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With the corporate slogan: “Convergence of strength”, Electricity and Telecommunication Payment Solution Joint Stock Company (ECPay) is an intermediary of payment established under Resolution 292 / NQ-HĐQT of the Group. The electricity of Vietnam (EVN) on 7 May 2010


There are 4 EVN Corporations:

  • Electricity Joint Stock Finance Company (EVNFINANCE),
  • Mobile Telecommunications Company (EVNTELECOM) (now the Corporation) Viettel Military Telecom),
  • Hanoi Power Corporation (EVNHANOI),
  • CMC Power Corporation. Ho Chi Minh City (EVNHCMC).

ECPay’s main task is to build and manage EVN’s centralized electricity payment gateway, implementing the Prime Minister’s policy on promoting cashless payments. (Decision No. 2453 / QD-TTg dated 27/12/2011).

On December 17, 2015, ECPay was officially licensed by the State Bank to provide intermediary payment services under License No. 31 / GP-NHNN. Accordingly, ECPay is licensed to provide: Electronic payment gateway service; Support services for authorized collection and payment; E-wallet service.

MISSION: ECPay is well aware of its mission of being an intermediary to pay electricity bills, acting as a link between EVN’s Banks and Power Corporations to unify the nationwide electricity bill payment network. On that basis, ECPay continues to provide electronic payment solutions to bring modern and convenient services to customers, contributing to promoting the development of non-cash payment system in Vietnam in accordance with the undertakings of the Prime Minister and the direction of the State Bank of Vietnam.

ECPAY STYLE: ECPay always focuses on building a beautiful image of office workers and offices working with the “5S” and “SMART” movement.

  • S: Smile: Meet everyone with a friendly smile. Always smile with colleagues, customers.
  • M: Model: Exemplary, exemplary
  • A: Active: Active, inquisitive, creative
  • R: Reasonable: Reasonable, knowledgeable, fair
  • T: Team-work: Teamwork, solidarity, and active participation in company movements.

ECPAY’S WAY: Being active, proactive, creative, and constantly innovating is one of the goals of ECPay, and at the same time shows the working spirit of the entire staff of the company. An employee who meets all three factors is a typical employee and an invaluable asset of ECPay. These qualities, once highly promoted in each member, will become the main driving force for ECPay’s development. ECPAY always believes in the slogan “Solidarity creates strength “”. The power of ECPay is created by the solidarity of the members of the collective. Here, we aim to build a company culture where each employee shares, understands and trusts each other. It is these intangible mental factors that, if promoted, will create maximum efficiency in the work of each individual as well as in achieving the business goals of the business.
With good remuneration, regular courses of additional knowledge, talent training, ECPay deserves to be the business with the best development environment. Coming to ECPay is coming to the best colors for you to rise to a new level.


With ECPay’s eDong e-wallet product, electricity users will not need to go to electricity collection points to pay, nor wait for employees of the Electricity industry to collect, but can use many pictures. Different ways to top up your wallet to pay electricity bills and other essential bills.

This payment method is especially suitable for those who are busy, often absent from home, missed the payment of electricity bills; help customers get rid of the fear of power outages due to improper payment or time lost for payment …



In recent years, when paying for electricity, customers can choose many different methods. Currently, some electricity companies have announced that they will stop collecting electricity bills at home and switch to online payment. This method is a new trend, with strong development in 2017.

In many localities, instead of the electricity bill collectors coming to their homes, people can pay their electricity bill without using cash, via e-wallets, banks and intermediary payment agencies. The most popular payment is now on electricity bill payment through the system of Electricity and Telecommunication Payment Solution Joint Stock Company (ECPay) – one of the largest payment intermediaries in the country.

ECPay is one of the few enterprises licensed by the State Bank to provide intermediary payment services, up to now. Currently, ECPay has implemented electricity collection services in 32/63 provinces/cities.

In 2016, ECPay’s electricity revenue through the system has doubled in 2015. In 2017, this trend has grown and increased even more. In particular, many customers have used to pay for electricity bills online through ECPay e-wallet.


The appearance of ECPay in the last 5 years has opened the door for a whole new form of electricity and telecommunication payment. On the successful journey of ECPay, it is impossible not to mention the great role of the eDong E-wallet product – the service of collecting money through e-wallets.

Along with the steady development, ECPay gradually becomes a close partner of many businesses and large banks. In addition, ECPay has also successfully implemented prepaid electricity packages with big customers such as Military Telecom Corporation (Viettel), Multimedia Corporation (VTC) … In the coming time. , ECPay intends to launch an additional service of customer information using electricity – ECard. This service is expected to make a new “revolution” in the field of electricity payment.

To achieve these achievements, ECPay has to go through many challenges. However, with a young, dynamic, united, one-hearted human resource team, ECPay has overcome all difficulties and obstacles. That has contributed to the premise for the outstanding development of ECPay and a very unique ECPay culture.

After 5 years of operation, ECPay (full name is Electricity and Telecommunication Payment Solution Joint Stock Company) has achieved certain successes. Solutions, intermediary payment services are well received by customers and become more and more popular, helping ECPay become one of the largest payment intermediary service providers in the country.

Currently, ECPay has covered the nationwide electricity bill collection service and owns a collection network across provinces. Connecting with all 5 electricity corporations under Vietnam Electricity and expanding the network to local electricity companies has helped this intermediary payment service to be widely deployed. This is really a perfect stepping stone to bring ECPay closer to the goal of expanding the network to 63 provinces and cities across the country.


According to statistics, ECPay’s online electricity payment revenue in the first 6 months of 2017 has increased sharply compared to the same period in last year. The number of customers paying for electricity through ECPay reaches 3.5 million customers/month. In particular, sales in 2016 doubled in 2015. Besides expanding communication so that electricity users can pay online via e-wallets, or via banks, ECPay also deployed counters and transaction points. In residential areas to serve people who are not in the habit of online payment, nationwide there are more than 3,000 ECPay multi-function charging points. ECPay is currently the payment intermediary with the highest electricity revenue today.

If in the first days, ECPay was still a new name to customers, the following year, the revenue of electricity bill collection increased by 10 times. In 2014, ECPay moved electric bill counters to supermarkets to reach more customers. If ECPay used to collect fixed electricity at the time of reception, serve its active customers, then at that time, ECPay will adjust the operation method, proactively approach customers and increase utilities. for electricity bill payment service.

Currently, ECPay is also cooperating with some banks to deploy electric bill collection services via electronic payment gateway ECPay. ECPay has assisted EVN effectively, gradually becoming the leading payment intermediary in Vietnam.


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