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Aimesoft is a Multimodal AI research and development company. Multimodal AI combines multiple input sources (text, voice, image, numerical data, …) and various intelligence algorithms into a single system to solve complicated problems and achieve high performance. These problems often cannot be solved with a single input source or a single processing algorithm. Aimesoft recently set up a branch in the United States to promote the development of global markets. Aimesoft’s US branch, officially called Aimesoft Inc., is based in San Francisco, the largest city near Silicon Valley. 


Aimesoft brings together AI application experts to solve practical problems. Aimesoft’s mission is to accompany people in life through the application of true and vivid polynomial artificial intelligence. The greatest asset of Aimesoft is the team of more than 30 experts and research engineers. solid programming foundation and real-world experience of “difficult” projects. Under the lead of TS. Nguyen Tuan Duc (CEO) and consultant of experts from the University of Tokyo, Japan, Aimesoft are making strong changes to affirm the No. 1 position in providing solutions to apply Artificial Intelligence.


Solutions based on Multimodal AI

  • Smart billnote processing solution: Automatically execute various manual work to help reducing human cost and time. It can be used in automatic data extraction, document creation, smart store management
  • Speech processing: Automatically execute various manual work to help reducing human cost and time. It can be used in automatic data extraction, document creation, smart store management
  • Robotic Process Automation: Automatically execute various manual work to help reducing human cost and time. It can be used in automatic data extraction, document creation, smart store management
  • Medical text analysis: Smart solutions for Medical care are to provide the ability to automatically read, analyze medical records, summarize the progression of the disease, the treatment process, and automatically record medical records from words.
  • Video analysis solution: Solutions of Artificial Intelligence to analyze images, voices, subtitles in videos to detect videos with bad content
  • Intelligence algorithms for smart devices: The Natural Language Processing solution for intelligent hardware devices provides the ability to listen, understand, interpret natural languages, perform tasks and conversation with users.
  • Deep Learning for Windows (DL4Win): Aimesoft resolves one of the most difficult problems when implementing Deep Learning algorithms on Windows, which is interpreting and packaging software based on famous Deep Learning libraries such as Tensorflow / Keras on Windows. Practical experience using Tensorflow / Keras for Image Processing (used in conjunction with OpenCV) and Natural Language Processing on Windows.
  • Predictive Analytics solution: Predictive analytics based on Data deploying and Multi-modal Artificial Intelligence. Applications include Bitcoin rate prediction analysis, power consumption prediction analysis, listening and social analysis.
  • Smart ID card, passport reader: Aimesoft provides ID card reader solution to automatically analyze ID card images, scanned passports and other identification documents. The solution utilizes Multimodal AI to recognize characters from the images and extract meaningful information such as name, date of birth, address … It can also extract human face from an ID card image and compare with realtime video capture to verify the person.


  • Mr. Nguyen Tuan Hung – Chairman of the Board: Having over 10 years of business experience in the field of Information Technology, Hardware, Software. Founder and operating of Dotoh Software Solution Company since 2013. Chairman of Aimesoft Joint Stock Company.
  • TS Nguyen Tuan Duc – General manager: Graduated with a PhD in Science and Information Technology from Tokyo University, majoring in Natural Language Processing. Received the Excellence Award from the National Conference of Artificial Intelligence Association of Japan in 2010. Having many years of experience working at major software companies in Tokyo on data science and artificial intelligence. In 2016, Mr. Duc returned to Vietnam as the Chief Representative of Alt Inc., bringing with him the ambition to build a Personal Artificial Intelligence (PAI) system, a product capable of creating sessions. virtual versions of individuals, and perform simple to complex tasks on their own such as calendar reminders, email responses, etc. In 2018, Mr. Duc continued to establish Aimesoft Joint Stock Company with the core technology of Multi-Modular Artificial Intelligence to create virtual versions that accompany people in everyday life as virtual salespeople (AIshop). ), virtual meeting secretary (AIGIZI), virtual receptionist (AIReceptionist), etc. This is the time when Duc has certain struggles between continuing to stick with his inner scientist or stepping out of safety, and learning more about business and human management. But the thought of “doing what customers and end users (users) need” has helped Duc become a bold entrepreneur like today.
  • Mr. Hideaki Suga – Deputy General Manager: Graduated from Ashikaga University, Japan. Direct the information system security project of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan (METI). Having many years experience in the field of information system security and network security.


  • Multimodal AI Online API
  • Multimodal AI on-premise API
  • AI Consultant
  • Multimodal AI software development
  • Multimodal AI software deployment


  • Computer Vision technologies: Object recognition, semantic segmentation, face recognition, gender/age recognition, OCR (optical character recognition), image search/retrieval, predictive analytics based on image
  • Natural Language Processing technologies: Tokenization, POS tagging, keyword extraction, synonym/antonym detection, information extraction, relation extraction, semantic search, natural language understanding
  • Speech Processing technologies: Language model extraction from Web text, acoustic model creation, hot word/trigger word detection, noise cancellation, …
  • Data Mining technologies: Big Data processing, KPI prediction, predictive analytics based on Big Data, recomendation algorithms, data generation for machine learning. Aimesoft’s technologies to realize Multimodal AI



AimeHotel is a virtual hotel staff software product, created to meet the high demands of the user experience of service while staying at the hotel. This is a product of multi-modal Artificial Intelligence technology, a technology that uses a combination of multiple data sources (text, voice, photos, figures) and a lot of intelligent processing algorithms. AimeHotel is a groundbreaking software in the hospitality industry, helping to bring personalized service to all customers, the most comfortable and convenient experience for travelers.

Developed by Aimesoft Joint Stock Company, AimeHotel virtual receptionist software products are created to meet the high requirements of user service experience while staying at the hotel and providing providing accommodation establishments with a personalized product, improving business efficiency.

FeatureS ofAIMEHOTEL: 

  • Face recognition, automatic greeting and saving customer information
  • Suggestions, service advice and instructions of hotel information
  • Help guests check-in, checkout
  • Ability to learn new knowledge, improve intelligence
  • Customer data statistics, personalize user services
  • Scalable software: Integrated 3rd party server

AIMEHOTEL’s technology

  • Image processing
  • Intelligent face recognition
  • Speech processing
  • Recognize the user’s voice, understand the insight
  • Natural language processing
  • Multi-language processing, flexible language
  • Data deploying
  • Statistics and customer information record

AIMEHOTEL benefits:

  • Information about products and services comes closer, more vivid to customers
  • Customer service is fast, handy at all time of day, 24/7 responses
  • The possibility of personalized service is more delicate
  • Support the business department in the hotel more considerate
  • Customer satisfaction with good experience » increased revenue for the hotel


In recent times, besides from AIMEHOTEL , Aimesoft Vietnam (Aimesoft JSC.) Has applied Multimodal AI applications to Vietnam, Japan, and the UK. Establishing a branch in San Francisco will help Aimesoft accelerate the application of Multimodal AI applications in the US market in particular and the global market in general.

In 2019,Aimesoft  cooperates with al + Japan . Aimesoft will have many opportunities to bring its multi-modal artificial intelligence technology to penetrate deeper into the Japanese market, as well as bring Vietnam’s image processing and data mining technologies to the world. 


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