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AGRHUB is a comprehensive solution of smart agriculture – The best solution in the era of agriculture 4.0, helping farmers easily apply modern technologies to agricultural production at competitive costs and quality, best quality.

Up to now, AGRHUB has 500+ Users, 10+ Awards, 8+ Countries of Use, and 1000+ Devices activated.

AGRHUB provides a full service package for smart agricultural solutions including IoTs platform, agribusiness consulting and associated services to meet each customer’s needs. AGRHUB’s solution can be flexibly applied to the needs of users such as home gardens, greenhouses, outdoor fields, hydroponic and vertical farming; for all sizes from small gardens to large farms. In addition, we focus on researching and developing the best solutions for digital transformation in traditional agriculture to smart agriculture at extremely competitive costs. AGRHUB has an experienced management team with the ability to manage many large projects, leading the best technology and operating platform from global strategic partners.


KS. Do Minh Tan (Ho Chi Minh City AgrHub Company) and his colleagues underwent a successful research process to design the FARMBOX Factory technical solution, which is a comprehensive management platform for agricultural products from farm to farm. The table is intended to provide clean food to family meals.

Accordingly, FARMBOX Factory is a fully automatic hydroponic vegetable growing system in the home, using LED lights and intelligent climate control and climate control systems, helping to create the best growing environment for plants without any depending on natural conditions and geographical location. The application is fully IoT-based, whereby, within the FARMBOX Factory system there are wireless sensors that help to collect continuous data about the growth environment of the tree such as light, temperature, humidity, CO2, pH, EC, water level. These data will be synchronized to the central server system of FARMBOX for analysis and processing. By combining real-time data and a database of more than 8,000 plant species from around the world, the central server system directly controls the devices in the FARMBOX Factory system such as lights, fans, air conditioners, CO2 generators, automatic nutrient filling systems, pH conditioning systems, water supply and drainage systems, and return pumps help to create the best growing environment for each other growth period. each other’s crops. As a result, users can actively grow their desired crops without requiring high knowledge of agriculture, as well as hydroponic nutrition. All environmental parameters, status of devices and images directly from the camera inside the system are shown visually on the FARMBOX app for users to easily access anytime, anywhere through the device. my smart phone. In addition, users can easily optimize nutrition recipes such as macronutrients, microelements and microorganisms according to each stage of the tree, helping to bring the highest efficiency. Thus, the products to customers are full of information from planting to harvesting to help ensure quality and safety of the product.

The advantage of FARMBOX Factory is that it allows agricultural cultivation in any available space, whether it is a basement or warehouse, even a container. In this way, it is possible to produce fruits and vegetables year-round on an industrial scale with consistent quality and productivity across different crops. In our country in recent years, the process of rapid urbanization, the pressure of population, food, employment, environment … has promoted the development of urban agriculture. Growing vegetables at home without land has created a tendency for many city residents to pay attention to; however, not all houses can grow vegetables because tall buildings shade the lower houses, resulting in poor photosynthesis. productivity and quality. Light can be considered as the biggest challenge in growing, growing vegetables using conventional lighting is not effective because of low light efficiency, high heat generation. Meanwhile, LED lights have outstanding advantages with the greatest advantage of being able to choose the appropriate spectral level for plant growth and development, thereby increasing maximum crop yield, helping to improve quality of agricultural products. KS. Do Minh Tan shared, by combining traditional agricultural activities, new technology and a strong desire to bring a better life to farmers, he and his colleagues also want to reshape the industry. Vietnam agriculture by building a sustainable agricultural ecosystem. This model of artificial tree planting helps to increase crop productivity, suitable for small land areas such as urban areas and islands of our country. This is considered as one of the modern tree planting models, in which pest and disease elements are eliminated to a maximum, ensuring high safety for agricultural products; help increase productivity per unit area, thereby improving economic efficiency. On the other hand, the construction also aims to digitize Vietnamese agriculture and the world, thereby helping to change farmers’ lives for the better.

Currently, countries such as Japan, Netherlands, USA, Canada, China … there are many indoor growing farms applying hydroponic technology and LED lighting that have created a number of pure green vegetables. labor results hundreds of times higher on the same outdoor unit. These are high technologies for modern agriculture, ensuring control of all factors affecting plants such as light, temperature, humidity, air, pathogenic microorganisms, even dust; Help save land, water, labor and protect human health and the environment. Growing vegetables in a controlled environment using hydroponics using LEDs is a new farming model that has many benefits such as less space-consuming, shorter growth time, better environmental control, and productivity. higher and more stable, better product quality and more homogeneous than outside the field. Especially, it is able to provide vegetables continuously all year round to meet the increasing demands of consumers, contributing to the development of sustainable production. Recently, the project has been successfully tested on lettuce varieties at the High-tech Agricultural Incubator of Ho Chi Minh City. In the near future, the project will continue to expand its testing on other plant varieties to meet customer needs.

Currently AgrHub is negotiating with domestic and foreign partners to transfer package technology to countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Canada … where conditions are limited in terms of traditional agriculture.

  • Smart devices: AGRHUB provides the largest IoT platform for agriculture with many smart devices applied to many different farming models such as home gardens, hothouses, mushroom houses, hydroponics, multi-storey farming, outdoor farm. The smart devices will be linked with FARMBOX application, users can manage and control automatic farming accurately and effectively, saving time and reducing farming costs.
  • Smart farming: The vertical hydroponic model of F-WALL, F-CONTAINER helps to save arable land, so users can increase production and manage farming easily, thereby help increase economic benefits.
  • Farm management: AGRHUB’s FARMBOX APP enables farmers to manage and control the farm automatically and accurately anywhere with just a smartphone, without spending too much time and money. cultivate but bring the best results.
  • Package consultancy: AGRHUB provides package services to customers through reputable partners in the field of membrane; Hydroponic; nutrition; Seeds; fertilizer and other related services.
  • Business support: AGRHUB helps remove barriers between farmers, businesses and consumers by providing agricultural business support services such as Production Management; Sales Manager; Farmer management and Product traceability.
  • Advanced technology: AGRHUB is developing the world’s most advanced technology for current dairy farms. Conversion technology for animals, farmers and food production. Using computer technology and artificial intelligence to identify health, reproduction and environmental changes early, we convert image information into dynamic data.


  • 2015: Top 40 Samsung Startup Challenge
  • 2016: Top 10 Innovation Startup
  • Top 60 Startup Wheel 2016
  • 2017: Top 10 Expara’s Vietnam Accelerator
  • Top 3 IoT Startup 2017
  • 2018: Top 8 PERSOL Innovation Camp
  • Top 10 NTT Challenge
  • 2019: First Prize Singtel x Microsoft IOT Hackathon 2019


PARTNERS: Expara Ventures, SHTP-IC, AHBI-IC, VCV, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Truong Phuc,..

WRITER’S NAME: Lê Thanh Bình.