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The DiviBook online travel network is operated and developed by the Newday Startup Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, including the DiviTrip platforms – the Travel Travel Center; DinoRoom – National homestay booking; Travel Travel – Travel experience; Viettadi – Online Travel Guide.


With the mission of making it easier for tourists to experience the world, DiviBook invests in connection technology to facilitate travel. At DiviBook, we connect travelers with countless great travel partners across the country, from apartments, vacation homes, family-run motels to 5-star luxury resorts to luxury yachts. .

Therefore, whether for business or leisure travel, customers can experience travel easily and quickly with DiviBook, without having to pay booking fees and feel secure with Our promise of good prices. With a dedicated staff, customers can contact DiviBook for support anytime, day and night.


  • Great choice: Whether you want to stay in an elegant city apartment, a luxury seaside resort, or a cozy country bed and breakfast, DiviBook offers a multitude of options. – all in one place.
  • DiviBook’s low rates guarantee giving you the best room rates possible. And with our price matching promise, you can always feel secure that you always get great deals.
  • Instant: Confirms At DiviBook, every reservation is instantly confirmed. Once you find your ideal property, it’s just a few clicks away!
  • No booking fees: We do not charge you any booking fees or administration fees. And in many cases, you can cancel your reservation for free.
  • 24/7 Support: Whether you have just booked or are enjoying your trip, our dedicated staff are always on your side and ready to answer your questions.
  • Value to partners: At DiviBook, we believe every great property deserves a traveler. That’s why we make it possible for partners around the world to market their properties, reach new customers, and grow their business through our channels quickly and easily. 


Today, the advent of a series of technology platforms has enabled visitors to digitally interact at every step of the travel planning process, from choosing a destination, building itinerary to booking. , experience and share. Therefore, the trend of personalized tourism, especially among young tourists, is becoming more and more popular with the strong increase of the retail class. Research results at the end of 2018 by the Asia-Pacific Tourism Association and Oxford Economic show: to choose travel goals, 73% of visitors use online resources, of which 35% are based on opinions. posted by travelers who went before. Through this result, it is shown that a large number of Asians are inspired to travel directly by what their friends share on social networks. These are the reasons why DLTT is constantly flourishing over the years. The e-commerce index report in 2019 shows that: in 2018, Vietnam’s e-commerce continues to develop comprehensively with a growth rate of more than 30%, transaction size of about 8 billion USD, of which retail Online and DLTT accounts for the highest proportion. According to the Report of Google and Temasek, the scale of Vietnam tourism in 2018 reached 3.5 billion USD (up 15%), is expected to reach 9 billion USD in 2019. Obviously, tourism is an undeniable trend with the ability to bring strong growth opportunities for the entire tourism industry.

In recent years, many information technology enterprises in our country have built smart software to support business and tourism management. Some tourism businesses have successfully applied online tools to improve business efficiency. Along with that, the start-up movement in tourism has also developed a great deal with most businesses starting with the application of new achievements in information technology. Typical of which must be mentioned are gotadi.com, ivivu.com, tripi.vn, vntrip.vn … and cannot be unable to miss DiviBook.


NEWDAY Startup founded in 2015 is currently managing the “Startup Wheel Competition” projects; “PAGEDes – Design of media advertising”; “GOTAFund – Start-up fundraising community” and “YALO – Marketing Training Center”.

In addition to major projects, NEWDAY Startup has successfully launched projects such as

  • DIVIBook – Package travel service;
  • OSINCare – Convenient maid service;
  • MONOHelp – Fish personal service network
  • HOMEFara – Agricultural specialties in the region …

In which, Divibook (DiviTr-ip) is an online travel network that deserves attention.