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Finhay is a financial technology platform connecting young people with prestigious financial funds at the State Securities Commission of Vietnam. The Fund’s financial specialists will invest money on these funds on your behalf to benefit you and of course there is still the risk.


More and more people are interested in the financial investment market. Along with that, the application was born to meet the needs of investment as well as support us financial management and savings. However, how to invest effectively and limit the risk of losses is still a difficult problem for many people. Finhay Investments is a financial investment application that helps young people or beginners with financial difficulties who can still access reputable investment funds registered at the State Securities Commission.

This is a technology platform that connects newcomers to financial market especially young people with a system of prestigious investment funds registered at the State Securities Commission of Vietnam. This offers a great investment opportunity for young investors who want to try their hand in this area but have limited capital. Instead of having to register yourself for these open funds, the Finhay app will help people invest their money in all open funds at the same time.

Finhay applies technology to analyze the risk appetite of each individual and then propose suitable financial fund allocation structure, so the platform also provides asset management solutions for users. At the same time, the application will provide solutions for users to create habit of saving and optimizing idle money through access to open-ended investment funds. Users can directly check the balance fluctuations and manage investments with financial funds. Currently, Finhay has about 10 open funds participating with more than 3000 transactions made through the system. Instead of investing your own funds directly with the initial minimum capital of 5 million and then want to invest more, you must invest a minimum of 1 million for the next time. It will be difficult for young people to approach this investment. Finhay will represent individual investors in the open market. With a minimum of VND 50,000 or more, you can invest in investment funds available on FinHay.


Internet statistics in Vietnam in 2018 showed that the number of internet users in Vietnam reached 64 million, accounting for 67% of the population, the number of mobile phone users was 70 million, accounting for 73% of the population in the 59 million people use social networks and 55 million people regularly access the Internet with mobile phones. On average, Vietnamese people spend 6 hours and 52 minutes on the internet each day. The above figures show that the demand for digitalization and the use of mobile phone platforms in Vietnam is enormous. Nghiem Xuan Huy, CEO of startup Finhay, hopes to build a habit for users to accumulate a portion of their income, even if only VND 50,000 is in financial products to achieve future goals. This startup has received investment from the former CEO of VNDirect Securities Company Nguyen Hoang Giang, and most recently Insignia Ventures Partners is one of the largest venture capital funds in Southeast Asia pouring nearly $ 1 million.

Finhay has entered the technology financial market since 2017 as a financial coach, providing users with the technology platform to use financial products built on a sustainable roadmap. : Creating a habit – Accumulating small – Building wealth – Protecting the future.

Finhay is constantly developing and diversifying products to meet the expectations of users from a financial coach.

Starting only with VND 50,000, users can start accumulating – investing by the system will automatically analyze the risk appetite for users and allocate accumulated money to reputable financial funds in Vietnam. . At the same time, help them create financial habits, online shopping is refunded, save with high interest rates and protect the future with insurance products.

Since 2017, Finhay has received capital contributions from domestic and foreign shareholders.

In 2018, Finhay is one of 25 startup groups that participated in the incubation program of the Center for Initiatives to support innovation and startups that SIHUB co-organized. From 2018 to 2020, SIHUB is a three-year unit that participates in Project 844, performing the tasks of supporting the operation and association of organizations providing services for creative innovation, supporting activities and links of various organizations supporting creative startups at universities and research institutes, socio-political organizations.

In 2019, Finhay won the second prize with a prize of 3,000 USD at the Fintech Summit 2019 contest jointly organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology with Vietnam Silicon Valley Investment Fund (VSV) and Welcome Financial Group (Korea) to connect among fintech (financial technology) startups with venture capitalists. In early 2019, Finhay successfully raised more than $ 1 million from Insignia Venture Partners and a number of other investors. By 2020, Finhay receives investment from Jeff Cruttenden – Cofounder Acorn and Thien Viet Securities Company. At the same time, the company has achieved certain achievements in the market.

In the same year, Finhay was announced as one of the top 100 fintech companies in the world, performed by KPMG auditing firm and venture capital fund H2 Ventures (Australia). At the same time, this startup was selected as one of the 60 businesses with typical contributions to the science and technology industry and participated in the exhibition booth on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Ministry of Science and Technology (1959-2019).

Currently, Finhay is associated with about 10 most famous open funds in Vietnam with more than 3000 transactions made through the system such as: VCBF of Vietcombank, BVBF of Bao Viet, TCBF of Techcombank, SCA of SSI, VF1, VFB and E1VFVN30 of Vietnam fund management company VFM, VNDAF of VNDirect … Finhay investment application will continue to link more with reputable and well-operating investment funds in Vietnam. The special thing is that you only need to have a minimum capital of VND 50,000 to invest in the system.


  • Cumulative – profitable investment from only VND 50,000: Your money will go to the leading financial funds in Vietnam. Financial funds include open-end funds and portfolio swaps. Financial experts at these funds will invest in the stock or bond market and return you a Fund Certificate (CCQ) corresponding to the amount you have invested. When the fund works well, your CCQ will have a higher value and vice versa. When you want to withdraw money, Finhay will send a request to resell CCQ, collect cash. Finhay will transfer that money to your account.
  • Savings with an interest rate of 7.4% / year – No deposit, withdraw anytime: Investment funds are usually aimed at large, money-rich investors. While young people also need to seek profits, due to lack of capital or investment knowledge, most have chosen to send bank savings. With this app, young people can directly invest their accumulated (maybe very small) amount in open funds and benefit from the fund’s business results. The investment funds themselves have more opportunities to receive capital from the markets they ignore, without incurring additional access costs.
  • Protection with insurance products
    • Protective jar is a special feature on Finhay. When used, you also enjoy:
    • Free maintenance for 01 year
    • Free withdrawal for first VND 1,000,000
    • Get an extra 50% cashback on every order on Ba Gang Bag
  • Smart refund shopping feature
    • High refund rates up to 5%
    • Fast refund time in 30 days
    • Refunds are not refundable
    • Cash back is accumulated, invested for profit
    • Accumulate even at spending.


Advantages of investing Finhay:

  • Small start up capital: Just VND 50,000, you can explore, use and start investing. With a small and regular investment, it will bring long-term benefits and financial confidence
  • High liquidity: You can easily top up or withdraw money whenever you want.
  • Diversified forms of investment: There are currently 3 forms of investment at Finhay, including: manual money transfer, bank transfer via internet banking and Momo e-wallet investment.
  • Smart design: Finhay automatically recommends an investment structure that suits the risk appetite of each individual. During the investment process you have the right to change the investment strategy if desired. In addition, users can learn more financial and investment knowledge right on the Finhay application.
  • Transparency and reputation: The financial funds in the system of Finhay are reputable organizations, registered with the State Securities Commission (such as Bao Viet Fund, SSI, Vietfund Management …). Professionals of the Fund are leading experts and have many years of experience.
  • Updated figures regularly: Your net asset value (NAV) is constantly updated.
  • Attractive promotions: introduce friends to invest Finhay. Accordingly, both you and the introduced person will receive 10,000VND immediately when registering and investing a minimum of 50,000VND


In 2017, Find was elected the Promising Financial Technology Startup at Techfest

As one of the two representatives of Vietnam in the Top 100 Global Fintech 2019 according to the KPMG report.

In 2019, Finhay continues to win the second prize of the FinTech Summit Contest


WEBSITE: [email protected]
ĐỊA CHỈ: 6th Floor, Kim Hoàn,19 Duy Tân, Cầu Giấy, Hanoi