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Tesse is an online knowledge-sharing platform that allows users to search and connect with experts and teachers around the globe to learn, exchange and share knowledge through forms such as courses. , interactive two-way online seminars, and social networks.


In essence, Tesse is a knowledge social network combined with expert search engine and knowledge combined with a knowledge service (gig service) model. , allow the user (user) to search for a term (keyword) and be returned as a list of experts who have a good knowledge of the field the keyword is referring to, or a articles with knowledge content that contain the phrase (keyword), to create an instant connection (real-time connection) between people who need to seek knowledge (user) and sources of authentic knowledge (verified knowledge) and can instantly exchange, chat with an expert (expert) through messages, calls or can join courses, interactive seminars online. The recipient of knowledge (user) will have to pay a certain fee or maybe equal to 0, for the expert (expert) calculated by the time of connection (time-based) or by the cost of the course, seminar.

Tesse’s mission is to integrate worldwide knowledge into the same system and make it easy for everyone to access it.

Tesse allows users to search for knowledge from others, search for teachers online around the world, and connect with them through interactive online video calling tools, online seminars, and interactive online courses. direct. Teachers join the Tesse system to generate income through knowledge sharing, recognized and become part of the teacher community around the world.

The highlight of Tesse is a two-way live-streaming feature that allows learners to interact directly with teachers, students can speak and teachers will answer to all the questions. who is attending? During live-streaming, teachers can share audio or video to make the lecture more lively. Thanks to real classroom simulation technology on Tesse, learners have raised their hands, teachers will respond and students who are attending the class can see the process taking place.

To join these online classes, users simply need to visit the tesse.io website or download the Tesse app to their mobile phone and register for an account using their personal email address. Currently, the foundation has 20 different courses available, of which more than half are for foreign languages. In addition to teachers from educational institutions, the unit also has a separate process for selecting teachers to teach.


  • Interactive online classroom: Support more than 1000 students to participate at the same time. Interactive video, raising hands to speak in the classroom. Share screens, documents, audio, images. Automatic archiving and convenient review if missed.
  • Manage video lectures and learning materials: Dynamic video lecture lessons screen allows discussion with classmates. Track the progress of students’ video lectures. Manage the system of lesson materials and video lectures
  • Exam management and attendance management: Allows students to take tests online. Manage attendance and all student activities. Manage students’ grades and course completion
  • Data management and course report: Store and report your student information. Stores and reports student behavior and results. Store and report the revenue of your courses
  • Smarter learning: Smart teaching system, interacting directly with students, supporting the system of exercises, multiple tests, support for teachers and students to listen to audio.
  • Multi-device support: Learn through the browser on laptops, computers that support the camera, microphone, or applications on smart phones, tablets.
    Community of millions: Supporting small social networks, sharing knowledge, sharing learning results.


In 2016, Nguyen Pham Tuan Anh – Tesse’s young CEO attended an MBA at a Vietnamese university affiliated with Germany. In the course of his studies, he realized that people in European countries had a habit of seeking advice from experts before doing something important. So he cherished the idea of ​​creating such a place connecting professionals with consultants around the world.

In July 2016, Tuan Anh – Tesse’s young CEO collaborated with his partner specializing in computer programming and product design as well as developing the first features for Tesse. But after many implementations, this online model was not successful as expected because most of Tesse’s consultants and learners at that time came from India, Russia, and the US, very few Vietnamese participated in the study. and the cost to attract international experts is much higher than Vietnamese experts.

In 2018, Tesse shifted its focus towards buying courses, focusing on attracting Vietnamese customers. This model is considered suitable for the domestic market, the cost of approaching Vietnamese teachers is also lower than that of foreigners and is relatively stable. However, the number of people enrolling has not increased much, Tuan Anh and the team continue to try new types.

In September 2018, Tesse launched its membership package, with 10,000 VND a day or 300,000 VND a month, learners can register a variety of courses in more than 10 fields: education, business, finance, and Process, personal development, beauty … This solution allows students to register for membership with access to the entire ongoing course instead of buying each one. In addition, students can choose the right course for each time frame of the day from morning, afternoon and evening. Since moving to this membership package, the startup’s business results have been better. By the end of September 2018 to mid-October 2018, every day Tesse had about 300 new registrations, nearly 100 students (real learners) and membership number of nearly 1,700 membership packages. The cost for the courses is quite varied from several hundred thousand to several million depending on the package, on average each hour only from a few thousand to several tens of thousands of dong. In the coming time, the unit will continue to recruit more teachers, expand specialties and courses to serve people.

Tesse is expected that by the end of 2019, there will be about 100,000 people registering for membership packages in Vietnam and he is also focusing on running ads and developing sales teams to quickly reach the expected number. Sharing about initial successes, Tesse CEO Nguyen Pham Tuan Anh said: Start-ups want to look to the global market, they need to build core technology strong enough to be able to compete with other competitors in the market. international School. “Despite many difficulties, even failures, but we remain resolute, patiently building and perfecting the product to its final purpose” – Tuan Anh shared and set the goal of becoming Tesse.

In the near future, the unit will continue to recruit more teachers, expand specialties and courses to serve people. In addition, not only stop at that, Tesse’s goal is to become a community. Share the world’s largest knowledge in 2022 with over 1 million users along with the value it brings to users.


Since the end of 2018, Tesse has more than 1,500 students and this number continues to grow monthly. The cost for the courses is quite varied from several hundred thousand to several million depending on the package, on average each hour only from a few thousand to several tens of thousands of dong. Tesse has also reached the semi-final round of TECHFEST 2018.

The Tesse knowledge connection community is one of 25 outstanding startups of the Vietnam Startup 2018 2018 program organized by VnExpress . Top 25 startups are allocated to 5 teams. Each team has 2-3 experts from investment, training and startup training organizations in charge of fostering and developing projects of the exam registration teams. The training round is expected to take place within a month. The organizers will randomly select from the list to vote. The prize is a TV and a smartphone for only one reader. The lucky reader will receive an award at the Vietnam Startup Awards 2018 held on November 15. The Startup Vietnam 2018 voting program aims to connect, nurture, find outstanding startups in many fields in Vietnam; contribute to promoting entrepreneurship creation spirit, honoring breakthrough business models, sustainable and useful socio-economic development …


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