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Ecomobi is an intermediary platform that connects businesses with advertising optimists and content creation communities – individuals who are followed by many and influential people. on the Intenet. Accordingly, businesses will have the opportunity to increase revenue with a specific commitment in terms of results. The content creation community can also make money easily by advertising or selling suitable products and services from many reputable brands to their own “fan” community. And through Ecomobi, influencers can have an additional source of attractive income up to hundreds of millions every month from their interactive channels on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, Bigo Live … and combined with world famous brands such as: Unilever, SecretKey …


In 2016, Ecomobi was created by Mr. Truong Cong Thanh and 3 colleagues to solve the biggest problem of the online sales industry, which is connecting businesses with advertising optimization experts and content creation communities individuals are followed by many people and have an influence on the Internet).

The idea of ​​Ecomobi was formed from the biggest concern of Mr. Thanh during his time working in the marketing industry, which is how to commit the ultimate value to customers – effective online sales brands. According to him, this is also the “void” of online sales, but the marketing department of brands or media companies has not yet fully solved. All media companies today are primarily committed to brands in terms of coverage, impressions or clicks on the target website. It is difficult for any company to commit to brands of delivering a truly interested audience of products or orders. “In another angle, social networks such as Facebook, Zalo, Instagram … in Southeast Asian countries are very developed and tend to have content creators, fan pages, video channels … Therefore, the problem posed. That’s why not connecting the two sides to promote products and for the community to develop content to create orders “, said Mr. Thanh – Project CEO.

TECHNOLOGY: Ecomobi is built on two main technology platforms: artificial intelligence / machine learning (AI / Machine Learning) and intelligent suggestion system (Smart Recommendation System). This technology will assess relevance and automatically connect businesses with the content creation community. In addition, for businesses, Ecomobi also offers a commitment to share revenue in accordance with the nature of the product and the brand. For the content creation community, Ecomobi offers many suggestions on how to optimize display on each interaction channel to maximize advertising or sales.



Ecomobi will usher in a revolution in the way of approaching consumers, how to sell goods as well as how to market on the Internet. The internet economy in Southeast Asia is currently 72 billion USD, and is expected to reach 240 billion by 2025, equivalent to an annual growth rate of more than 22%. When industries such as e-commerce (e-commerce), financial technology (fintech) or on-demand applications such as ride-hailing and food delivery develop rapidly, the demand for Highly committed sales and advertising platforms such as Ecomobi will see strong growth

Since its inception, online advertising has quickly become an indispensable marketing channel for any business. Usually, businesses will pay a fee to a third party for their products and brands to be displayed to potential customers. However, it is difficult to calculate whether this cost is being used effectively or not for many different reasons: the place where the ad can be placed on the wrong audience, the number of interacting customers is not in demand. purchase etc.

Ecomobi was born to solve the biggest problem mentioned above of the online advertising industry. Ecomobi directly connects businesses with advertising optimization experts and the content creation community through revenue sharing. Thus, only when the order is successfully completed, the business owner must pay the cost to Ecomobi. Moreover, through Ecomobi, anyone can generate attractive income from their interactive channels on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, Bigo Live …


In 2016, Ecombi’s debut product helped brands increase by 1.5 million installs after just 9 months of launch. In 2017, Ecomobi became a partner of many e-commerce exchanges in Southeast Asia. Not only limited to a domestic market, Ecomobi has gradually conquered the Southeast Asian market with more than 100 major customers, spanning many fields, from e-commerce (such as Lazada, Shopee, Adayroi, Sendo. , Tokopedia, Bukalapak) to finance insurance (such as iDong, VP Bank, Bao Viet). To date, the platform has brought more than $ 200 million in revenue to businesses working with Ecomobi. With the help from ESP Capital and Nextrans, Ecomobi is continuing its dream of rapidly expanding its market and influence, not only in Asia but also in the world.

In the first year in foreign markets, Indonesia is the first market. Thanks to luck, Ecomobi had its first customer, Alibaba. As a giant, Alibaba is only interested in the largest number of users that Ecomibi brings, regardless of the cost.

At this time, the Ecomobi team, including Ms. Dung, immediately started to implement and worked hard, sitting in the office until 2 am still did not want to return and still called to meet with the team in Vietnam to find a way. increase the number of users for Alibaba as much as possible. Ms. Dung said that in some months, Ecomobi’s revenue reached 500,000 USD – huge revenue for a startup that is only under 5 years old. Her team continues to dedicate a lot of energy and time to this wealthy customer. Until one day, Alibaba announced that instead of paying $ 500,000, the business would deduct 50% of Ecomobi’s revenue for breach of the contract. “At that time we were in a real crisis. For a startup, being deducted 50% of the revenue will inevitably lose, ” Ms. Dung recalls.

But by 2018, Ecomobi has helped more than 100 brands and e-commerce sites sell more than $ 100 million worth of goods and services through 30,000 network channels.

In 2019, the company is on track to double its growth from the previous year, and also in 2019, the Vinacapital Ventures fund invests in Ecomobi. Founded in 2018, VinaCapital Ventures is a venture capital fund operating in the technology sector with capital up to 100 million USD, specializing in investing in the next generation of startups in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. The Foundation’s mission is to develop strong technology companies in Vietnam and assist them in building a regional presence. To support businesses, VinaCapital Ventures provides financial support in the medium to long term, access to business networks, and training and mentoring activities. The fund’s team of professionals have extensive expertise, extensive experience and skills ranging from corporate governance, product marketing, operations management, and technology strategy, to segment development. customers, negotiate deals and raise capital.

Continuing with that success, by the end of May 2019, surpassing more than 1,700 competitors from all over Asia, startup Truong Cong Thanh and Ecomobi platform became one of the two winning startups of Echelon Asia Summit 2019 and received the award. Bonuses worth up to SGD 50,000.

 Up to now, after 4 years, Ecomobi is now on the momentum of strong growth. With branches in different countries (Vietnam – Indonesia – Singapore), Ecomobi is the leading affiliate marketing platform provider in Southeast Asia. Ecomobi Company is the bridge connecting partners and customers around the world with Southeast Asia and emerging markets by building and operating a leading technology system and presenting as a local network. Phuong.

 In April 2020, Outlining more than 2000 heavyweights from Southeast Asia, the social selling platform Ecomobi Social Selling Platform has become the only Vietnamese representative to enter the top 14 of the Facebook Accelerator contest. Singapore. Highly regarded by Facebook’s judges and advisors as Ecomobi Social Selling Platform (SSP) – a platform that connects brands with influencers such as influencers / KOLs, SSP has helped brands increase their exposure. brand recognition, optimizing revenue on social networking platforms, and bringing high profits for participating influencers / KOLs.