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Full-ive is a personal financial management application in a platform form that increases ease and convenience for users. The application is also a platform that helps companies reach users through Target Marketing and SMEs can combine together to build customer programs. Full-ive is a personal finance management platform that overcomes the current disadvantages of other applications on the market.


As a platform, Full-ive also reaches to groups of businesses operating in the Commerce / Retail sector & financial institutions.

Some problems with financial management applications available in the market:

  • Low interaction rate: very low time of use and interaction of users with applications.
  • Bye-Bye rate: The rate of not using the app or deleting the app is up to 95%
  • Accuracy in input: requires users to be accurate in entering spending items. Although many applications have tried to fix it by syncing with a bank account but with a rate of up to 85% cash payment, the applications are not responding when users spend a lot of time and effort to do
  • No Emotion: applications have not taken into account the psychological effects of users when designing interfaces, methods of interaction (UI/UX). Besides, the report did not bring much benefit in improving finance through user habits. These reports still have a very long way to change user habits.


Full-ive is designed as a platform to provide a solution:

  • For users: Easy Is The Best
    • Easy to input: is the first principle and criterion of Full-ive. Users simply enter how much money they have left at the end of each day – before going to bed and everything else the platform will automatically calculate and estimate spending items. Counting money before bed is an emotional activity for users that helps them increase emotion and enjoyment.
    • Visualize money workers: through UI / UX, Full-ive helps users see the user’s investments growing every day, hour, and minute. Besides, Full-ive applies automatic smart saving mode. When the user has “Set Monthly Saving Goal”, for each spending interval, the application will automatically transfer a part of the money in the account into the savings section to help users “not overstretch” and help users to always complete the Goal set out to increase excitement for users.
    • Best Deal – Right Time: Through the survey, one of the saving criteria is “Spending” lower than the Benchmark price. With the positioning of Full-ive as a Target Marketing platform for companies in the Commerce / Retail sector, Full-ive will locate the user’s GPS and give the recommended Voucher / Gift code to users Right Time & Right. Place when users do “Spending” which creates a sense of saving for users and increases Interaction Rate between users & Full-ive.
    • Investment Tools: linking with financial institutions to jointly develop financial plans for users through AI and Big Data.
    • Change payment behavior from cash to cashless: As a platform for companies in the Commerce / Retail sector, Full-ive will help change the habit of using cash step by step, but first of all, users use payment. Cash + Scan QR code at the affiliate to enjoy promotions such as using credit card or E-Wallet. This helps companies still reach many Target customer groups and helps users feel closer to paying with Cashless methods.
  • With Commerce / retail companies:
    • Target Marketing: is a platform that helps companies reach users through Target Marketing and SMEs can combine together to build programs for customers.
    • CRM: one of the obstacles of SMEs is the construction of CRM with a lot of costs and low efficiency. Full-ive will provide a common CRM platform for SMEs so they can deploy their programs to Full-ive users and have used SME products.
    • Right Place – Right Time: as mentioned above, Full-ive will locate GPS and “propose” the Best Deals, Promotion at the locations where users are stopping to help bring higher efficiency in activities. Target Marketing.


  • Distribution of financial products: from financial institutions to users. Products range from opening accounts, savings deposits, credit cards, e-wallets, to investment products.
  • Change payment habits from Cash to Cashless.