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Bamtek is the developer of virtual reality technology-based solutions that combines artificial intelligence and blockchain into different potential fields.


Bamtek aims to build compatible virtual reality applications on VR, AR, MR platforms to access and resolve requests for accurate visual information to bring the best customer satisfaction, The basis is the belief for customers to make quick trading decisions after having enough convincing product information after product preview through the application. Proposed project solution: need to build smart applications that are easy to use, full of data.

Improve business efficiency for businesses. Customers can access a lot of information about the business, reduce marketing costs, space, hire employees, and optimize costs of the business.

Pioneering in the market at a potential stage: concentrating resources and mobilizing investment capital sources to develop the ecosystem and exploit the potential market, promising many development opportunities.

Technology in hardware is rapidly evolving, bringing a wide range of experiences and optimal technology that meet the expectations for software solutions, diverse choices from hardware manufacturers, the future When the hardware is popular, the price problem will be reasonable for the user.

Basically, shopping through virtual reality technology is no different from shopping online on television. But what customers see are just video introducing products on the screen, not touching or holding directly to the product. Right now, virtual reality technology is here to help customers have complete confidence in what the company is introducing. Through this, we can admire the products with our own eyes, look at the product materials, but still cannot feel them, but we can completely trust them because they are reputable e-commerce sites.


Services that Bamtek provides:

  • Smart and efficient business solution:
  • Approach customers with detailed, highly convincing images. Customers have access to the origin and production process of products, clear, transparent, and cost-effective information to help increase consumer confidence.
  • Experience new spaces as you explore in virtual reality, a connection protocol that blends real interaction in a virtual environment.
  • Access to the best solutions: is the choice to solve all problems, the data warehouse that best serves the processes of training, coaching, teaching, troubleshooting, …

The benefits that virtual reality technology bring to consumers are:

  • You can save time, just click to select the product.
  • Limiting the cost of gasoline, car, parking.
  • No restrictions on geographical distance
  • There are many options and comparisons to make a decision