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Combros Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise operating in the field of information technology, electronics manufacturing, mechanical engineering … with the scale of 30-50 employees, friendly working environment, high preferential regimes. and always comply with the provisions of the Vietnam Labor Law. Currently, before the dangerous disease situation of coronavirus, this startup has launched a Combros Sentinel body temperature sensor.


This is a user body temperature measuring device, applying 4.0 technology, built completely from the measurement of object body temperature, to putting measurement data on the server to synthesize and analyze data.

The device is located at the entrance, do not need to use a handheld device in direct contact with the object and the person measured does not need to touch the device. After only 2-3 seconds of scanning, the device will report the measurement results to the user and the measurement data is immediately sent to the server so that organizations and departments can track it, and quickly share. Results for users. In addition, Combros Sentinel also has the secondary function of combining attendance and attendance through the device’s built-in RFID system.

  • GLOBAL VALUE: As a part of Suga Group, Combros is able to access and utilize the resources and knowledge from regional to international level. Combos will be a valued and trusted partner to our customers by proactively providing the most impactful and suitable solution for a wide variety of customers and establishing long-term relationships built on customer satisfaction and trust.
  • COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTION: Combos are always confident in applying our technology to provide comprehensive solutions from hardware devices, embedded systems, mobile and PC applications, computer technology homes, servers, a website to solve problems in life. Combos contribute to the business activities of our customers by timely recognition of their changing needs and pursuing technologies they value.
  • CREATIVE SOLUTION: Combros always take a customer-centric approach in all our business activities by proactively proposing creative ideas for the success of customers. This start up also eager to take the challenges with the difficulties of overall hi-tech to provide creative ideas based on existing resources and the original idea of the customer.
  • FAST AND FLEXIBLE: The technology is self-owned by Combros so it is not forced by any stereotype or any third party. Therefore, Combros can offer the most suitable solution quickly according to customer capability. Flexibility in using different technologies adapted to customer requirements.


With 4 years of experience in the automation systems and knowledge from the global technology market, COMBROS SENTINEL is always confident in designing and building systems to solve problems in life for a wide variety of customers.No matter which segment you are in and what your needs are, Combros promises to strive for the best understanding and bring result that satisfies your desire by providing the most effective solutions, including:

  • Technology Solutions: As an impactful player in the market, we are honored to master in automation systems and circuits, electricity, mobile and PC applications. We use advanced technologies together with local understandings to provide the most impactful and suitable solutions for customer. Our technology-based platforms help us create value for our partners throughout various stages of customer lifecycle.
  • Hi-tech Products: Since our foundation, our aim has been to pursue technology innovation based on our belief in the infinite possibilities of technological development. Combros continuously observes and collects from the life demands, where we define, build and provide the effective product. We are confident in designing and building hi-tech products in order to improve the work efficiency, the quality of community life.
  • Outsourcing: We are ready to cooperate with every partner to work and turn their ideas into reality. We are committed to becoming trusted and valued partners. Our commitment is the high quality of our products, customer satisfaction and spirit of excellence. The expertise in products, applications and technology is our strength.


  • COMBROS SENTINAL – As an automatic checking body temperature solution using 4.0 technology, the system is a complete solution including measuring stations to check the body’s temperature, and the data packet is aggregated on the application server of cloud computing.
  • CBRESCUE – Thisescue device will be attached to life vest. When falling into the sea, water sensor will detect and allow the device continuously updating the location to server system on website management dashboard or mobile application.
  • CBMOTION: cbMotion device is attached to Biti’s shoes using the smart sensors in the field of motion identification (accelerometer) to collect data about movement, vibrations, velocity of the user to evaluate the required parameters,… Synchronize data real-time to the server system through connecting to tablet (tablet).
  • SMART WAREHOUSE –  a device track each item/package in warehouse with identification technologies (RFID, UHF, UWB, iBeacon,…). This method is wireless reading, scanning, and searching that creates fast way to inventory and find objects in stock
  • SMART FARMING – a device control the amount of water at the discretion of engineers, avoid waterlogging and water wasting: maximum error for watering and composting and is +/- 5 liters
  • SMART OFFICE: For businesses from different scale, the issue of human resource management also challenges and requires a lot of time and effort. Combros then finds a way to save time and bring higher efficiency.
    • Combros uses employee card, guest card, fingerprint for identification.
    • With identification technology, user uses a card for all such identity activities as controlling accessible right, timekeeping.
    • Besides, this technology also has indoor routing and instructions to move in the office building through identification.



The situation of Covid-19 is really complicated. However, if we find ourselves infected early, we will be quarantined in a timely manner, avoiding spreading to people around us, resulting in hospital overcrowding, no places to lie, not enough equipment, and healthcare staff. This leads to an uncontrolled ability to cure patients and high mortality rates as some countries lack in isolation of infected people. Facing with a hard situation like that, Combros Technology launched Combros Sentinel –  a body temperature measuring device in order to solve some damages

This body temperature measuring device was based on technology 4.0, built completely from the measurement of body temperature, to bring measurement data to the server to synthesize and analyze data. . It provides a positive solution for many situations, especially in disease control schemes characterized by high fever. In other words, the main purpose of the device is to contribute to limiting spread through automated body temperature checks with special features:

  • Scanning body’s temperature, standard error 0.1-0.3 degree
  • Scanning time: 2-3 seconds
  • Warning/ Alert with temperature threshold
  • Warning indicator: red/green light, speaker
  • Synchronizing data to server/website
  • Statistics of measurements and corresponding body temperature values
  • Analyzing data, especially, threshold data – make some recommendation immediately.

Combros Sentinel’s Features:

  • Measuring body’s temperature, standard error 0.1-0.3 Celsius degree.
  • Scanning time: 2-3 seconds.
  • Warning/ Alert with temperature threshold
  • Warning Indicator: red/ green light, speaker.
  • Synchronizing data to server/website.
  • Statistics of measurements and corresponding body temperature values
  • Analyzing data, especially, threshold data – make some recommendation immediately.

Combros Sentinel Advantages:

  • Safety
  • Accuracy
  • Reduce spending – increase productivity
  • Effective information management
  • Data collection is faster and easier
  • Shorten the process & save time


The Combros COMPANY lauched Combros Sentinel machine in 2015 with two headquarters located in Ho Chi Minh City and Singapore. Suga company is an enterprise operating in many fields such as information technology, software engineering, high-tech agriculture, food service, healthcare, health … The current scale is up to nearly 170 employees. This startup specializes in automation, embedded technology and smart solutions with its headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with a strong advantage in adopting industry 4.0 trends and IoT platforms.

2016:  Building up tracking systems for motor-bike, car, kids

Joining Suga Group since 2017, Combros officially transformed into a professional company and takes advantage of resources from other branches in Suga Group. This is the foundation for Combros to become the leading company in Industry 4.0 trends and IoT platform.

2018: Combos successfully in deployed project for Biti’s and Cooperated with Singapore partnerson NB IoT technology platform.

In 2020, after more than 1 week of implementation, Combros Sentinel body temperature meter is completed and put into use.


In the beginning of 2020, Combros Sentinel was broadcasted the Program of Creative Entrepreneurship – HTV7 to share with the community the process of manufacturing and deploying automatic thermometers to departments and society.

This equipment has also been certified to the quality standard of Center Testing Center 3 and has been operating in 5 schools, hospitals, isolation areas, general clinics, corporate offices and Religious establishments in the city. Ho Chi Minh.