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Chopet Viet Nam Co., Ltd is built on the desire to develop the best ecosystem for pets. There, we not only simply connect sellers and buyers, but also create a comprehensive ecosystem for breeders – service providers – promoters – the pet loving community.


Who are our customers? These include pet sellers, pet buyers, veterinary businesses, pet service providers, the cat and dog community in Vietnam, and much more. With the e-commerce background, Chopet Vietnam connects it all together in a unique Chopet-branded ecosystem.

Revenue generated from activities of e-commerce advertising, product promotion, sales, posting fees and many other sources of revenue.

From the revenue of the first months of the test run (May 8,9,10, 2019), the following months had a breakthrough in revenue with more than 250 million VND from brands and hatcheries.

Because of the epidemic situation, revenue stopped while advocating to cut advertising activities waiting through the epidemic. Chopet Vietnam still exists and confidently opens a retail segment with a combo of accessory packages at wholesale prices in May2020.

It is predicted that 2020 – 2021 revenue will increase strongly in the coming months and reach 1 billion VND by the end of 2020. With abundant capital from outside, that will be the main driving force for transaction activities. Trade of Chopet Vietnam.

Profit in the first year is expected to reach 10% of total revenue.


As a limited liability company with 3 members, the orientation will be transformed into a Joint Stock Company and developed into a Chopet Group operating in the pet sector with 6 main areas: E-commerce, Retail, Logistics, Translation Pet Services, Insurance and Event.

The pet market in Vietnam is considered to be sporadic, fragmented with no professional organization. The business space across all pet businesses is still huge, even fertile.

Currently floating pet values ​​have no pricing or quantification. Trading shows the subjective will of both sellers and buyers and can be quickly inflated.

As enthusiasts and like-minded, the founders together have built the core of Chopet Vietnam’s ecosystem, the e-commerce trading floor. Completed the Scheme, Regulations, Platform system and certified by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.