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bTaskee is an hourly household service. Similar to Grab and Uber, bTaskee connects homeowners who need to clean their houses and maids. Different from the traditional maid model, bTaskee brings quickness, convenience, and peace of mind for homeowners; at the same time it also brings  stable work with high income, the initiative in time for maids.


The way this model works is similar to the Grab or Uber model. When in need, the host simply post the job on the app. BTaskee’s domestic helpers will receive work announcements and decide on their own when they feel comfortable with them.

To ensure the quality of cleaning services for homeowners, bTaskee always focuses on recruiting Collaborators. All bTaskee’s collaborators must have all personal documents, a certificate of conduct and must also complete the knowledge test of cleaning skills, as well as undergo a formal probationary process. . In addition, after each job is completed, homeowners can evaluate the quality of the maid’s work on a scale of 1-5 stars. BTaskee’s system will regularly filter and retain only those with the best quality in the system.

Currently bTaskee offers two main services

  • Hourly domestic help.
  • Clean up the air-condition.


A two-way objective evaluation system between maids and customers will ensure fairness and transparency. An objective parallel assessment will screen qualified maids, forcing them to do a good job to get a good review, and maintain that rating. The working environment of the maid is also improved to avoid the risk of bad, infringement or danger.

The price transparency on the application also ensures that users can calculate the specific cost, not “costed” compared to other traditional help models. Users only need to pay the right amount displayed on the application and do not have to pay any additional fees incurred. Customers will also be more secure when they know the information of the maid to clean the house, through the display on the application.

With the values ​​that hourly housework will predict, the industry’s labor supply will increase. However, when the supply becomes abundant, businesses have to headache when they have to find ways to manage the quality of labor resources, but do not “stifle” the development. Applying the technology platform in recruitment, evaluation and job management after each job, information management has helped businesses screen out quality workers, forcing maids to improve their expertise. yourself, developed to fit into the Hourly Housekeeping Application model.

In particular, the application of technology will reduce operating costs for businesses, the rate of taking jobs will be greater, bringing higher incomes for maids when being proactive in employment, while customers are meet the needs but don’t have to pay high fees to find maids.



In Vietnam, as consumer trends move closer to services, customers will have stricter requirements for each step in the process of service provision. And most of our day-to-day activities seem to be tied to smartphones and utility apps.

At the moment, we are familiar with car booking, payment or online shopping applications, replacing traditional ways. It can be said that it is an innovation of businesses in Vietnam, bringing a significant benefit for businesses and consumers. These applications also seem to have become a general trend for e-commerce, retail and service industries. And of course, the domestic Help industry does not want to be outside this “playground”.

Technology has made the domestic home market more competitive, forcing businesses to constantly improve to meet the needs of users.

The integration of post-cleaning operations on the application will solve the problem of intermediary brokerage fees as well as minimize the time when looking for helpers. The maid also takes only a few minutes to find and get a job. Something that seems unprecedented in the traditional maid industry.


The domestic service has made all the activities of the city residents more convenient, such as posting house cleaning, cooking, cleaning air-conditioners, laundry, … just takes 1 hours to find a job recipient. Technology will also make the job-hunting process of hiring workers easier. Maids 4.0, with a sharing economy, they can choose jobs, no longer restricted by the activities of the host, an average of VND 51,000 per hour and the total income is based on individual labor capacity.

At the age of 18, Tam went to Canada to study and then made software with a high income. But not content with the salary, the technology engineer used up his accumulated capital during the commute to start a business . The original market he aimed for was still Canada, but realizing that competition in Vietnam was less intense than in foreign countries, Tam decided to start a business with the idea that starting a business came from daily needs.

With the purpose to create a software for the maids and customers who want to connect with each other. The hourly maid app – bTakee was born in March. Accordingly, the maids sign up and select the suitable jobs for them, bTaskee will create accounts for customers who need help by the hour. Thus, with this software, workers can receive hundreds of jobs per month. 2-3 hours at the beginning of the job, the maid is paid 145,000 VND.

When setting up the project , the target group of maids that Tam aims to be students. But no one signed up for months because most students were psychologically unwilling to work as maids. If you cannot recruit it, the system will not work. The mind shifts through unskilled labor and people who have a lot of free time. However, these people are wary of new technology. Mind goes to explain, guide each person to install and use the software. After 1 month of campaigning, as soon as the software ran, this startup recruited the first 250 people to sign up for the job. In order to retain customers and maids, bTakee enhances services and finds many job clues, helping hourly earners to earn a higher income when only one family is fixed.

With an initial investment of over 200,000 USD, after 2 years of operation, each month this company has a turnover of over 3 billion with more than 20,000 customers registered to use the service and more than 2,000 “on duty” maids. More than 500 jobs are connected successfully every day. When summarizing the income of the maid, many people reach over 10 million / month.

Currently, the Company targets 1,000 jobs per day for the next 4 months. The young boss is expecting to develop this application to other Southeast Asian countries, firstly Thailand and Malaysia.


With these values ​​affirmed, Vietnamese startup has received many awards such as:

  • Second Prize of the Hatch Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition! Fair 2016;
  • The First Prize of the 2017 Surf Competition for the startup community held in Da Nang;
  • Top 25 Vietnamese Startup 2017 voted by Vnexpress newspaper;
  • The firefighter in 2018, presented by the Ho Chi Minh City Journalist Association – Saigon Quick Business Club

Also in 2018, bTaskee won the first prize in the Startup Funding Camp contest with the topic “Jumping to 4.0 – Automation and Smart Data”. The bTaskee hourly App Team is one of three teams supported by ALMA to raise capital directly with international investment funds at; Exchanges, learn experience from successful technology startups in this Middle Eastern country. Startup Funding Camp (SFC) is an investment connection program for national-sized startups, organized by the Central Vietnam Youth Union.

Currently, bTaskee still faces many difficulties and challenges. But, with the values ​​and benefits for customers and helpers, the team continues to set goals, a strong vision in order to bring bTaskee to the world’s market and regional markets.