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689Cloud is a content collaboration platform that allows users to protect, track and control files after they have shared. This means that important content such as Confidential Documents or Personal Information cannot be reshared or leaked. 689Cloud can block screenshots, control printing and editing, and even revoke remote access to files that have been shared and downloaded. Customers are currently using 689Cloud to ensure their content collaboration in banking, education, government and retail.

689Cloud helps businesses enhance 100% security to share confidential information with customers, partners and reduce 50% of communication & collaboration time on businesses.

689Cloud is a (Private Cloud) system for Businesses and Government agencies that allows internal deployment in Enterprises and Government agencies, helping businesses and Government agencies easily organize centralized data management, sharing information between desks and projects and especially with external customers quickly, anytime, anywhere.

In addition to document management and sharing features such as Microsoft Onedrive and Google Drive, 689Cloud is equipped with IRM (Information Right Management) security technology with an embedded security function. ) on each document, so whether the document has been shared outside Businesses and Government agencies, downloaded onto a user’s personal computer, or even stolen, the document is completely is controlled and can only be viewed by authorized users. Document owners can control, revoke access to documents, set automatic expiration for documents, allow Print (print) or not anytime, anywhere.

Benefits of using 689Cloud:

  • Help departments and projects exchange documents and information quickly, anytime, anywhere, and can access information securely from the outside Internet without having to install VPN, on all devices. Mobile devices, Laptops.
  • Easily create project portals, interact directly online with businesses and government agencies and external partners.
  • Gradually replace the old management tools such as FTP Server, Mail. Help reduce the risk of information loss and organize big data better.
  • Simplify, modernize (Modernize) project management processes & share information. Increase productivity between departments and customers.


689 Cloud offers flexible delivery options:

  • BASED ON “MEETING”: Choose our cloud solution and do not worry about application deployment and maintenance. We have a reliable, secure, and scalable Cloud infrastructure provided by our AWS & Azure leadership partners.
  • PRIVACY “MEETINGS”: Private “Cloud” versions are ideal for organizations with 50 to 50,000 employees. Build a high-availability enterprise backup portal or deploy an independent intranet for each branch, division or subsidiary in a user’s company – Manage entirely by Information Technology.
  • BACKGROUND INTEGRATION: 689Cloud is designed with an open API platform that allows easy integration with custom business applications.




    • 689Cloud is a cloud-based platform and custom solution that simplifies secure file sharing and collaboration on Cloud for internal and external businesses.
    • Dynamic management and access control to secure sensitive customer information and prevent unauthorized access.
    • Strong in user protection, such as copy and paste control, blocking screenshots, printing, and editing.
    • Document security – Information rights management: When documents are encrypted against unauthorized users, IRM users can apply certain access rights to allow or deny users to perform certain actions. Certain actions for a piece of information. Owners can control copying and pasting, blocking screenshots, printing, and editing. In particular, the owner can revoke user access without resharing documents.
      • Access control decides whether you want to make your files publicly accessible or only to invited recipients.
      • Revoke access to a file in case of errors or if the files were sent to the wrong person.
      • Place time-sensitive files with a fixed date and time, or self-destruct after your recipient sees them, Task Type impossible.
      • Restricting forwarding decides whether to allow or restrict recipients to forward your file to others.
    • Track history: Track history 689Cloud refers to the traces left as documents move and change – who did what in your project, with which files. As soon as the document is recorded, 689Cloud begins tracking the events, locations, and users associated with the file. Document history is saved in the special 689Cloud database.
    • Project & Collaboration Management: Collaborative project management is based on positive principles that involve all project members in the planning and control process and connecting them by using models. – information, communication and collaboration modules. Management is not considered an activity solely for managers but an integral part of the project work of all team members.
    • Apply OCR to image files: OCR is an optical character recognition, a software tool that converts scanned documents into searchable text files. Increased popularity of scanned documents is now available for easy viewing and sharing via electronic means.
    • User management: User management allows the owner to control the access of users and users on board and outside the ship from the Project Team. Owners can use the Owner roles to add, delete, and change role settings for members.

Group and enterprise administrators can invite, delete, or change members’ roles and view company-wide data statistics secured by 689Cloud.

    • Securely share files between faculty, students, and researchers with a simple cloud interface.
    • Simplify collaborative teaching by assigning fellow teachers and tutors.
    • The teamwork feature helps create and manage groups in the classroom.
    • The real-time chat feature improves class participation.
    • How to make teachers’ lives easier?
      • The simple and safe way to collect assignments from students.
      • Distribute textbooks and course materials online.
      • Create online test forms and Auto-grading makes it easy and paper-free.
    •  Student and classroom management:
      • Manage classes and students more easily.
      • Simplify collaborative teaching by assigning Co-Teachers and Tutors to the group.
      • Using the tracking feature, teachers can check who is studying and not.
    • Convenient for students:
      • Access documents from anywhere.
      • Can automatically create groups of students in attendance.
      • Take tests and surveys online.
    • Move paper workflows to the Cloud with MFP 689Cloud solutions.
    • Terminal protection documents from the Scan / Print device, during Transit, when at rest, and at work


    • Protection of customer information: Dynamic management and access control to protect sensitive customer information and prevent unauthorized access (view, edit, print, copy, screen capture).
    • Document tracking: Like Box, OneDrive and Dropbox, but 689Cloud is able to make sure your data in the cloud is safe wherever it moves.
    • Easy project and collection: Provide better service to customers by providing a secure mechanism to share data. 689Cloud allows your team to collaborate easily and securely with themselves and with partners, customers and other outside parties.
    • Distributing textbooks and course materials Online: The file is protected so that it cannot be shared with others.
    • Do tests and surveys online: Real-time results automatically.
    • Collecting exercises from students: A simple and safe way to collect assignments from students.
    • Online chat for class contacts: Improve communication between teachers and students.
    • Ensuring security and compliance: Managing and protecting sensitive information with Data Lifecycle Protection; Provide better e-Government services by providing a secure mechanism for data sharing.
    • Effective collaboration: 689Cloud helps governments, communities and the private sector communicate with each other and work together to achieve greater efficiency in problem solving and decision making.
    • Activate a new working style: 689Cloud helps e-government use new communication technologies by applying technological achievements and cloud to government work and government interaction with components different in society.


  • RETAIL: The rise of e-commerce and mobile has changed the way customers engage with brands. Becoming agile, digital and first to market has become a priority for retailers and brands. That’s where Cloud Content Management comes in and security is increasingly important for digital transformation. 689Cloud gives you a unique place to collaborate, manage and secure all your content and processes – all while maintaining compliance and compliance with industry standards.


    • 689Cloud for information security: Unpredictable data breaches can be prevented by applying the rights to use IRM (Information Rights Management) technology (view, edit, print, copy) , screenshots can be applied to files and updated at any time from any location even if previously shared.
    • Secure infrastructure vulnerabilities: By adopting this solution, IT teams can ensure compliance with policies and regulations through extensive administrator control and enterprise security features. Customer account information is certainly confidential. Files stored on local servers are fully protected.
    • Track your assets anywhere: 689Cloud solutions help ensure your information is always secure, even when sending data to external agencies, sharing data via the cloud or accessing it. access that information on mobile devices.


  • HEALTHCARE: As each second passes, digital business processes provide healthcare groups with the data they need at the point of care. But you cannot turn the switch and become a digital organization. You need to transform the way you work. That’s where Cloud Content Management comes in. With 689Cloud, you have a single place to collaborate, manage and secure all your content and processes – while maintaining compliance and compliance with industry standards like HIPAA. And by integrating seamlessly with the apps you already know and love, the 689Cloud provides a unique, secure content layer to power a digital workplace.
    • Easy to find: Health care providers, researchers, and administrators have HIPAA compliant access to patient health records. Works from any device. Easy patient care collaboration with a doctor.
    • Patient confidentiality protection: Protect patient confidentiality and provide exceptional care with frictionless data security without slowing down the collaborative treatment process
    • Collaboration: Coordinate research between faculties and externals with other academic medical centers.



    • 689Cloud won the Stevie Award – Asia Pacific 2018 – Innovation Technology Company. This is the only business award program that recognizes workplace innovation in all 22 countries of the Asia-Pacific region. The Stevie Awards are considered to be the world’s top business awards, recognizing achievements in programs like The International Business Awards.
    • 689Cloud won the Echelon Qualifier TOP100 Vietnam International Business Awards – APAC 2018.

WRITER’S NAME: Lê Thanh Bình.