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Blacasa Tutor is the first direct channel connecting teachers & learners in Vietnam. The system was officially launched and put into use in 3/2018 with the purpose of making the process of finding tutoring classes of tutors and finding tutors of parents and students easier, saving maximum time and effort. strength.


In fact, parents who want to find tutors always have the desire to find good tutors, prestige and quality. However, finding a tutor is the process of finding someone who has the expertise, competence and experience to impart knowledge and motivate students to stay motivated and learn to progress. Therefore, the first tutor must be someone who is admired and admired by the student before being a “mentor” of knowledge. If the traditional tutor connection still has many limitations: when parents call the tutor center to find a tutor, it will be completely passive (waiting for the center) to choose a suitable tutor for . In case the tutor is not suitable, it takes the effort to find another tutor, causing time and effort. With Blacasa, parents and students will keep the initiative, you will post your request to find a tutor on the system, be proactive to find an exact tutor with the need to study in the list of more than 3000 tutors on the system, system.

As for tutors, including the subjects: students, teachers, experts, .. desire to receive prestigious classes, students and parents who are good people with stable teaching. But the presence of so many tutoring centers on the market today, especially disguised tutoring centers, makes it increasingly difficult to find tutor classes. Many unfortunate friends have become victims of fraud leading to “money lost disability”, falling into misery when tutoring.

Operating on the support of technology 4.0, Blacasa replaces and minimizes the time and effort of humans (including tutors and parents, students). Thereby, improving the quality of finding classes, finding tutors. Just need a device like Iphone, Ipad, laptop… with Wifi connection, wherever you are, whenever you can easily find a new class if you are a tutor, or find a tutor If the parent / student is in need of tutoring.

In particular, Blacasa has a section to record the evaluation of students and parents. On the introduction page of each tutor, we allow learners to record the feelings about the tutor they have learned on the system. This is also a reference base for the next student to easily select the most appropriate and appropriate tutor.

On Blacasa system, you can find the best solutions for all learning needs:

  • Find tutors, find tutors
  • Find center course
  • Educational advice
  • Knowledge handbook for each subject

The system officially launched and put into use from 3/2018 for the purpose of helping the process to find the tutor and find the tutor of parents, students become easy, save maximum time and effort. Nearly 1 year of operation, we increasingly strive for continuous improvement, to bring to the tutor and parents, students the opportunity to experience quality connection channels, in which both teachers & the best conditions to convey the & Knowledge field.

Blacasa understands: Every parent who needs to find a tutor is always eager to find good, reputable and quality tutor. However, finding a tutor is the process of finding a person with expertise, competence, experience to convey knowledge and motivation to help students always excited and learning progress. Therefore, the first tutor must be a beloved student and to restore it before being a “master” of knowledge guidance. If the connection of traditional tutors survive a lot of limitations: when the parents call the tutor center by finding the tutor will be completely active (waiting for the center) to select a suitable tutor for referrals. In case the tutor does not match, you lose the waiting job to find another tutor, which is costly in time and effort. With Blacasa, parents and students will be proactive, you will be asking yourself to find tutor on the system, which is actively finding an accurate tutor with the need to study in the list of more than 3000 tutor on the system.


Today, along with the strong development of science and technology, enthusiastic IT professionals have pioneated the integration of technology into the field of tutor connection. Therefore, the Blacasa tutor system was born, meeting all the teaching needs & of all tutors and parents, students nationwide:

  • Find tutors 4.0: The 4.0 connection platform allows students and tutors to “connect directly”. Students only need to describe the content of the study, the teachers will “auction” the price to receive classes. This ensures students always find tutors with the most reasonable tuition. Finding tutors on Blacasa is fast, simple, and completely free.
  • VIP tutors: VIP tutors are Blacasa’s Premium services to bring parents and students the highest quality professional and tutoring services. All tutors are excellent teachers and students, trained by Blacasa himself and pedagogical skills.
  • Find courses: In the near future, Blacasa will deploy “distribution channels of courses” including online courses and courses at the center. With the goal of an address of millions of courses, Blacasa hopes this will be a full and diverse channel of courses. Helps you save considerable time searching time.
  • Training Center: With the desire to directly convey its knowledge and experience, Blacasa will open Blacasa School’s educational training and consultancy centers, focusing on 3 main areas: Center foreign language, Kindergarten, and soft skills communication center.


  • EDUCATION MISSION: Vietnam’s economy is growing strongly. To meet the demand for high quality labor, education reform must be a top priority. In response to the government’s call for educational socialization, BLACASA is day and night contributing to improving the quality of education in Vietnam.
  • CONNECTING AND LEARNING: The direction of BLACASA is “Connecting learners’ learning needs to prestigious teachers, tutors, experts, and centers”. This has great significance in saving search time costs as well as creating an objective quality assessment platform by the community.
  • QUICK, SIMPLE, SAVING: Using technology achievements of the 4.0 era, BLACASA creates a platform where learners and instructors are “directly connected” very quickly and accurately in accordance with the learning needs posted. . In particular, the teachers will offer the most reasonable prices as you desire.
  • Objective QUALITY ASSESSMENT: Understanding that “teaching quality always comes first” besides affordable costs, BLACASA has created a platform that allows students to be assessed on the quality of teaching & learning. This information is extremely useful for subsequent learners.
  • MEET YOUR LEARNING NEEDS: Now users don’t have to search hard, because all learning needs are ready on BLACASA. Quickly help you:
    • Find tutors, find tutors.
    • Find center course.
    • Educational advice.
    • Experimental educational activities.
  • 4.0 TECHNOLOGY: Based on the support of Technology 4.0, Blacasa replaced and minimized the time and effort of human beings (including both tutor and parent, student). Thereby, enhancing the quality of the class finding the tutor. Just have a device like Iphone, Ipad, Laptop… There is a Wifi connection wherever you are, whenever you can easily find a new class if you are a tutor or a tutor, if you are a parent/student who is in need of a tutor.
  • In particular, Blacasa has noted the assessment of students, parents. On the introduction page of each tutor, we allow the student to record the feel of the tutor we have learned on the system. This is also the reference facility for the next students to easily choose the most appropriate tutor.





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