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ADVO is the ultimate solution to help customers deploy commercial activities on social networks, help convert Consumers (Consumers) into Brand Advocates (Brand Advocate) and spread influence by means of Digital Word-of-Mouth.


ADVO was born with a common goal of building an active and effective community of brand ambassadors, the basis for converting each social interaction into an order. ADVO provides the ultimate solution to help businesses deploy and measure digital-word-of-mouth campaigns through authentic influencers and commercial operations on social networks. Association (Social commerce) in the easiest and most effective way.


ADVO is a platform that provides optimal social commerce solutions for businesses, to turn each interaction on social networks into conversion value.


ADVO was born with a mission to help businesses quantify the voice of customers on social networks for effective marketing and communication strategies. In addition, we want to help consumers get credit for their performance when becoming ambassadors for any brand.


  • MEASURE: A tool for measuring and analyzing data based on Artificial Intelligence, ADVO promises that every content and behavior on social networks can be most effectively tracked and measured with the end goal. is the conversion value.
  • MANAGE: With a back-end management system, ADVO promises to help businesses’ campaigns be managed with the highest flexibility and reliability, thereby locating brand lovers .
  • ENJOY: By using a variety of Word-of-mouth-digital campaigns, ADVO promises to engage and create opportunities for brand advocates and customers to interact with businesses in exciting ways.


  • Apply Chatbot technology: Pave the way for a seamless consumer journey from any social network to e-commerce platforms by assisting users throughout the purchase process, making that process easy and convenient
  • Gameized form and bonus points: Encourage customers through game-based activities, alongside offers and awards, to motivate each customer to become a Brand Backer, sharing their authentic product experience. , thereby forming a reliable reviews community
  • Intensive measurement system based on AI: Measuring and evaluating user information, making brands knowledgeable and easy to track consumer shopping journeys towards converting every social media user into a Brand advocate


The best point of ADVO is the system that helps identify true influencers, and evaluates comprehensively on 3 scales: Love Level (Passion Point), Content Creation Ability (Content Creation), and Level Amplification Factor.

  • Passion Point: index measuring the degree of customer love for the brand
  • Content Creation: index measuring the quality of content
  • Amplification Factor: Indicators measuring the extent of information diffusion and its ability to influence

ADVO’s difference is in its high accuracy thanks to big data technology, machine learning, natural language processing, and knowledge graphs to compute scores and use large data collected from multiple social networks. From there, businesses have opportunities to find with potential customers who can promote to become brand ambassadors and measure the effectiveness in promoting products to consumers. At the same time, consumers have the opportunity to recognize their contributions in promotions as well as increase brand loyalty.


With 3 unique products: AdvoSights, AdvoBiz and AdvoFair, ADVO contributes to inspiring social media users to be more efficient and civilized to create true value.

  • AdvoSights: Tool to collect, measure and evaluate consumers on social networks
    • Listen to social media
    • Track a customer’s purchase journey
    • Evaluate a user’s in-depth influence on social media
  • AdvoBiz: Digital Word-of-Mouth campaign management tool
    • Platform that supports businesses to deploy commercial activities on social networks in the form of campaigns
    • Digital Word-of-Mouth
    • Create, track, and evaluate campaign effectiveness and Advocate Community
  • AdvoFair: A commercial social network with the brand ambassadors community as its core
    • The platform for businesses to build and optimize the values ​​of the Advocate Community – where the brand advocacy and commercial activities of users are earned and redeemed.
    • Bring experiences from fair markets such as shopping together, buying in groups .. within certain time frames.



Today, the rapid development of social networks makes it easier for us to connect and interact. Today’s netizens account for nearly half of the world’s population. In Vietnam alone, according to the statistics of WeAreSocial and HootSuite in 2020, there are 65 million social network accounts, accounting for nearly 67% of the total population of the country. In this trend, digital media or social media can be seen as a must-have communication channel in corporate marketing campaigns. According to a Dentsu Aegis report for 2019, Asia Pacific businesses’ digital media budgets account for nearly half of all advertising budgets.

Social media also positively affects e-commerce as well as current consumers’ shopping behavior. According to Sociable 2019, up to 84% of customers consult a review on at least one social networking site before making a purchase. And according to the same report, 51% of young consumers want to buy directly on social networks.

It is very easy to see that the voice of consumers is present everywhere on social networks (WPP 2019 report), however it has never been quantified, managed, or transformed into actions. Specifically. Currently, businesses have 2 options to optimize conversion marketing for their campaigns: first, optimize each touch point in the conversion funnel and spend a lot of costs at the top of the funnel; Second, through instant interactive technologies such as messenger, chatbot to market directly to consumers. However, these two ways are still not specifically measured and it is difficult to manage the expected results, and it is not possible to implement fast A / B testing methods to choose the optimal plan for the rate increase. convert.

Taking this opportunity, ADVO started with a group of data science experts who researched and developed a social media spillover measure. The group has had certain initial achievements such as receiving a $ 250k grant from the VinTech Fund, $ 100k from the Google Cloud Platform, 2 articles in a prestigious scientific journal and successful implementation of a series of businesses. major distributors in Vietnam such as Samsung Vietnam, Hoa Sen Viet (main distributor of cosmetics and fashion such as TheFaceShop, Adidas, Reebok, A’pieu, Clubio, BeautyBox, …)

With this core measurement technology, ADVO began developing apps that allow businesses to measure and manage specific social commerce strategies starting with Facebook. Gamification motivates brand-loving consumers to become brand ambassadors for the brands they use every day and receive special gifts from brands based on their own interactions. them on social media. Depending on the characteristics and development of each business, the application allows flexibility in deployment with different subjects such as the program Each employee is an ambassador or ambassador as a sales channel.


  • Established: August, 2019
  • SEPTEMBER 2019
    • Receive $ 100,000 funding from the Google Cloud Platform
    • Top 12 contest teams received VinTech Fund’s $ 250,000 applied research research fund
  • 11/2019: Second prize in the Surf National Startup Contest 2019 in Da Nang
  • 04/2020: Implementing the Brand Ambassador program is the first sales channel for customers Hoa Sen Viet, A’pieu products and some other cosmetic products.
  • 05/2020
    • Publication of scientific research articles on SCIE International Journal & 2 other prestigious international scientific conferences
    • Merged specializing in coupon hunting and launched AdvoBiz product
  • 07/2020: Renamed to ADVO TECHNOLOGY JSC.
  • 08/2020: Drop in the top 60 Vietnamese pounds in the Startup Wheel 2020 contest.Startup Wheel is the largest and most intensive annual startup competition in Vietnam with the goal of connecting, searching and incubating outstanding startups in many fields such as: technology, agriculture, education, commerce, medical … In 2020, the competition will take place continuously from April to August on all five continents.
  • ADVO is expected to be one of the top choices for businesses when they want to implement a commercial strategy on social networks, accounting for a proportion of market share. more than 10 billion dollars from 2020. And is one of the pioneering solutions to help Vietnam and other countries in the region promote the commercial social network model, which has been very successful in China in the last 5 years.
  • In the near future, ADVO will provide the optimal solution “Employee Advocacy” for large enterprises in Vietnam, and launch the online marketplaces system (called AdvoFair) to connect small and medium enterprises. with consumers. And in the distant future, ADVO will continue to maintain its faith and mission on opening a new direction for Vietnam’s social commerce, as well as reaching the Southeast Asian market.


ADDRESS: 09 Hoa Cau, Phường 07, Quận Phú Nhuận, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh
TEKL: (028) 3930 9196
EMAIL: [email protected]