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Learn about recruitment technology platform Devwork (May 26, 2019) is a technology platform that aims to provide and connect between recruiting professionals and businesses, thereby providing resumes Recruitment for employers quickly.


DEVWORK.VN is an IT job offer site for IT recruiters, and job applicants in the IT industry. DEVWORK brings value to users of a recruitment application that recruits IT, reputation, quality, and highly qualified candidates. 

Devwork is short for developer and work, which means work is for software developer.

Why create

  • Devwork was created to overcome the challenges of software companies and IT candidates alike.
  • From the difficulties of IT recruitment, we have decided to create a PRESTIGE, QUALITY, VALUE, RIGHTS, RESPONSIBILITY, TAN TAN recruitment page called
  • Devwork is developed by a team of programmers who are creative, passionate, courageous, determined, professional and have many years of experience in software system programming.

Values ​​ brings

  • With connection difficulties from employers as well as IT candidates, Devwork created to connect candidates with employers into an IT job network, named as the revolution that changed Vietnam’s technology. . The abbreviation is DEVELOPER IT WORK VIETNAM.
  • Devwork is creating the most optimal job site for users, such as JOB QUESTIONS, ONSITE JOB, INTERNATIONAL JOB in Japan, USA, Singapore, UK, France … etc.

Devwork vision

  • Devwork currently has more than one million candidate accounts and more than eight hundred employer accounts. Along with more than a hundred thousand hits per day.
  • We will try to push those numbers up in 2019 to the fullest extent to help candidates and employers get more benefits. We will become the largest IT recruitment site in Vietnam in the next 2 years.

Devwork mission

  • Why did we create Devwork because Devwork creates such a great value for technology 4.0 when employers are confused by the lack of staff, and candidates are discouraged by not finding the right company.
  • So our mission is to connect employers and IT candidates together into a network that strongly connects and marks the name of Vietnam on the international technology map.

Devwork Responsibility

  • We will try to connect with technology companies to create hundreds of jobs every month as well as every day, we will help hundreds of candidates find jobs.
  • With CONFIDENTIALITY, RELIABILITY, PRESTIGE, QUALITY, we are committed to trying to develop Devwork into the best job site. And we also need your comments to create a perfect product.


  • Reasons for choosing DEVWORK
    • HR is a human resources department not a media unit
      • HR is a division born in the business, in addition to recruiting and building a team of human resources to develop a business, HR is also a division specializing in training to improve the quality of personnel of that business. In addition, HR is also a part that cares about the cultural life of the brothers in the business. If businesses use HR as an employee to distribute flyers on the internet and advertise on forums, gradually, HR will forget about the tasks and functions that they have learned beyond the “KPI recruitment this month. ? “. If a business wants to be strong, if it wants to grow, in addition to developing in quantity, it must also focus on quality.
      • Therefore, Devwork was born to take part of the responsibility and support the recruitment of personnel in the IT industry more effectively, while the traditional recruitment sites have not really achieved the results that businesses expect. .
    • HR workforce in small and medium enterprises is still too thin: Honestly, to say that I met 10 girls working as HR, up to 11 girls confessed: Lately I ran my company’s jobs on my face. When building a team of HR for a business that you invest in a team of 5-10 people who both recruit and train is impossible and wasteful, so every small and medium company has a team to find for staff under 5 people. And the truth is productivity and productivity cannot be compared with Devwork’s 10K HR Freelancers. This also means that if using Devwork’s service, the business is using the largest number of HR personnel in the country without having to pay monthly salary. With a dense and extremely professional HR network, when the business makes a request no matter how difficult, Devwork can also meet it.
    • Low recruitment cost but high efficiency
      • Coming to Devwork is a business that is completely able to use the HR Freelancers network without having to pay salary, businesses only have to pay bonuses such as bonuses according to the recruitment KPI and the cost is within the predetermined rate.
      • Moreover, businesses can also fully take the initiative in recruitment costs from time to time and the case they give.
    • Devwork is a closed recruitment system: We are proud to be a leader in offering the first self-contained recruitment service in Vietnam and the region. All steps in the recruitment process via Devwork are systematic and standardized, from posting job offers, receiving CVs, confirming the test via Devcheck system, conducting interviews, confirming successful recruitment to Bonus validation for HR Freelancers. Thereby, we aim to have a professional, effective and competitive recruitment system.
    • Devcheck – Test system for Employers: In order to standardize the recruitment process, Devwork also developed a Devcheck system that includes a bank of questions that are both comprehensive and close to each candidate position. Our system also allows recruiters to create questionnaires tailored to the job and project you’re working on. For these reasons, Devcheck has been and is effectively assisting employers in the preliminary assessment of each candidate, helping to optimize the interview time.
  • – destination for HR Freelancers
    • Devwork makes money quickly and conveniently
      •’s difference lies in the network of +1000 HR Freelancers.
      • Who are they? How have they been increasing their overtime income through
      • HR Freelancers can be anyone, who can search for and recommend candidates for positions that is posting. Devwork always has about +1000 jobs are looking for candidates and many of them have bonuses for HR Freelancer up to 25 million.
      • In this way, you can fully utilize your relationships to increase your overtime income up to +20 million VND / month. Companies are always in desperate need of candidates and candidates need jobs.
      • And Devwork was developed to help HR Freelancers connect between employers and programmers, thereby, helping HR increase income quickly and conveniently.
    • Devwork does not collect HR candidate contacts: is an online recruiting platform that connects employers, HR Freelancers and candidates. However, we do not collect candidate information of HR Freelancers, when submitting candidate CV via the system, we always encourage you to delete candidate information, to ensure HR benefits as well as confidentiality. information for introduced candidates.
    • website and mobile application system were built and developed to provide maximum support to HR Freelancers
    • Devwork’s developers are working day and night to build a closed online recruitment system with a clean, simple process. wants to support HR Freelancers as much as possible, from booking online interview schedules to managing candidates and applied positions.
    • Clear bonus payment mechanism and regular payment via bank account: is always transparent in bonuses for HR Freelancers for successfully recommending candidates. The bonuses will also be paid automatically to the bank account that HR has registered on the system. Bonus value for HR also increased up to 2 times according to the candidate warranty packages from 30 days, 60 days and 90 days that businesses choose.


  • Successfully created job search network and job offer for HR and freelancers.





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HOTLINE: 02462 911 388

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