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Bluemotionmedia is a production agency founded by Nguyen Chan Ly in 2017 and based out of Hue, Vietnam. This startup provides full-service production services specializing in live events, music festivals, corporate events, and installations, etc …


Originating from experienced film enthusiasts, BLUEMOTION TECHNOLOGY AND COMMUNICATION CO., LTD was established and giving customers a new experience in using unique photos and videos in marketing campaigns. For each product – service, Blue Motion uses a separate visual storytelling language, consistent with the brand’s development orientation and the brand’s personality.


  • Promoting products/brands to consumers effectively
  • Create a spreading effect to the customer.
  • Express Brand Class
  • Diversify your advertising channels.
  • Make the impression, mark, or drive the buying behavior to customers
  • Brand recall
  • Increase product Reputation/brand
  • Make curious customers Learn product information
  • Change the customer’s purchase behavior for the new product group, or strengthen the belief of 1 specific product


  • PROFESSIONAL AND COMMITMENT: Professional values ​​are expressed in the brand identity elements; Specific process, methodical; Enthusiastic attitude, responsibility, good listening; Professional is not only in the form and gesture of showing professionalism but also in how we respond to the problem.
  • CREATIVITY AND  DIFFERENCE: Creativity is the guiding principle in the production of Bluemotion. Innovation is the premise to help customers’ products become more prominent in the fierce business competition in the market. Bluemotion values ​​Creativity, which also values ​​and respects each customer’s unique Value.
  • COPPER AND ASSOCIATION: Unity in the common voice in each issue. The members of Bluemotion with each individual personality receive equal respect, the strength of one person will be a piece for the other.
  • UNDERSTANDING AND ATTRACTION: Understand how to see the problem in-depth and objectivity. Understanding brings about Harmonized Values ​​in internal relationships, relationships with customers. Understanding the appearance is the time to bring each other the most sincere feelings, feel about the service/product more professionally.


  • APPLICATION PIONEER: Applying modern and novel advertising technology, bringing a difference to each customer.
  • EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY: Putting all our heart into every production process, our pleasure is to see products trusted by our customers.
  • RIGHT PROCESS: We apply the project and human management system (BPM) to bring the most optimal productivity to the production process.
  • REASONABLE PRICE: Understanding the diverse needs of customers, we always offer the most appropriate cost to the existing budget of customers.
  • VALUATION LINKS: In conjunction with the brand development ecosystem, we are confident to bring many unexpected values to our customers.


In the context of growing technology and marketing activities are also investing more, the need to make videos promoting products and brands of businesses is also a big intention. Advertising films are a means to promote products and services that have become so popular and familiar in Vietnam and this is a type of advertising that brings a lot of advantages and possesses many benefits for businesses in image advertising issues, branding of your company.

If TVC commercials, 3D advertising films, etc. are the types of advertising movies that businesses hire production and montage companies to promote their company’s products and advertise their company’s brands. export; Movie trailers for this product may impress the audience about the brand in the first place. However, after a while, the brand of the business will be forgotten by the audience, not remembering. Therefore, many businesses have used business introductory films to be able to promote the business image publicly and professionally. In addition, the introductory movie commercials with good movie quality, footage as well as beautiful angles will make the movie introduction about the business has a unique, completely different from other types of movies. other advertising. Therefore, the demand for using the movie introduction business is increasing and there is no sign of slowing down.

Founđe in 2017, In order to meet the increasing demand for a wide variety of advertising films, BLUEMOTION TECHNOLOGY AND COMMUNICATIONS CO., LTD was born with the purpose of meeting the needs of businesses wishing to promote their images. more to the public.


    • Trailer / Teaser
    • Branding – brand identity
    • Enterprise introduction
    • Introduce products and services
    • Viral campaigns
    • Customer care
    • Promotions, offers
    • Co-operate
    • Memory
    • Community
    • Team building
    • Flycam
  • BRAND:
    • Music video (Mv)
    • Personal reputation


  • MOVIE EVENTS: Opening, product launch – sales, team building, celebrations, conferences, seminars, forums, community activities …
  • ADVERTISING FILM: Business introduction film; Movie advertising products/services by campaign …
  • FILM VIRAL: With thorough scripting, the goal of the video is towards the natural sharing effect from viewers.
  • In addition, there are other services such as movie introduction business; Film introducing products and services; Music films (MV); Viral video; 2D / 3D motion graphic; Visual Effects (VFX); Flycam / Drone; Take photos of the event; Take photos of products; Portrait photography (brand name); Recording / Voiceover; Montage; Rent a studio, take a studio; 


  • Receiving BRIEF:  copies of customers ‘s requests will help Bluemotion’s staff to understand the customer and the purpose for wanting to be sent in this promotional film. Capturing important information will help Bluemotion bring out many unique, novel ideas.
  • Ideas. If the client already has an idea, Bluemotion will advise the idea so that it is changed and developed so that it is reasonable for the purpose set. If not, employees of Vietstarmax will take the time to discuss and come up with some creative ideas for customers. These ideas will be sent back to customer review and selected for production.
  • Production: Before filming, it is necessary to prepare the thoughtful currency for the shoot to be favorable. Bluemotion will be appointed manpower, equipment for the filming. The production was run under the management of Vietstarmax and the customer company. Therefore, as soon as problems arise, Vietstarmax is able to make changes in the idea to suit the actual circumstances.
  • Post-production: This is an important stage in the promotional filmmaking gactivity. Will then edit the raw spin, pair it and add beautiful effects so that the promo movie becomes more lively and engaging. Before the official publication, Bluemotion staff will send back to customers to monitor products and browse products, receive feedback from customers to improve the product TVC advertising, ensure the promotional film given will always be innovative and unique products.

With the service of Bluemotion, businesses will always get the best products. The media campaign will always achieve high efficiency, receive attention, support from the audience. Behind the products that Bluemotion brings to customers is the whole process of enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the whole team. Bluemotion always puts itself in the position of customers to understand and above all, create non-stop creation to create the best quality videos.


  • 100 business customers, organizations and individuals trust the service (VNPT, VCCI, UN WOMEN, ..).
  • 250 projects have been implemented.
  • 1000 copyrighted tools and resources for image and video production.
  • At the end of 2019, Bluemotion was honored to always be the media companion in the activities organized by the Thua Thien Hue Development Research Institute. This is the result of a recent activity that Blue team has accompanied.

For Blue, these numbers are really great and that is also the motivation for Blue to launch products that can satisfy customers the most.



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