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Formed in the 4.0 era, Coolmate applies the power of technology to the distribution of products for men to offer a Basic Shopping Solution for men with a more convenient and economical model – customers can buy a quality wardrobe, good price, prompt delivery, and outstanding care 


Coolmate’s mission is to make it easier for men to shop FOR DAILY NEEDS (Apparel, body care, fashion accessories, etc.). Through practical experience and careful market research, we believe that simplicity, convenience and reasonable price with good quality products will be the way to help us fulfill our mission.

At Coolmate, every strategy begins and focuses on the product. Coolmate apparel products from designing, weaving, dyeing, cutting, sewing, and finishing are all done in local factories that meet export standards and by skillful hands with mind. offers products labeled “Proudly Made in Vietnam”.

In addition to self-manufactured products under the brand Coolmate, we also cooperate with other brands with products that meet the two criteria of Coolmate: Good quality, and reasonable prices to help customers have more options on

The difference when shopping at Coolmate:

  • Men only: Why just men? Because men have different shopping habits than women, and we understand men better than women. And we believe that men need their own world.
  • Quality comes first: Coolmate cooperates with good factories in Vietnam to meet export standards to ensure product quality is always at the best level. Coolmate focuses heavily on product materials to bring the most comfortable wearing feeling for men. 
  • D2C Ecommerce Model: Coolmate uses the model of selling directly to customers, without intermediaries, so the product price will be 25-40% better than the traditional selling model. 
  • Complete shopping experience : Coolmate focuses on bringing the complete online shopping experience: Beautiful packaging, fast delivery, door to door exchange …


  • Coolmate is the first unit to build a “One Stop Online Platform” to distribute products exclusively for men under the D2C and B2C models in Vietnam. Coolmate focuses on developing an Online channel that is the official sales channel, and optimizes through building a loyal customer return to buy products.
  • Coolmate offers a complete and reliable Online shopping experience for men. Not only can you buy a lot of things (buy by combo), save time and money, but Coolmate also has a mobile-friendly website, a 4-hour fast delivery service in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, and later support. Good sales (45 days free return).
  • Coolmate has a truly knowledgeable team of e-commerce with experience in e-commerce in Vietnam, qualified to build a professional e-commerce business.
  • Coolmate has a team of Co-Founders with extensive experience in e-commerce, production and product making
  • Coolmate had good sales growth even during the period influenced by Covid19, and started to make a profit
  • Coolmate started funded by 500 Startups.


Founded in March 2019, after more than 1 year of operation, Coolmate has more than 30 thousand customers , sales of more than 15 billion, growth rate of 15-20% / 1 month and especially 90%. Customers are satisfied with their shopping at

In fact, as of July 2020, nearly 1 million visits to website , more than 30,000 customers have experienced Coolmate products, 90% of customers are satisfied with their shopping at Coolmate.

Coolmate 2020 goals:

  • Coolmate website will reach 3 million hits , Coolmate is expected to reach sales of 1 million USD , profit of 4.5 billion VND and maintain a growth rate of 20% / month. 
  • Coolmate will have a 2-hour fast delivery service in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh later this year
  • Coolmate will serve customers from 8am to 9pm every day of the week, will become the website that brings the best shopping experience for men in Vietnam.

Currently, Coolmate needs to mobilize enough 2 billion VND in the virtual capital raising program of Startup Wheel. For each customer who donates 20 million VND to Coolmate, they will receive a Voucher for buying 150,000 VND right at (for the first 50 investors).