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TOP Student is a platform for school voting and sharing student life. Product: App Top SV – Student life / Website: With 3 main features:

  • A platform for students to write reviews about the University, College and places around the school. 
  • Voting, competition, ranking tools for universities and colleges. 
  • Features connecting the Vietnamese student community: exchange, entertainment, study.


Currently, there is no portal providing complete and up-to-date information about universities and colleges nationwide. Schools mainly use websites (few students access, information is less updated) and Facebook to provide information. There is no Vietnamese student community yet, mainly through recreational activities or groups on Facebook.

The total number of students is about 1.7 million and is the main customer for online and offline training products, potential future customers of brands, especially banks, telecommunications, fintech and units. F&B, by this object creates a trend in future consumption. However, there isn’t yet a product that can aggregate this user file. The need to approach students and newly graduated students for recruitment purposes is also not small.

Project TOP Student was born with the aim of building the first student community connection platform in Vietnam. It is a place to study, exchange, entertain and learn information related to universities and colleges in Vietnam. Become a bridge between businesses and organizations with students. Provide official information and information on the sidelines of Universities and Colleges quickly and up to date.


Top Students provide services to users:

  • Student voting tool.
  • Location assessment tool attached to the map.
  • Social networks and community features help students easily exchange, connect, and find out information between universities and colleges.
  • Information portals of colleges and universities help parents and students preparing to enter university easily find information and student life at schools.
  • Applying technology to help search for information, locations and training centers around universities and colleges.