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With the trend of international integration, Vietnam is opening up multi-dimensional and comprehensive cooperation leading to the explosion of technology development in the industrial revolution 4.0 on the basis of information technology, SmartLife seized the opportunity and shift to investment in researching products and services in science and technology, communication and the Internet of Things (IoT).

VISION: “Reaching to connect with the future”

  • SmartLife wants to rise to become one of the leading companies in Vietnam in the field of providing technology solutions related to product traceability.
  • With that in mind, SmartLife has been developing an ecosystem that helps support management from production, shipping, businesses, … to consumers.

MISSION: Bringing information technology and internet of things (IoT) into everyday life, contributing to the development of society.

    SmartLife is committed to complying with the law in Vietnam as well as another countries in the world that are registered our products. With the goal of becoming a transparent and sustainable corporate governance, SmartLife constantly trains its staff based on the four business philosophies that we pursue:

    • All SmartLife products and services are always of the best quality, built by advanced technology and highly intellectual human resources..
    • SmartLife product and application system is managed securely, focusing in a real-time “ecosystem”.
    • Training and human development become the internal strength of SmartLife to become the core value that the company pursues.
    • Meet customer requirements efficiently and quickly.
    • Ensure continuous operation with the SmartLife’s products and services .
    • Ensuring to provide services with reasonable prices and high competitiveness.
    • Serving customers attentively, enthusiastically and quickly with a gentle attitude.
    • Always pay attention to staff training policies to ensure high professionalism.


  • “RESPECT”: Respect individuals, respect colleagues, respect companies, and respect customers. In SmartLife, every leader and employee becomes a family. All of them join hands for the company’s goals as well as develop the vision that the SmartLife aims for. Respect for people in the company before can build mutual respect for customers, this is the basis for SmartLife to cooperate smoothly with hundreds of large and small enterprises nationwide.
  • “PROFESSIONAL”: SmartLife has a professional environment but is not stressful. On the contrary, we have created a happy and comfortable work space so that everyone can promote their abilities in the best way.
  • “DYNAMIC”: In SmartLife, everyone cares, helps and shares with each other, creating an atmosphere when happy and warm. Leaders are also leading in research and development of products and services of the company, helping SmartLife to take equal and continuous steps.

DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES: Optimize resources to focus investment on 4 key product groups:

  • Electronic journal: Solution of digitizing production diary – processing goods and shipping in real time.
  • Traceability: A solution for smart traceability of goods by QR-Code.
  • Sales management: Application to manage, update sales activities, accounting, invoices, personnel, …
  • Other applications: E-commerce platform linking features in SmartLife ecosystem and social networking.

MISSION: Bringing information technology and internet applications (IoT) into everyday life, contributing to the development of society.


  • INTELLIGENT IDEA: SmartLife application solutions are built on intelligent algorithms and high accuracy.
  • SPEED: Build a cloud-based system for extremely fast efficiency.
  • EASY TO USE: Minimalistic design, simple instructions bring great user experience.
  • HIGH COMPATIBILITY: The system is built on webbase, supports all platforms.
  • DIVERSE PRODUCTS: SmartLife has many solutions applied science and technology to production, consumption and management.
  • GLOBALIZATION: The system is registered and implemented in more than 12 countries.


  • SMARTLIFE APPLICATION: Intelligent software application of SmartLife is a usefully tool for users to access and update information in SmartLife ecosystem.


1. IN 2010

  • The precursor of SmartLife, Thien Viet Trade and Construction Joint Stock Company, was established on October 18, 2010.
  • Business fields: Commercial, construction and installation of infrastructure.

2. IN 2017

  • On November 13, 2017, Thien Viet Trading and Construction Joint Stock Company officially changed its name to SmartLife Technology and Communication Joint Stock Company.
  • Research fields: Technology solutions for traceability of goods.
  • Bringing SmartLife software products to the application market.

3. IN 2018

  • Develop and perfect applications in SmartLife “ecosystem” such as: Blogs, sales management, e-commerce, …
  • Bringing the managed SmartLife software product to the application market.
  • October 5: Successfully registering the copyright certificate for the smartstamp software system product.


    • Traceability is becoming a necessary standard for commodity products, especially for agricultural goods in Vietnam market. When counterfeit and fake products are widespread, products with authentic information are always given special attention.
    • Smart traceability is also a way for Vietnamese products to conquer international consumers, especially in developed countries such as Europe, North America, Australia, …
    • Advantages:
    • Each product has a unique global stamp code: Traceability codes are registered according to the international standards of GS1 Vietnam (Vietnam Standards and Quality Institute), not duplicated around the world, makes it easy to identify information for traceability, export or verification by authorities.
    • Fast Traceability Speed: Using high technology, quick access is made possible by compact portable devices.
    • Full traceability information: Comprehensive information about products, supply chains and brands.
    • Diverse Traceability Form: SmartLife’s Traceability form is diverse as images, videos, audio and is updated continuously to help promote the product brand more effectively.
    • Linking with other applications: Traceability solution also links with applications such as e-commerce, sales management, electronic diaries, … in the SmartLife ecosystem.
    • Helps digitize diary and standard information, both to help manufacturers follow common standards, and to be a source of information for supply chains, regulators and consumers.
    • In fact, electronic journal brings a lot of benefits to not only production facilities but also authorities and related units:
    • FOR PRODUCTION – PROCESSING ESTABLISHMENTS – TRANSPORTERS – DISTRIBUTORS: Record the jobs in order and work efficiency to become the common standard in the future. This will form the stages that are conducted based on the notice of the application / Application of production standards according to international standards such as VietGAP, HACCP / Supporting the management of materials and people in production and Supply / Support for traceability.
    • FOR REGULATIONS: Update information about products such as: Name, quantity, production methods, place of processing and distribution for easy management / Quickly find out errors (due to raw materials , people, or method) if there is a product market crisis / Update quality certification for products to market.
    • FOR CONSUMERS: A data system that helps consumers access information easily, completely and transparently. From the blog, you can better understand the product, including the side information such as storage, processing when purchased, …
    • Automation helps improve services and products.
    • Manage personnel, business, communications, services and products through smart apps.
    • Saving personnel costs, a manager can be as productive as many people who follow the traditional approach.
    • Protecting and developing brands in the public eye.
    • Fix problems, errors in production, distribution or communication crisis quickly.
    • Offer more effective marketing and advertising solutions.
  • E-COMMERCE PLATFORM AZUAMUA.COM – E-COMMERCE PLATFORM “CLEAN AGRICULTURE”: The trading platform specializing in consumed foods, especially “clean agricultural products” with clear origin:
    • Create a store easily – integrate the electronic diary into the product.
    • Products on the floor are tagged with traceability code.
    • The e-commerce platform is connected with regulators and the product supply chain.
    • Built in SmartLife access code scanning application.
    • Create membership groups to exchange product and brand information.
    • Notify product status to sellers.
    • Connect with friends to share your favorite products.



YEAR: 2010


INDUSTRY: Technology and Communication

ADDRESS: BT03, ngách 22, ngõ 61, phố Lạc Trung, Hai Bà Trưng, Hà Nội

TEL: 024 6295 5858 – HOTLINE: 024 7778 7779

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