what difficulties or obstacles, passion will give you the motivation to pass. You just look at the football players, if you have a serious injury, you just want to recover and you want to burst into the field. Competence is too easy to understand, First Sun cannot do anything well without the right qualifications.
    • So what if you don’t really understand yourself?’s self-discovery test will help you. Unlike free online career tests that examine personality or interests to make career recommendations, First Sun ‘s survey comprehensively assesses the abilities, interests and personality of friend. The survey consists of 160 multiple-choice questions in about 60 minutes and is a product First Sun cooperate with Mercer | Mettl, the world’s No. 1 online survey company in the US, designed exclusively for the Vietnamese market. There is no right or wrong answer, you just answer the multiple choice questions honestly to have a very accurate report.
  • Career guidance wants to be successful, indispensable advice
    • At, First Sun believe that every individual is special, just put in the right place First Sun will shine. Firstsun’s personalized career solution is therefore always accompanied by expert consultation. So what is special about First Sun ‘s consulting ? Different from current popular career forms when counselors often meet you and cannot understand what your interests are, your personality, your abilities, Firstsun’s consultants. will advise based on the survey data you have done. So First Sun call Firstsun’s solution a career-based understanding.
    • Each of Firstsun’s face-to-face counseling sessions will last 30 minutes or 90 minutes depending on whether you choose a BASIC or ADVANCED solution. During the counseling session, experts will combine information from the survey with information that cannot be obtained from the survey, such as shape, appearance, talents, family circumstances, study results. your, etc., to advise and plan you on the most suitable profession.


In the face of choosing a career or a major after high school, an extremely important decision in life, today’s students do not have the support to make the best decision. Most of you choose a career based on advice from your parents, relatives or friends, not out of knowing yourself. This job is extremely risky, causing a huge waste of time and money. Statistics in our country today show:

  • 60% of graduates work in the wrong career 
  • 30% of students passing college do not graduate
  • 200,000 graduates do not have jobs 
  • 3,000,000 Vietnamese adolescents have mental and psychological health problems

In order to overcome this situation in our country, Dr. Tran Nhat Khoa, Ph.D from Singapore MIT Alliance, founded with the goal of providing career solutions that can help millions of students. Vietnamese students can choose their future career in a scientific and optimal way.  

Each First Sun personalized career solution package includes:

  • The online self-discovery survey was designed in partnership with Mercer | Mettl, the world’s No. 1 online survey company.
  • A 1: 1 online counseling session is conducted with a counselor trained through the personal career guidance process of UCLA, one of the ten largest US universities.

Officially launched in March 2020, First Sun introduced a unique personal career model to more than 5,000 students at high schools in the city. Ho Chi Minh City, and online personal career support for you in more than 20 provinces across the country.

Within a short time after its official launch in late March 2020, First Sun’s online career platform has supported more than 100 students in 21 provinces across the country from the North to Male. This number is expected to continue to increase rapidly as the Year 12 students nationwide prepare to make a decision about their university studies.