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Bigbom is the pioneer automatic advertising optimization solution on Facebook and Google in Vietnam. Advertisers just need to enter the target price they want to optimize in 3 clicks, the rest is Bigbom to worry about.


Bigbom’s solutions help advertisers reduce working time by 60% and increase efficiency by 10-20%. We have had many successful, proven case studies.

If you are an advertiser, why do you have to sit and optimize your ads every day? The reason is because you want to control the performance of the advertising campaigns, increase the budget for good campaigns to increase results, …

These repetitive manual jobs are completely automated by Bigbom, with high precision. Our system monitors ads continuously with an average data processing frequency of 5-10 minutes for all of your ads to make optimization decisions. With many intelligent algorithms, you only need to enter TARGET PRICE which is the maximum price you want to achieve into the system. Bigbom will reverse-engineer itself to understand what you want to achieve, so that we automatically optimize for you.

Benefits of using Bigbom:

  • Save 60-80% of working time -> more leisurely life, no need to wake up early to track ads -> save staff costs.
  • Automatically helps you to expand your budget into good campaigns -> helps you achieve more results -> increases sales.
  • Advertising costs can be reduced by 10-20% -> reduce costs.


The technology revolution 4.0 is the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technology. It includes physical networks, the Internet of things, and cloud computing.

Widespread application of advances in ICT, cloud computing or virtual reality technologies in industrial production will blur the lines between the real and virtual worlds. . This is considered a powerful transformation of the industry in the future.

In the wave of industrial revolution 4.0, Blockchain is considered as a “key” technology for digital transformation so that countries as well as businesses seize opportunities in the 4.0 race. More specifically, the application of block chains to online advertising has become the optimal tool for investors to save costs and solve troublesome problems of traditional advertising.

In 2018, the Bigbom project officially entered the Vietnamese market. With the determination to become a global platform, creating a system of online advertising solutions that can serve even the most demanding markets like the US or Europe, Bigbom decided to set up headquarters in Singapore – The country with the best startup support policy in Southeast Asia. Besides, all the technologies used by the Bigbom ecosystem meet international standards.

Also according to Vung – who is currently the CEO of Bigbom: “It is undeniable that profit is very important, but for us, Bigbom is also a product serving the community of online advertisers. , serving the aspiration of ‘bringing a’ made in Vietnam ‘technology solution to the world’ ‘. Before daring to dream further, in 2019, Bigbom will certainly face a huge challenge in Vietnam – one of the fastest growing online advertising markets in the world today. In fact, Statista’s report shows that in 2018, total digital advertising revenue in Vietnam fell to about 663 million USD, ranking 35 globally; of which, social networking platforms contributed approximately 557 million USD.